Job Description For a Sales Director

A “wanted” ad for women who seek unlimited income is sometimes presented with additional information about being a sales director. What they don’t tell you when focusing on directorship, is that being a Mary Kay Sales Director actually sucks and that even driving a pink Cadillac doesn’t mean that you’re making great money.

Remember, too, that hundreds of Mary Kay sales directors  step down, quit, or are fired every month and they can vouch for the fact that directorship sucks. It’s not really about leading or helping women. It’s about signing them up fast enough, and getting them to buy enough inventory, so that the sales director can “move up” and make more money.

Here’s what they say about being a director:

  1. Directorship is not a position in Mary Kay. It is just a higher level of service. You are able to help that many more people. And you are rewarded in direct proportion to the amount of service you render.
  2. Directorship is not leadership with a push, but leadership by example.
  3. Directorship is believing first and seeing second. Belief is the golden thread that makes things work.
  4. Directorship is a level of purpose. There can be no defeat except defeat of purpose.
  5. Directorship makes the most of what you have.
  6. Directorship is persistence. In spite of obstacles, it keeps on moving.
  7. Directorship is believing in you before you believe in yourself.
  8. Directorship is doing for others not because you have to, but because you want to.
  9. Directorship is a lesson in unconditional love.
  10. Directorship realizes that all our limitations are self-imposed.
  11. Directorship knows the 10 most important 2-letter words in the English language: “IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME.”
  12. Directorship is a goal setting life. It leaves nothing to chance.
  13. Directorship is a challenge, a job, and an opportunity to make dreams come true for yourself and others.
  14. Directorship, like success, does not wait for a person. YOU must go get it.
  15. Directorship does not pay a price for success it enjoys.

We should go through all of these points individually to debunk them. Have at it!


  1. BestDecision

    You don’t run around your county and beyond holding interviews for your unit because you want to “serve” them. You do it because your commission checks and recognition depends on it.

    You don’t prepare for and suit up to hold unit meetings In the rain, snow, or heat because of “unconditional love”. You do it because it’s career suicide to not rev up your unit so they’ll order more and recruit more.

    And you do NOT reap rewards no matter how much you serve others. That’s BS. I had countless no-shows after devoting hours to holding interviews for my unit, and I gave and gave every week with well-prepared unit meetings that resulted in fewer people attending at times. Sure, I had really great attendance at times, but they were never a direct reflection of how much effort I was putting forth.

    The fruitless effort and being told it’s honorable to serve is manipulation by MK and the NSDs. Much like quoting the Bible, it’s using people’s ethics against them and making them run on a never-ending hamster wheel.

  2. Char

    “Directorship is believing first and seeing second. Belief is the golden thread that makes things work.” –

    Ummm, no. Seeing is believing, or I’ll believe it when I see it. Confidence in your own capabilities is an entirely different matter, although I surely wouldn’t want to be confident that I could be a successful MLMing con artist lying to friends and family for a buck. To each their own I guess.

    What I want to “see” is the amount of product sales to non-affiliates vs. consultant orders. This would be proof they are not a product-based pyramid scheme.

    A quote from a linked article in the comments yesterday:

    “Mary Kay Inc. requires every consultant to buy directly from the company and sell directly to the client, which means the profit margin is the same no matter what a saleswoman’s level.”

    False. Mary Kay Inc. DOES NOT require a consultant to sell directly to a customer. They only require the consultant to directly BUY from them. What happens to product after that, only your basement, garage, or closet really knows.

  3. Jacirene

    “Directorship is not leadership with a push, but leadership by example.”

    They just don’t say that to be a director you have to lie, cheat, manipulate people, pretend to be what you are not, be mired in debt, sell lunch to buy dinner, etc. Example of dishonesty and scam.

  4. BestDecision

    Grab some popcorn. The new Applause just came out and is interesting! Here’s a few highlights:

    March results/One of the biggest months of the Seminar Year—
    Only 8 units nationwide added 20+ new Consultants
    Only 2 Consultants nationwide earned a car.
    52 Directors in entire country finished Grand Achiever car for Q3.
    A unit doing approx $17,000 wholesale was in the Top 400 units. ($34,716 retail)
    A Director with a $5,789 commission check was in Top 400 for March.
    —That equates to < $70,000 gross profit before expenses deducted for the year. Out of THOUSANDS of Directors, the Top 400 includes a Director making less than $70,000/year.
    Only 22 Directors nationwide finished Cadillac in March.

    1. Ruby Slippers

      Best Decision, thanks for the synopsis!
      I was thinking that even though the ship is sinking fast, the top 400 Directors will still be up there on commission as their offspring drop out and they get the leftover unit rolled into their u it. I’m sure the directors hanging on by a thread will be quitting soon. Thoughts???

      1. BestDecision

        You’re welcome! My Senior is still making money off my unit I handed to her. She never misses a 13% recruiter commission because she orders more than she needs, which makes her checks look like higher profit than they really are.

        I think skipping Career Conference kicked them in the shins, and losing Seminar and no other even until at least January is going to be catastrophic.

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