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Mary Kay Dreams Will Not Come True

I can’t help but feel sorry for this Mary Kay consultant. She is somewhere below Red Jacket level, but appears to really believe she’s going to be a national sales director in 5 years. She’s decided that she will have commission checks of $7,500 a month starting six months from now.

Almost no one has been able to do this, no matter how hard they try or how closely they follow all the advice given to them. (There are sales directors who have literally been trying for DECADES to get to NSD without success.)

The handful of women who have done it (out of the millions who have filtered through Mary Kay over the decades) have typically had some sort of advantage or serious luck that allowed it to materialize. But 99.99% of women will never make something like this happen. I was in Mary Kay 20 years ago. At that time I had a sales director and a senior sales director who were both on the 5 year plan to become NSD. Neither of them made it. One of them dropped out a few years ago, and the other is still spinning her wheels as a senior director (never making it to Cadillac or Super Special Almost NSD Director). And they worked hard!

All of our former directors on Pink Truth… I know your heart aches for a woman like this who really believes this is going to happen to her.

Leap of faith…when you think of that phrase, what scares you about your life? What’s your BIG DREAM? What is it that you’ve never had? What are you willing to do to get it?

Well, I’ve received and cashed, and spent a $6000 check with MY name on it. I know what it feels like to open an envelope and see my name with money that is MINE. I know what it’s like to open an envelope and see $9,000 with my name on it.

I can do it again. I know I can. But I have never had a Mary Kay commission check with more than $100 on it. I want a consistent commission check of $7,500 a month for a yearly commission income of $90,000 at the least beginning six months from today. That will be February, so let’s say that my Valentine’s Day gift in February, from me to me, will be reaching my goal of that commission level. What will be your gift to yourself next Valentine’s Day?

So let’s play it backwards from then to today. It will take approximately $60,000 in unit wholesale at 13% to have a check that size. Divided by 45 consultants that equals approximately $1,335 dollars in wholesale a month per consultant.

That’s a very small number. It comes out to about $1,068 take home per month, which is only $246 a week. Now that’s not bad if it’s in addition to what one takes home from one’s day job.

Let’s break that down some more. It equals 20 hours of sales at $133.50 per hour. 20 Hours a month! 5 hours a week extra work per month. $53.40 per hour take home for each of the Hope Builders who works her plan!?!

Hope Builders, don’t let anyone limit your dreams! Do you want more? Ask your Director to mentor you to the top! Don’t wait for any one’s opinion but God’s.

Picture me bopping myself on the head. God I thank you that you grant me the grace to find and add to my personal sales team with Mary Kay Cosmetics the creative, harmonious, loving, spirit-filled type D, excited women who will be so empowered by this opportunity that they take it and run with it. Amen.

Note: This was written by  a consultant years ago. She never even made it to sales director, but she’s still spinning her wheels as a consultant.


  1. Lazy Gardens

    So for her to reach HER DREAM, all she needs is to recruit and keep recruiting to acquire 45 consultants willing and able to order $1,335 dollars every month!

    And they will be working 900 hours a month towards her goal, selling that stuff at a rate of $133.50 for every hour of work.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  2. MLM Radar

    Divided by 45 consultants that equals approximately $1,335 dollars in wholesale a month per consultant.

    In other words, she expects to recruit 45 women in her town to do something every month that she herself can’t do. She expects they will sell over $120,000 in MK products EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. That’s $1,441,000 in a year, before counting double credit months.

    When was the last time anyone at Seminar was recognized for over $1.4 million in estimated annual sales? $35,000 to $300,000 is the norm.

    So, good luck with that.

    1. Mountaineer95

      Good point, that she expects these recruits will do what she isn’t able to do, and will do it month after month. And wait, what if she didn’t recruit them but instead all by herself sold the 1.4 million that’s apparently so easy to do in her area? I mean, she’s obviously going to make 50% of everything she sells (per every kaybot’s FB) so, if she’s smart, wouldn’t she just sell all of it herself and make $700,000.00 a year? At that, she can hire a few assistants to help with so many orders. Forget the $7,500 per month that requires the hassle of recruiting; sell it all yourself and make high six figures!!

    1. Mountaineer95

      Wow. That long ago? They certainly can’t blame Covid 19 for this, as they had all of 2019 to debut them. What was the percentage of MK people who actually make it to NSD, like a fraction of a percent? This stat you mention is an argument for that rate to be essentially zero.

  3. BestDecision

    Does she understand there are NSDs not making $90,000/year? Oh, but a Good Medal will fix that. And handing out 5 business cards a day. And going to Fall Retreat. And…

    Endless. Please, Consultant, do your homework and watch Trip and Million $ Directors LEAVING because they could never slow down. “New level, new devil”!

