Facts, opinions, and the real story behind Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Mary Kay Isn’t For Everyone

If you are the same, hopeless woman that wrote a blog I came across today bashing the Mary Kay company and responding to everyone’s posts that actually stood up for the business…then I pray for your sad, unmotivated soul. It is really saddening to me that you devote your time to producing a website that is revolved around a Mary Kay Hate Club, or CULT for that matter.

You think Mary Kay is a cult…but the numbers should prove to you that after 55 years of being successful and and the growing number of consultants, your opinions are just that…OPINIONS. Not facts. “99% of women who start Mary Kay, fail.” HAHAHAHA….how pathetic. Where is your research and proven facts that make this number relevant? I’d sure love to see them.

Why don’t you find something better to do with your time, like actually going out and MAKING MONEY…because clearly you aren’t making any money by discouraging women who DO have dreams to become better, more enthusiastic and positive people.

Maybe you haven’t learned yet, but Mary Kay obviously isn’t for everyone. However, I have noticed that the women that DO fail, are pushovers who were sucked into the fact that they apparently HAVE to buy a ton of inventory, in which it is not required. Then they realized..”wow, I don’t have the motivation to go out and meet new women to actually sell this $5000 worth of product, maybe I should quit”……that’s where people like you come into play.

DO NOT DEMOTIVATE WOMEN WHO DO HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE THEIR OWN LIVES, ESPECIALLY WOMEN YOU DON’T KNOW. Keep your negative thoughts to yourself and the few close friends that you speak with on a daily basis. LET WOMEN MAKE DECISIONS OF THEIR OWN, you are not their mother and it is not your responsibility to influence a personal decision of theirs!

I sure hope you are truly happy with your life, especially considering your goal is to make other women discouraged into bettering their own lives, or at least TRYING to. I would hate to know that someone with selfish goals like this isn’t experiencing a sad, pathetic life of their own. Karma will come around, lady…

Don’t Be Lazy


  1. J

    Ha! Yea still a cult.

    Cut Until Lies Triumph.

    A cult that wants you to quit your job preemptively as a badge of honor showing your commitment. A cult that wants you to say your husband was able to quit his job, and maybe your parents were able to retire early.

    A cult that encourages you to cut connections with the outside world, the questioners, and the doubters. Reduce your circle of influence. Remove anyone still willing to tell the truth “I can’t sell this limited edition stuff.”

    Then paint your blank canvas of lies. “This is a godly company. Don’t tell your husband how much debt you have. You can’t afford not to go to seminar.” 24/7 injection of lies and you’ll soon stop seeing reality.

    So yea, still a cult. Even if you like the horrid outfits.

  2. MLM Radar

    LET WOMEN MAKE DECISIONS OF THEIR OWN, you are not their mother and it is not your responsibility to influence a personal decision of theirs!

    Nobody on this website is holding a gun to anyone’s head. We simply post information. We don’t offer prizes or recognition of any kind. You don’t have to sign anything for the privilege of reading these columns.

    If you don’t like what you read here, you are completely free to look away and make your own decision to ignore us.

    OTOH, by trying to silence us, you’re trying to prevent your potential recruits from making an informed choice. We know MK deals in half truths and omitted facts, to influence recruits to spend money and to convince others to also spend money.

    If you don’t like what we’re saying, show us why you think it’s wrong. Bring out the numbers proving that you’re as successful as you pretend to be. Show us how you’ve made money by selling to end users, and not just by recruiting and front loading. All we’ve seen here today are the same tired old blame-the-victim slurs.

    1. Mel

      Why do all Mary Kay women capatilize full words when they type something? My friend started doing that when she joined, it looks silly and is improper english.

