“Stability” in Mary Kay

A favorite pass time of many Mary Kay sales directors is bashing “Corporate America.” They refer to jobs as “J.O.B. – Journey of the Broke” and generally criticize the lack of flexibility surrounding traditional jobs.What they forget to mention is the steady paycheck, the benefits, the paid vacation, and all sorts of nice things.

One of the big fallacies they promote is that Mary Kay offers stability, while Corporate America does not. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, things in Corporate America can change quickly, and jobs can be lost. But Mary Kay is really the height of instability.employers offer to their employees.

Ask any sales director or former sales director. “Dialing for dollars” is a monthly ritual. Your earnings are based upon whether your unit has had a good recruiting month. You depend upon orders by consultants (usually for unneeded products) in order to earn your living.

When you can’t stand another moment on the hamster wheel and you step back to evaluate your life and your future in Mary Kay, your earnings quickly begin to dwindle. How stable is that?

Here’s an email sent out by a director who criticizes Corporate America, while singing the praises of Mary Kay:

I was on my treadmill this morning when my friend called to inform me that she could not go to my sisters 40th Birthday in California she had been planning to attend (they are best friends). She is in the mortgage and title business and with one of not only the Fortune 500 Company’s but the top 250. She is in charge of the Central Florida Region and she was informed that she will have to lay off even more people. She was making “great” money, as you could imagine, in the industry and now her income has dropped quite a bit… not to mention her job is on the line with “re-organization”.

I told her I thought she was calling to tell me she was ready to be a Director with Mary Kay. She said that she may be calling me.

I think you are getting the picture (I hope since I am not great at writing my thoughts). I hung up with her and immediately gave thanks to Mary Kay who put so much on the line herself so that people like us have such a great opportunity to not only make a living but a life.

That’s right “an opportunity” is what I said, not a job because an opportunity is what you make of it and we have a choice. My friend and her co-workers gave their ALL and it still does not matter as to whether they will have a job or not. Are you giving your business your ALL?? Have I worked hard in my business?

Absolutely, it is a privilege to work. I have seen my friend outwork me under the table in her industry and she may have to change careers with much less pay and she does not have her own business like I have. MY income is based on my attitude and consistent work habits. Only I can fire myself by not working.

There are so many women right now that don’t even know if they will have a job in two weeks not only in that industry but in others that are also affected because of it and we can make a difference. Are you out of your house meeting people that God may want to put in your path? Are you willing to get out of your box and problems to talk to a woman, pamper her and maybe change her life?

I know my life was changed because I chose to work my business when I did NOT want to and I was a tough boss on myself so I would not have to have a boss. This is a great opportunity and you know that YOU have the power to get what you want out of it by what you do every day, big or little. Believe it deep down in your core and you can take people with you to the top by your example.

I share this with you not because I do not think that you do not appreciate what we have but so you can share this example with other prospects and show them how there are other options and most importantly HOPE!!

You are women on a mission, making a difference and I believe in you. I believe that you can have all you want for yourselves from this business financially and with intangibles. I DO BELIEVE THAT IN MY CORE!!!!!

Success is not for the chosen few but the few that choose!!!

I am glad I chose Success with no other options, no back doors.


  1. BestDecision

    Just because you finish Cadillac by June 30 doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing afterwards. Maintaining that momentum is often a steep climb!

  2. Ruby Slippers

    Dialing for dollars at end of month is what ruined me. My sales were decent before becoming a Director. So when unit production was low I had to “dial for dollars” and use my sales money to buy my production. I knew I was good at sales and would make it up the following month. Of course, MK Corp changed products, as always, and I am stuck with obsolete product that no one wants. I’ve lost all desire to do anything at all and stepped down. I have a regular job that I have benefits and holiday pay. No more dialing for dollars on 4th of July weekend to end the MK year “strong” or “hanging on by a thread”which is the truth for most Directors.
    However, you won’t KNOW any of this unitl you become a Director and the mask is removed.

  3. Lazy Gardens

    Ask the directors in Australia and New Zealand how “stable” their Mary Kay business is. Uh … was. Mary Kay abruptly shut down operations in those countries and all those self employed businesswomen had no business left.

      1. TRACY

        Except, of course, if MK fires you from being a director because you don’t make minimum production. Or the possibility that MK could terminate you without any reason, because the contract allows them to terminate a consult for good reasons or for no reason at all.

