Mary Kay Was Founded on Christian Principles

I stumbled on your site by accident. I’ve been doing Mk for over 20yrs. I’ve experienced all the negative aspects of OWNING one’s own business. It’s surprising to me that you would spend so much time thinking and persuading others to be more negative. You must not be very successful in other endeavors of your life.

You can bash Mk all you want and it will still stand because it was and is a company founded on true CHRISTIAN principles. If I owned a McDonald’s franchise I would still have to deal with reality that people will like Burger King, In and Out, Sonic, Jack in the Box, etc… more than they like the food at McDonald’s.

I’m not a Director although I’ve been in D.I.Q twice and I probably know far more about the Company than you, including all the nationals and different aspects of the company you thrash. I know SO MANY women who live off of their re-orders and have a personal customer base which you neglect to mention. Yes much of what you all have to say can be true, but all of LIFE IS YOUR ATTITUDE and how you handle day to day disappointment in every aspect of your life.

No, I haven’t quit and I don’t write this in hope that you’ll stop bashing Mary Kay. I will pray for you personally “pinktruth” because the TRUTH OF GOD will set you free. I doubt you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior. I’ll pray that you’ll meet HIM (JESUS), then maybe you can spend the rest of your LIFE BUILDING YOURSELF UP, instead of drawing you and others down in to the unending, swirling world of NEGATIVITY which only leads to death. I will pray for you, truthfully.


  1. Maddi

    I’m curious, you reference owning a business – are you implying that you are a business owner of Mary Kay Inc or what you think you ‘own’ is actually not a business but is an independent contractor arrangement where the products you try to sell for Mary Kay and people you try to recruit to also ‘sell’ are actually controlled by a corporation you have no actual ownership over? In all seriousness, please explain to me how as a Mary Kay ‘business owner’ you have been able to control, decide or determine the products that are manufactured and go to market or maximum commission % you earn?

    1. Mountaineer95

      And the normal Kaybot response to your last sentence is to bring up McDonald’s as an example of how the corporation controls what products you sell, how they’re marketed, etc. What all of the Kaybots seem to not understand is that, while as a franchisee the McD owners DO have to follow a lot of requirements, what they never have to worry about is McD corporate opening up a hundred other franchises in their same area. They get protected territory, because if they didn’t and instead let anyone who could afford it open one on every corner in a little town, they’d have to undercut one another’s retail prices (sound familiar, Kaybots?) to get any sales, and thus lack of profits would put them out of business. So those franchisees are heavily vetted. And the requirements (ie that they all carry the same products) actually helps their sales, because the customer recognizes that whether they eat at their local McD’s, or one on the other side of the country in an airport, a Big Mac is still a Big Mac.

      That MK will allow (and actually strives to) get every single breathing human in the same zip code to sign up as a consultant only benefits MK Corp and nobody else. Certainly not the consultants.

  2. Juliet

    Please send Tracy-site owner-copies of your Schedule C and pick up a few from all these women who live off re-orders and YES, I AM SERIOUS. If you truly believe what you say, you WOULD WANT TO PROVE IT, AND SO WOULD YOUR COHORTS.

    It doesn’t seem A ONE OF YOU has been willing to submit these documents, here or ANYWHERE on the internet.

    Satan comes in so many forms and if you think I believe your words, I do not. You are lying and using the name of Jesus which compounds your sins along with conning women lo these many years.

    I pray the scales may fall from your eyes SOON should I be correct. If you are not lying, I eagerly await your tax forms.

    1. Juliet

      And I will apologize in all sincerity if you do indeed prove you are not a liar. I apologize now if I am wrong, and surely will do so upon proof of your truthfulness. I sure hope I am not right and you can prove your statements cause I hate to think of a nice lady being so deluded.

  3. Juliet

    Additionally I must ask, if you are the BUSINESS OWNER, how have you flunked out twice on becoming a MERE DIRECTOR?
    Doesn’t OWNER trump DIRECTOR?
    Doesn’t an OWNER ***hire*** directors?
    There are SO many more questions I can ask that show the absolute joke “Mary Kay Business Owner” is but I have to get going although if you wish me to elaborate later, just holler.
    An OWNER who can’t become her own director lololol. Delusion is so sad.

  4. Neverpink

    Oh boy, another IBC who tells us that we didn’t Jesus hard enough or that we’re not Jesusing correctly.

    But you, IBC, didn’t Jesus hard enough, either. Otherwise, why did you fail DIQ not once, but twice?

    If you’re a true business owner, why didn’t you promote yourself?

    If you’re a true business owner, why can’t you advertise any way you want?

    If you’re a true business owner, why can’t you negotiate your wholesale prices from your vendors and suppliers?

