Red Flags in Mary Kay

This story was sent in by a woman who signed up for Mary Kay and then quit, all in the same week.

It was a funny thing how it all happened, I mean “becoming” a Mary Kay Consultant. (I might add it all happened in the course of one week that I was in and out of it!)

It was a fast, unexpected whirlwind of “you are fabulous” and “fantastic” all smiles “coffee meeting” that I met with a Mary Kay lady/friend, and I thought “Why not, what could it hurt to do a little business on the side?”. Plus I had met her previously at a facial party and had a pretty nice time and everyone else seemed to purchase lots of product.

She told me that I could do it at my own pace, just as long as I did $200 in 6 months. I figured I could sell $33 of stuff each month and probably more since she thought I was “fabulous”:) I have a full time job, but I thought maybe one of these days when I have a family I could do more MK at home.

But fortunately there were a series of red flag warnings that I encountered:

First Red Flag: Being excited

Anyway, after about an hour or so I signed contract and then she asked me what I was the most excited about being a new consultant. Right off the bat, I thought that is a weird question. Mostly because I didn’t really feel excited. Plus she sounded kind of rehearsed. Later I would find out she was using a script. But I answered her with something sort of made up like “I am excited to show my mom all the products.” What a lame answer to a lame question! So then I went home and didn’t think much about it.

Second Red Flag: Have to wear a skirt

She called the next day and said she was sending me the “starting a new business” packet, and that I should go to a meeting with her, and that I needed to wear a skirt at the meeting to look professional. I thought to myself I work in a professional office and I wear dressy pants, what is so wrong with wearing beautiful dressy pants?

Third Red Flag: Inventory packages

The next day she gave me a packet/folder to read on how to start my new business. So I took it home and eagerly opened it expecting to find out all about the products how they are made and how to show women how to use the products, but instead it had a fact sheet on what to say to different types of potential new consultants. Nothing about customers though!.

I kept looking for any information about what number to call to order something for a customer of mine. I just kept finding more information on how to get more consultants. So something was very fishy to me.. VERY Fishy!!!

Why was there so much info on how to get new consultants? I thought that I was going to sell to customers! Then I realized that I had made a huge mistake, because there was this inventory package sheet of various prices starting at $600 all the way up to $7,000!!! What!!! I was quickly learning that I had to buy inventory (which was not explained to me during our “fantastic coffee” meeting) It was sinking in that I had to buy a package, but I only wanted to sell the minimum $225. I was outraged!

I felt like a fool. I should have asked more questions, I thought that I was just going to call a 1-800 number to order a few items.

There were too many red flags for me at this point. Then I typed “Mary Kay cult” into Google search. And lo and behold what did I find but many topics on this subject of Mary Kay cult.. and my eyes were opened. :) I quickly read over some of the stories from previous MK directors and I only needed to read a dozen or so to be convinced that MK was bad news.

And I quickly sent back my “starter kit” and thought how odd it was that the side of the box said “making dreams come true.”

I was pleased to find out that when you send your product back, then you are no longer able to be involved with MK, so I felt like I had just said to my MK lady “checkmate” and had won the game of chess, because she could no longer maneuver her cult-like scripts to corner me into anything.

I hope that my story will help anyone who is wondering about MK. Please take the time to research all the facts. You can find them on Pink Truth.


  1. BestDecision

    My Director added new $30 Consultants in May, but they averaged less than $600 wholesale on first orders, which is usually $1,000. Funny how quickly they see it’s a farce.

  2. Enorth

    I thought the $30 offer ended May 31.

    > Why was this offer extended?
    As social distancing continues, we are extending this limited time offer until June 30,
    2020 to continue to provide another option for your potential team members to quickly
    begin their businesses.

    > Will you extend the limited-time Mary Kay eStart offer option past June 30, 2020?
    We will continue to evaluate the program to determine if an extension is needed.

  3. Char

    Riddle: “Why was there so much info on how to get new consultants? I thought that I was going to sell to customers!”

    Answer: Consultants are the customers…..who hopefully find more consultomers.

    You were being groomed to purchase between $600 – $7000 so MK can stay debt-free and your recruiter could make a commission on that. Instead of calling you a potential big spending orderer (to your face), they call you a “fabulous” business owner consultant. It sounds better and helps close the sale.