  4. Wasrings90

    #1 the loan lady probably already had her choice of new positions at competing companies.

    #2 Life is full of disappointments and even as an adult you may not get to do everything you want to.

  5. MLM Radar

    We’re in a pandemic with stay at home orders, we have to stay 6 feet away from everyone and wear masks, protestors are crowding the streets, and there’s a curfew. My local wal mart stores are opening on time but closing at 5:00 pm.

    Oh yeah, this is a GREAT time to be out of your house stalking women, so you can “warm chat” them about their makeup. NOT!

  6. Char

    “That’s right “an opportunity” is what I said, not a job because an opportunity is what you make of it and we have a choice.” –

    A job guarantees pay to you for performing a task relevant to that job.

    You speak of an “opportunity to scam other women”, YOUR CHOICE, and with no guarantee of profit from all your scamming work. That’s some kind of choice alright! In fact, most people that choose to participate in the MLM scam lose their money to the bigger and better liars aka “leaders” or upline. That’s how this scam operates. Willing-victim or seasoned con artist, you choose?!

    “Are you out of your house meeting people that God may want to put in your path?” –

    Imagine scamming those people….and crediting that to God. He will not be happy with your choices. Shame on you.

  7. NayMKWay

    “I share this with you not because I do not think that you do not appreciate what we have but…”

    Yeah, one too many “not”s there, hun. The first two cancel one another, leaving your super-awkward sentence saying, “I think you do not appreciate what we have…”

    Well, you were right about one thing: you’re not great at writing your thoughts. Not that your thoughts are worth memorializing, anyway.

    “Success is not for the chosen few but for the few that choose!” Cute. A nice thought-stopping cliche to throw your audience off-balance and convince them to blame themselves for not succeeding in MK. As a sales director, you should know better, which makes you either simple or a manipulative liar. Not good, either way. Not good.

  8. PeachyNotPink

    Those employees your friend is laying off:

    – will receive unemployment benefits.
    – will not have company inventory that they are stuck with (or the subsequent debt of buying that inventory)
    – may have received a severance package which gives them salary and/or benefits for a short period of time
    – will probably be paid any unused PTO at the time of their layoff
    – may have a retirement account of ESOP account that they can use in case of an emergency

    Will you receive any of those should MK cut you loose, hun?

  9. MakeupLover

    Here’s another thought… What if your health should take a drastic change? Would your Mary Kay business support you? Would you have consistent income coming in when you are sick or recovering from surgery? Would the thought of medical insurance stress you out as an independent contractor? Because that is deducted from your net income. Only a NSD has any resemblance of security and with the change in rules, now they have to work hard to maintain that benefit. I am on the kidney transplant list. I am fortunate to have medical insurance through my employer and my husband’s employer. I can plan for my future with much less stress than if I was still in Mary Kay. Somehow I doubt I could have set up appointments that would dovetail for income if I were incapacitated. From the stories I have read on Pink Truth, it seems your sister Directors/Consultants go running if they sense a sinking ship. And the Go-Give Spirit goes up in smoke!

    1. Pink Jihad

      People who get laid off in situations like this (IBM, Boeing)often have a skill set which enables them to be hired by another company.
      Why does MK day makeup is recession proof? If someone is struggling to buy food the last thing they will spend money on is overpriced Lipstick.

      1. morningstar

        Actually skill sets at these companies do not matter now. They are taking advantage of right sizing incentives during the virus. This work force does not have insurance as they hit the skids from offloads at LM boeing etc. Look at the stock prices!!!

  10. raisinberry

    Oh Geez. Ugh is right! What the heck are they selling? If I make you feel drained and in a battlefield, hauling 50 pounds, over dead bodies…I might be able to recruit you?? Yikes.

    1. BestDecision

      I got flashbacks of wearing skirts and hose, hauling bags, and trying to act happy at skin care classes on hot Summer days. And then faking my misery for excitement wearing my hot Red Jacket and Director suits to unit meetings.

  11. Mountaineer95

    You know how traditional jobs can give you flexibility? By enabling you to retire comfortably. Other than NSDs, how many MK directors are actually investing long-term? how many are able to actually set aside money regularly for their retirement? I’d bet the number is so low it’s laughable. But they won’t be laughing down the road when they’re sixty-something and wanting the true flexibility of retirement that their corporately-employed peers have. Maybe the retirement plan in MK is to hope for NSD status? Good luck with that.

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