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Where Do All the Mary Kay Mean Girls Go?

A sweet note from a Pink Truth critic:

I always wondered where all the mean girls were in MK.

Now I know …. they go to your site as quiters to have pitty parties….and that’s so sad…

Think of how many lives have been discouraged by your site….and who get’s the glory? Not the Lord. Just a quick reminder: You will have to stand before the Lord one day and be held accountable for this negative seed……

I will pray for you….and I would hope that you would spend your time doing more productive and meaningful things….


  1. Talia

    Well, if she wants to see a real mean girl, all she needs to do is look in a mirror (hint: visiting people and passively aggressively insulting them is the epitome of a mean girl).

    Also, why can none of these critics of Pink Truth spell even basic words such as ‘pity’ or ‘quitter’ or know what words have apostrophes (gets not get’s)? I don’t think it’s mean to point out basic literacy helps get the point across.

    1. Brainwashed no more

      “You will have to stand before the Lord one day and be held accountable for this negative seed”

      You too will be held accountable for the lies, deception, and manipulation that you do. You’re accountable for your behavior and your choices of how you treat others.

      From a three times national court of sales consultant. Twice in the top 20 in that division. Get out while you can.

  2. BestDecision

    Pray for me while you pray for a booking, a team member, your Red Jacket, or to not make a car payment. Your spelling diminishes my ability to take you seriously, and you’re clearly in the dark over what has happened to us while in MK.

    Proud to have quit the worst experience of my life,
    A Former Cadillac Director with Offspring

  3. NotMKanymore

    We ALL will stand before The Lord one day hun, but especially those of you who call your lying, manipulative, cheating business tactics “Gods work.” *insert the biggest eye roll ever here*

  4. Neverpink

    I’ll pray for your ability to spell properly.

    Helping people get out of a predatory (dare I say, evil?) product-based pyramid scheme and brainwashing cult is definitely not a waste of time. 😉

  5. Pinkiu

    Mean girls have friends. The reason the are mean is that they smile, charm their circle to follow them through deceptive or manipulative tactics, and strive to make others want what they have.

    Let’s take a look. Without naming names, there’s a particular NSD who inherited a lot of her unit from her NSD mother who retired. She is a great example of this. Every single photo of her shows a big smile that says, “My life is so great, don’t you want it too?”. She posts about her faith walk mixed in with her business. She pushes the idea that God and Mary Kay are partners and if you have faith, God will bless you in MK. This is shameful and manipulative to a woman who is broke and desperate for a different life.

    Mrs. NSD used manipulation just this past month on her birthday by pressuring her downline to send her birthday presents. How did she do this? She posted EVERY SINGLE PRESENT on her IG account. If that isn’t a passive “mean girl” tactic to tell everyone else, “If you want me to recognize you, you better send me a present,” I don’t know what is.

    I know, I know…you would argue that she was honoring those who sent a gift by posting a photo. But we know the real message to the downline who sees her doing this. The message is loud and clear, “Pony up a present and give it to me!” If she truly were gracious, she would insist to her downline not to send her expensive presents and bouquets. Do you send expensive presents to your boss? I don’t. If she didn’t want the glory and pressure her downline, she would have sent a private PM thanking the sender and not creating this epic Instastory of gift giving. This reveals her true character trait of greed.

    Let’s dive in the deceptive aspect a little deeper. She INHERITED her mother’s kingdom of downlines. If you follow her on IG or FB, she makes it seem like she got to her position all by herself. But, here’s the truth. If a director lost her unit under her mother’s NSDship, good-ol’ Mom placed the lost downline with her daughter! Yet, she continues to show her palatial lifestyle as if she paid for it all by her own hard work.

    What about other deception? Mrs. NSD (really all SDs) are trained in manipulation. They are taught to memorize personality types and use this to persuade you by countering all of your arguments as to why you can’t put $3600 on your credit card to purchase a boat-load of inventory BEFORE you even really start a business! We call it “frontloading” because it’s getting you to make a huge purchase of thousands of dollars within days or a week after you sign on the dotted line.

    Worse yet, Mrs. NSD teaches SDs to change their tone of voice with each lowering level of inventory packages so that when they get to the $600 one, Little Miss Recruit feels like skum for wanting to start small. Don’t you realize that this initial push for inventory is the biggest purchase any IBC makes in her lifetime with MK? It’s the biggest bonus for the SD/NSD that they will get from this IBC since 99% of people lose money in mlms and quit. Recruiting and frontloading IS the business of Mary Kay not the actual selling of product!