  3. Ruby Slippers

    I was YOU!
    5-15 years ago, I hated this site. I probably still would be YOU if it weren’t for becoming a Director and the mask came off around the struggle of many Directors. Even the ones who “made it” and we’re making high commissions like Kelly Brock left the hamster wheel.
    Woman are realizing the price you pay to make it is not worth the hassle.
    Becoming a National Sales Director is NOT what is was 20 years ago. Now they have minimums to meet and most are NOT keeping them. Also look at how many Directors step down after their National retires and the pressure for “people pleasing” arm twisting is gone.
    Come back in 5-10 years and share your store then if MK is still around.

    NSD’s are distancing themselves from MK.

    1.Dacia bought a Lincoln instead of taking her pink caddy. She changed her IG name. She is pushing non MK products like self tanner and making commission from like it to know it.

    2.Gillian Ortega retired early due to ‘medical’ reasons. She repainted her free for life Pink Caddy to a shiny Black color. That’s distancing.

    3. Cecilia James has started an interior design business’s while still being a current NSD.
    Look and see if she is ever over 10k in Applause

    4. GMB has started a “Queendom” paid training site

    I say they have all decided to get a Plan B in place.

    The future of their “NON J.O.B.” may turn into S.O.L. just like Australia and NZ.

    The U.S. And Canada market are tapped out!!!!

    1. BestDecision

      It can take years or DECADES to make good money in MK, and you wonder how much you’ll profit after 2 weeks of effort. Unlike my career, when I show up and work, I get paid a known amount every 2 weeks.

      How many times did we see Consultants busting their tails and not make it to Director? And, how many Directors did we see giving it 100% for DECADES and still not make it any higher? I won’t deny that there are people making great money in MK, but the LARGE MAJORITY are not. How many times did we see Directors doing one or both Courts and not make any progress in their business?

      When I left and resumed my former career, I made immediate money. Profit. No expenses taking away from it. These are the things no one admits in MK.

    2. pinkblacksheep

      I was shocked to find out my former die-hard, 30 year MK veteran FESD (dropped from ESD in 2 months and lost her Cadillac), trip Director (2018) just joined a network marketing health and wellness company and is halfway up their comp plan, while still showing on the MK site as a Director. If someone like her is jumping ship, she heard something from sales force development. Then end is near. Either MK is closing, or they’re eliminating the DS model, cutting prices, and going in stores. I think they’d survive that way if cleanser was $12 instead of $24.

      1. Ruby Slippers

        K.T. Martin?? I wish I had saved old Applause to find out who. They are all doing coaching or leaving. Sean Key who was fired is doing a Health MLM.
        We could make a list of all the people jumping ship. It’s quite a few.

        1. pinkblacksheep

          I didn’t know that. Her name is Terry Smith. I think she joined in 1988. Her recruiter was Toni McElroy, who became and retired as an NSD. Terry called Toni when I first joined because she “didn’t know what to do with me.” I’ll never forget that. Along with the time she told me I was “too much” and “making the other consultants feel bad” because I had completed the challenges I was supposed to. I’m still dealing with the fallout to my self esteem from my time in MK. I’m not bitter. I’m so flipping angry. The whole thing is wrong.

          1. pinkblacksheep

            I also just (anonymously) reported her to MK legal and included her link for the new company she joined. Felt like the right thing to do. For all the talk of ethics and love of MK, she’s trying to eat her cake and have it, too.

  4. Jacirene

    “I would hate to know that someone with selfish goals like this isn’t experiencing a sad, pathetic life of their own. Karma will come around, lady…”

    The completion of this pathetic email made me feel the love of Jesus Christ on my smartphone screen. Only not.

      1. Mountaineer95

        I love true crime shows (I want to be a forensic psychologist when I grow up, lol) and I saw one the other day (unfortunately I can’t remember which show but it might have been Forensic Files) where the forensic accountant was the one to blow the case wide open…the husband killed his wife after his Ponzi scheme fell apart. Something about how he was spending all the money on strippers, then killed the wife for the insurance and tried unsuccessfully to make it look like an accident. Have you ever been a part of an investigation where the white-collar financial crime had connections to any violent crimes or plots?