    1. Ruby Slippers

      Oh yeah and warm chatting for 5 new contacts a day with COVID.
      Good luck with that!
      No more PCP mailings, no more Applause. All digital now plus no indoctrination from Career Conference and Seminar. Month end was “extended” due to technical difficulties .
      What part of this sinking ship will go down next? Plus Dacia promoting non MK self tanner. And distancing herself.
      I’m just waiting for MK to blame it all on COVID and close up like Australia.

      1. BestDecision

        I agree! The ship is sinking quickly. Dacia is a VERY accurate thermometer of what’s happening inside. Have you ever been more happy to be out?

  4. Char

    “God I thank you that you grant me the grace to find and add to my personal sales team with Mary Kay Cosmetics the creative, harmonious, loving, spirit-filled type D, excited women who will be so empowered by this opportunity that they take it and run with it. Amen.”

    So, she never ‘made’ it.

    I guess God didn’t want her to become a successful scammer duping other women out of their money. Nice. Good for Him answering all the prayers that stopped her from scamming ‘big time’.

    Seems the devil is still hanging around a bit though, keeping her a consultant instead of doing good in her life. Just so there’s no lurker confusion about that statement: The Devil isn’t keeping her from advancing with MK, he’s keeping her “in” Mary Kay. Perhaps it’s a form of punishment for her from God….for asking Him to help her suck other women dry for her own material gain?! Keep her on that hamster wheel surrounded by the devil’s influence of lies?

    He sure does work in mysterious ways.

    1. Mountaineer95

      This!!! And on top of it, there can be an endless number of IBCs attempting to do the same thing in the same market because NO PROTECTED TERRITORY.

      How is it that thousands of women never question something that makes no sense?

  5. Shay

    I asked this before and I don’t know if it was answered.. if it was I apologize..
    What is the magic number to get the pink caddy?

    And is it $20,000 a month to maintain? With how many consultants?

    1. TRACY

      $102,000 wholesale production over 2 quarters to get the Caddy.

      Ongoing: $51,000 wholesale per quarter (which averages to $17,000 per month). No requirement regarding number of consultants.

        1. BestDecision

          No, double credit does not affect mandatory car production totals. It only applies, and to a certain amount, to Court of Sales rings, Court of Sharing (Recruiting) diamond bees, and unit Circles (bar pins, trips).

          1. Mountaineer95

            So, the “sales force” can use double credit wholesale to make up imaginary retail sales figures, but MK Corp won’t allow double credit to go towards the actual sales numbers they need for the Caddy to be covered. See Kaybots, MKC understands actual sales vs made up sales…they know that fake sales don’t do anything for their bottom line or profit. Why should you be expected to?

        1. BestDecision

          You cannot be a Director and earn anything at that level without first recruiting personally. So, no recruiting—>no Director title—>no Cadillac.

        2. TRACY

          BestDecision is right. You have to become a director first, and the only way to become a director is through recruiting. It’s interesting that for the first car (Grand Achiever), there is a limit to how much of the required production the car driver can contribute personally. For Premier Club and Cadillac, there is no limit. That’s why Chelsea was able to qualify for the Cadillac by buying most of the production herself.

  6. Mountaineer95

    Maybe I missed it, but did she completely gloss over how she will get these 45 consultants to begin with? It looks as though she really crunched the numbers and has it all figured out, but she doesn’t. That’s because she needs to know her closing ratio (in this case, this would be number of people she approaches who actually sign up and place orders…ie for every 100 people she pitches MK to, how many actually sign up?).

    In brick and mortar retail it’s called “traffic”…ie how many people come in the door in a given period. And then out of those, how many actually make a purchase? She can never achieve her goal if she doesn’t have this part figured out. If she only gets a couple of people to sign up out of every hundred she talks to, the number of people she’ll have to solicit will be crazy high, and possibly unattainable.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      “did she completely gloss over how she will get these 45 consultants to begin with” … yes, she did. The math is correct, the business analysis is fatally flawed and hopelessly optimistic.

  7. Data Junkie

    Mountaineer95, there are many terms for this, but in general, I believe the industry average for MLM contacts is 2% (one in fifty) for folks who know you personally. For strangers, it is well below 1% (don’t ask for citation…I’d need to google it just like you). This means of your 500 Facebook friends, you might be able to get 10 “hits”. You’re on your way! But remember, this is only one-time purchases. Recurring customers are far harder to find…probably less than 0.1% as well.

    But lets go with 2%. So to get the remaining 35, at say, 0.5% hit rate, you need to approach 7000 strangers in six months, or ~1,167 per month, or ~58 per week day.

    Considering Mary Kay has a rep churn rate of at least 50%, you will need to replace the folks you lose, which translates to 23 per year. That translates to losing 2 per month, which requires approaching another 400 strangers per month for back-fill, for a grand total of 2,100 strangers per month (~105/week-day)…for six months, to reach NSD, and then stabilize at 400 stranger contacts per month, or ~20 stranger contacts per week-day to maintain.

    Sounds exhausting…not to mention impossible.

    To this your up-line will likely say, “You don’t need to do all of that personally. Let your down-line reps take care of it!”

    And so it goes…

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