    Look, if you are encouraged to turn your customers into your competition, you are in a pyramid scheme.

    1. Mountaineer95

      “Look, if you are encouraged to turn your customers into your competition, you are in a pyramid scheme.”

      This. No legit sales company would encourage this.

      And your description has me (as the armchair psychologist I like to think I am) believing that this NSD you describe (perhaps the one who only does creepy, open-mouthed smiles) sounds like a classic clinical narcissist.

  6. Char

    “Just a quick reminder: You will have to stand before the Lord one day and be held accountable for this negative seed……”

    Says who?

    Btw, I’m sorry to inform you that the Lord spoke to me this afternoon and said that you are going to purgatory for being an MLM liar. Just have faith this is true, as I’m just the messenger.

    1. Mountaineer95

      But hey Char, why didn’t you ask the Lord for a pink caddy while you were at it? We all know that apparently he blesses people with them! (Lookin’ at you, Chelsea Claytor!)

  7. Cindylu

    My recruiter was trustworthy. Her recruiter was a sweetheart. Most of the women in my unit were struggling financially and trying so very hard to hold on to the dream. You know the one. The dream of helping other women. The dream that MK designed a company for women to help each other. The dream that finally there is a company that puts faith and family first. All those beautiful I stories. All the NSD’s promoting a company that acknowledges the achievements of women. Then bit by bit the kind, positive aspects of MK fade away. First you order product and a pitiful amount arrives. Then facials, classes, open houses etc. fail. Then within weeks of an order, the company deliberately changes the product line leaving you stuck with now obsolete product. Then Seminar starts to show the mean girl culture. Even when MK was alive the NSD’s were in conflict. Sure they showed Director trips, crowns, sashes, jewelry and supposed high sales. The reality is that the women were mostly not Go Give or doing things the right way. My SD sabotaged three of her DIQ’s and stole their customers and recruits. My NSD was cold as ice. Why do we warn other women? It’s because of what MK truly is. When I got sick, MK was never there for me. No one helped and my Director immediately dropped me when I was no longer useful. I mean how dreadful is that. How sad and depressing. No it’s all about profit and dog eat dog. The worst of business. The mean girl bullying, ostracizing, using others and focus on things is not remotely faith based. MK is gaudy with it’s pink car, NSD’s bragging about their checks, the trips, jewelry, crowns etc are just materialistic and unkind. Saying you’ll pray for us is insulting. Praying because we are exposing what is unhealthy about this mlm is hypocritical. We are whistle blowers trying desperately to keep other women from getting hurt. Spiritually looking out for others (Being our brothers keeper) is very Christian. For a while I had PTSD when I became aware of just how MK (and having to constantly lie) had compromised my ethics. Thank goodness I was terrible at recruiting. My SD took the grocery money of one destitute woman. My SD was a predatory cold hearted vulture. 🙁

  8. raisinberry

    Cut the crap.The only reason why any lurking consultant feels the need to chastize women who post on this site is because they are SCARED TO DEATH that their latest target, who “almost signed the agreement” might look around online to see what’s what, and find a rather large presence of former, credible consultants and Directors who have come clean with all the tactics they learned and all the regrets they have for using them. Since our narrative destroys YOUR narrative, you have only one outcome …and no scripted objection covering strategy that works…cause, no, Bitter unsuccessful consultants just doesnt fly, when 60% of us were car drivers, 30% taught at Seminar, 25% were Court of Sales, 40% in Unit Clubs, Every level of Directors up to NIQ, Trip Winners, and Diamond Bee winners. (Yes, I’m estimating based on a 13 years of talking to posters)…Yeah, I’d be scared too.

    1. onelessSD

      ^^^ THIS!

      Yes Raisin… once again- you are spot on! The ONLY reason this consultant is here chastising us…. is her potential recruit (or new recruit) has visited and has garnered a lot of solid information. THAT is the reason I came here myself…. THAT happened to my “almost signed up new recruit”. It was the nail in the coffin for my MK Directorship.

      BEST THING EVER TO HAPPEN TO ME!(MK wise) It allowed me to really acknowledge what I knew deep down, but was afraid to investigate in detail – that MK is a sham, and full of corruption.

      So- yes please, cut the crap- we know we are making a difference and we enjoy helping trapped women gain their freedom from the pink hell-hole that is MK.

      Stick around and read awhile… it will do you good. 🙂

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