  5. Cindylu

    She doesn’t realize how many marriages were ruined because of pretending to be successful in MK when you’re not. She mentions prayer. Prayer doesn’t include hurting your husband with maxed out credit cards. It isn’t lazy to try and sell the Christmas line at a well advertised Open House and have no one attend. Even MK herself could not always sell the products. She was lucky that some of her original directors were good at sales. They were good because there were fewer products to sell. There were more stay at home women. Make up parties were a way for women to get together. Also there were no malls, internet or other competition. The entire USA and Canada were open for those women to sell and recruit. Also when I got sick my director and MK didn’t truly care. I wasn’t lazy. I just believed in that MK God First, Go Give Spirit. It didn’t exist. PT is not the godless entity. MK is immoral (When it convinces a woman to buy product with grocery money) and when they advise us to lie to our husband. A company that is an mlm (Look it up on Wikipedia) and financially abusive (Constantly changing products at your expense, no free training as falsely advertised, Cults oppose critical thinking, there are financial cults, commitment to the leader, constant meetings with repetition, the NSD’s are elitist, the ends justify the means, constant recruiting and a huge time commitment. I found my SD to be unholy and my NSD to be worst. My NSD began her career in the 1970’s and still failed several times. She lost entire units and Pink Cars even though she could recruit in the entire USA and Canada when the market was not saturated. In 2020 women are indeed failing 99% of the time because this pyramid scheme is no longer sustainable. There are thousands of women (Millions since the 1970’s) in MK. most women hate the party sales pitch with over priced products. Mk is an unholy recruiting numbers game.

  6. NayMKWay

    * – “…your opinions are just that…OPINIONS. Not facts.”

    Some of this site is opinions, sure. When we say the Directors’ uniforms are hideous, or that their open-mouth smiles look fake and predatory, those are opinions. But the statistics and mathematical analysis on this site are factual. Site owner Tracy Coenen has a successful career as a forensic accountant; she’s well qualified to pull the truth out of numbers, even though Mary Kay tries hard to hide them (also a fact).

    You don’t believe the 99% number? Well, first of all, you misquoted it: the 99% number is not the number who “fail,” but the number who lose money. See, failure is a matter of perspective. But losing money, that’s math: the ink is either black or red. And the numbers are there for all to see. If you don’t like the numbers presented here, get a second opinion from the FTC. Read Dr. Jon Taylor’s report on all MLMs, including Mary Kay. I’ll make it easy for you; the meaty part is in chapter 7:


    Read it. The 2nd sentence says it best: “Just do the math — the numbers don’t lie.” Facts do not become opinions just because you choose to disbelieve them.

    * – “Maybe you haven’t learned yet, but Mary Kay obviously isn’t for everyone.”

    Really? I have a question for you and/or your upline: When do you tell someone that? Have you ever interviewed someone and decided NOT to try to sign them up? Of course not. You used your DISC personality profile questions to learn how to push her buttons. You answered every objection with “But that’s why you NEED Mary Kay!” You said whatever you had to say to sign that person up. It’s only AFTER they’ve signed up, strained or ruined their finances and relationships, and finally dropped out, that you fall back on: “Oh, Mary Kay isn’t for everyone.” As if it were her fault for not knowing better and not yours for manipulating and coercing her. Be ashamed.

    You say we should let women make up their own minds, but your desire is to censor this site because it’s too “negative.” So women should make up their own minds, but certain data should be withheld? Why, because you say it isn’t factual? Please point out one statement of fact on this site that is not truthful. We’ll wait for you here.

  7. Mountaineer95

    “Facts do not become opinions just because you choose to disbelieve them.”

    Perfectly said. I feel like this should be a banner atop every entry on this site, or at least atop every Kaybot post such as this. When that whole Cynthia Rucca (I forget her last name, that’s not exactly it) debate was taking place off-site, this one sentence would have been perfect for everyone to use as a response to every post she made.

    1. NayMKWay

      Thanks! That phrase popped into my head while I was writing my comment, and I liked it, too. Most of the time I have to resort to quoting clever people, but now I are one!

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