    Congratulations on solving the riddle within a week. And well done for not joining the group of liars who call the real customers, consultants – like the lady who signed you up. She’s either a brainwashed willing-victim, or a con artist on the path to being a successful one.

    1. MLM Radar


      You ARE selling to customers. Your potential recruits are MK’s customers. MK needs lots of new customers, since most are “one order and done” buyers.

      The difference is that the moment they sign they’re no longer YOUR customers. No reorders for you!

      And here your Director spent so much time explaining the “MK avenues of income.” That sure was a pretty looking handout.

  4. morningstar

    Indoctrination into the group think, she is a smart person who sees the forest thru the trees.

    I live in Boulder, Co and there is a therapist behind every shrub since the ’70s.

    Group think is not appropriate. One success story on group think from that era is Mo Siegel. He ran a hippie commune in the fields of north Boulder collecting “herbs” et al when I was a wee one.
    He now lives at the top of the mountain (kinda) like MK and his sewage runs downhill on all of us.

    Great post. and Whew she dodged the group think!

  5. Juliet

    If I wasn’t literally READING THIS, I would fight hard against believing it!

    Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant Tracey Wilkins, and she doesn’t want her guests to unwrap their trays just yet. “Let me introduce myself Mary Kay style,” she begins. She sounds over-rehearsed. “What we speak about/we bring about/and I am without a doubt.” Huh? “I am back to basics and I teach it with pride/with God as my savior and my Mary Kay showcase by my side … I thank him for enabling me this wondrous power/of transforming faces and lives in only an hour.”

    returning to article! omg

  6. Juliet

    I read the whole article which is a cloying puff piece where the writer fell hook, line and sinker for the delusions. It was 2000 when published, and I looked up every person mentioned in the article to see how they must be trumpeting their riches via MK.

    With the exception of Mary Morgan, none of the other 8 names reference MK in any way. Shena Dixon gives quite the rundown of her life and personally I did not see her mention MK though she may and I didn’t see it.

    Mary Morgan’s is rather sad – she had her own unit. I saw her Facebook page mentioned where she is advising she has gone inactive at some point. I tried to look at her page but it has been removed or doesn’t allow non-friends.

    1. Tracey Wilkins

    2. Shena Dixon

    3. Mary Morgan’s Mary Kay VIP – Home | › … › 35 likes. … I have allowed myself to go inactive with Mary Kay and need to place an order ASAP! I’m sure most of you are low on …

    4. Mary Morgan’s Million $ Magnetics

    5. Felicia H. Woodruff

    6. Herb Alston

    7. Troy Haskins

    8. Tony Boisseau

    Clearly a well-informed, thoroughly researched and vetted article lololol NOT NOT NOT.

    “Mary Kay consultants see the world through rose-tinted lenses. And the green that’s lining their pockets has never looked brighter.”
    The Power of Pink

    1. Mountaineer95

      I’m reading that article right now and got to this:

      “Shena Dixon is a prosecuting attorney for the city of Richmond and an Independent Sales Director for Mary Kay”

      …seriously?? It was 20 years ago, so she most likely is no longer at least one of these, if not both. Prosecutor by day, MK sales DIRECTOR by, well, when would she have the time? How much do you want to bet that she promoted MK on the county’s time?

  7. BestDecision

    I’m not making this up. Dacia just spelled “yaught” instead of yacht. Autocorrect had to be overridden for me to even type this. Her Instagram Stories are so embarrassing.

  8. PeddlersPuddle

    Unfortunately, it took me two years before I began to notice red flags. (I still can’t believe I was so trusting.)
    Flag 1: Driving up to the home of a SD from our MK meetings that always announced her highest “love check” was $10,000. I was so bewildered that her house was the size of the starter home I lived in when I first got married. I didn’t understand why she didn’t live in a much nicer house since she earned so much in MK.
    Flag 2: The condition of the the clothes that some Directors wore. One visiting D that spoke at our meeting had noticeable holes in her blouse. The whole time, I kept staring at the holes wondering why. If I made that much in MK, I would wear better clothes.
    Flag 3: I started hearing a rising common thread in the “I stories” from those in above Director positions. They all seemed to have divorced at least one husband on their journey to building their MK business.

    I still remember first finding pinktruth and everything started to make sense. It was like someone took the blinders off my eyes.

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