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Saved Another One From Mary Kay!

A note from a reader who almost became a consultant…

Hello, I just found your site today because I’m doing research on Mary Kay.  I have a friendly acquaintance who is a consultant and I’ve gone to two of her events as a guest.  I’m a housewife so the idea of having the kind of business they present sound appealing.  Thankfully I’m a cautious person so I think carefully before committing.

The first time, about 3 months ago, it was a fleeting flirtation with the idea but I’m not the self starting rah-rah kind of gal, so I said ‘no thank you’ to  becoming a consultant.  This time, just the other night, I am actively looking for a way to make extra money to replenish our savings that got eaten up by a myriad of events this year.  It was a serious consideration to me, but only because it sounds better than retail. My husband, the smart man that he is, didn’t think it sounded good when I said I was thinking of looking into it.

I wasn’t overjoyed with the idea because we don’t have the money to buy inventory. I don’t really use the products and I didn’t like the idea of not using what I would be selling.  My friend is always exhausted when I see her and she tends to call me when trying to sell product.  They are always trying to recruit me and always ask if I want to join which seems a little odd.  My friend has a TON of products and I have to wonder how she affords to buy it.  I don’t have a fleet of friends and it feels like I’d lose the ones I have if I’m always trying to sell to them.  I’m not a pushy sales person and never will be.  I’ve seen lots of MLMs fly through my group of friends like a hurricane and this seems very similar.

But I was still thinking about it which is a little insane.  The dreams they give are tantalizing ones.  So I decided to do what I do best, internet research.  I found your site and they confirmed, beyond a shadow of a doubt, all the fears I  have about going into this kind of business.  And you mentioned several things I hadn’t even thought of.  I will not be considering this ‘business’ again.  I will be content to work in the bloody mall and actually make money. Thank you very much.

A happily informed reader.


  1. kimisan

    Congratulations! MK is, in my opinion, the worst of the MLMs (along with Herbalife), but they are all predatory. John Oliver has a wonderful piece on MLMs that have completely convinced me! Good luck with your future work!

  2. MLM Radar

    You’re staring at a heap of inventory that you bought but haven’t been able to sell.

    Your choices are:
    1. Return it for the 90% buy back, cut your losses, and pay down the MK credit card.
    2. Recruit your best customers and try to get them to buy a lot of inventory which they also won’t be able to sell. You can be miserable together until she disowns you.

    What to do? What to do?

    Op, it’s great to hear that you saw the trap and avoided it!

  3. nomoremlm4me

    OP, you made my day. This is why we continue to post on this site. This is why Tracy spends her own money to maintain this site. We save people from predators.

  4. Cindylu

    Wish PT would have been around when I was conned into joining. When I left MK I was in a daze. I wanted to worn others but there was no way to know exactly how to do so. At some points I would let any consultants know that MK was a money pit to be avoided. Soon I stopped buying MK products.

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