  5. Cindylu

    After twenty years, how many women have left your unit? Why? If MK is indeed a great opportunity, then why don’t women stay in your group? How many women have gone in debt because you believe so much in this mlm. MK is listed as an mlm on Wikipedia. They don’t call it dual marketing. After fifty years of the exact same party model, there have been too many IBC’s and Directors who have tried and failed. EBay is saturated with unsold MK products they’re practically giving away. Doesn’t it bother you that just when you place an order the company once again changes its products? Wouldn’t it be helpful if MK advertised via main stream magazines or actual commercials? When I got sick and was in and out of the hospital, I couldn’t keep doing MK because I was sick. No one from MK called, visited me or sent a get well card. No Go Give Spirit from my supposed MK friends. How many marriages have ended from the enormous credit card debt caused by the MK push to order products? Dozens of women in a small area all trying to book make overs. Sadly women in 2020, detest the home party strategy. No woman wants to use their friends or neighbors so they can get a discount or prize. Women don’t want to apply their own make up. That’s not pampering. Women dislike being obligated to find and buy the cheapest lipstick or mascara (which they know instantly is over priced). Now that leaves you with recruiting and persuading vulnerable women to place a large order. Is urging any woman who comes within three feet of you to go into debt somehow an honorable sales tactic? You can tell yourself that it was ok for twenty years, to cajole women into buying unsellable MK products. However, many souls, families, marriages etc have been hurt because of scripted contrived misleading sales pitches. Let’s face it, how can you say your directorship is worth the pain, agony, sleepless nights of hundreds of families whose lives have been shattered? For what? So your NSD can gloat.

  6. BestDecision

    Since you never finished DIQ, you don’t know more about MK than I do as a former Director. Unit Analysis Reports, Unit Development Bonuses, Wellness Awards, chargebacks, offspring bonuses, car credits, car co-payments, cash compensation…

    I could go on and on for awhile, but I won’t. Pray for God to give you the clarity to see that the ship is sinking in MK and the courage to get out now. A $300 retail week is not even minimum wage once you subtract expenses and time invested to reach it.

    And, with the Star quarter ending Monday, I bet you’re starting to see lots of contact from your Director. Watch and see what happens near the 30th.

      1. BestDecision

        Based on your unit’s wholesale orders for the year, you can get a bonus that is designed to offset healthcare or wellness costs. Bonuses for most Directors are only $800 for the year, as evidenced by the fact that most aren’t in Cadillacs and are barely getting by.

  7. Char

    “I doubt you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior. I’ll pray that you’ll meet HIM (JESUS)”

    Already have. He spoke to me about you and asked me to post this. He knew you were going to write this email! He’s very disappointed that you’re not practicing His principles, but rather the Mary Kay principles of MLMing. He is not pleased. You see, He made PinkTruth available to help guide people away from the MLM Devil and you are condemning his creation. For shame. He told me to tell you that he’s watching your lies and your lies of omission, and you better stop. It’s your last warning before purgatory, he said.

    I’m sorry, but I’m just the messenger passing on the message given to me. You don’t have to believe me, but all I can say is have faith that He told me so. You have faith, right? Or should I tell him you don’t?

    Meantime, I’ll pray you heed His warning, as He doesn’t look kindly upon people being POSITIVE about scamming others. Unless you think Jesus is also positive about scamming? Yikes, I wouldn’t want to be you!

    1. MLM Radar

      It’s even worse than what you heard! Purgatory is the process the saved ones endure to be purified of their sins before entering the presence of God (look it up). 1 Cor 3:11-15.

      But those who refuse to repent, or even admit, their sinfulness face a far worse fate. Rev 21:8.

  8. TRACY

    “You must not be very successful in other endeavors of your life.”

    This was said by someone who has failed DIQ twice. She can’t even make it to director level.

    This was said to someone who has been running a very successful forensic accounting practice for 20 years. (Successful = I am basically running at maximum capacity nearly all the time, which means I have healthy profits. )


  9. NayMKWay

    “I stumbled on your site by accident.”

    Oh, dear, another stumbler. Tracy, you really need to put down some of that black and yellow striped tape to keep people from tripping over your site all the time!

    “…OWNING one’s own business…”

    You do NOT own your own business. You paid Mary Kay to be a contracted reseller. You do not get to choose what you sell or how to market it. Anyone who calls you a business owner is lying to you and buttering you up.

    “…company founded on true CHRISTIAN principles…”

    Lies. It was not founded on true Christian principles; it was founded on paying lip service to Christian principles. “God first, family second, career third,” they say, yet they encourage you to hide how much money you’re spending from your husband, and to leave the kids without their mom so you can “work your business.” Church is not a place to worship God, but a pool of candidates for recruiting. That is, after all, how Mary Kay Ash got started. “God first, career second,” my eye.

    “I’m not a Director although I’ve been in D.I.Q twice…”

    Two tries at Director in 20 years, and two failures. I won’t tease you for washing out, because the system is set up against you. DIQ tries (and fails) bring more money to the company as you scramble for recruits and volume, plus more downline for your Director, who gets to take over the recruits you worked so hard for. And you call that true Christian principles? I call it using and abusing.

    “…and I probably know far more about the Company than you…”

    Honey, you need to stay in the shallow end, because you’re in over your head, here. There are plenty of former Directors who contribute regularly to this site; more than one of them drove pink Cadillacs. You have been outside looking in for 20 years. That’s not 20 years of experience with Mary Kay; that’s 1 year of experience 20 times over. You’re still a babe in the woods.

    “…all of LIFE IS YOUR ATTITUDE…”

    Who told you that? It’s a lie, you know. Sure, a good attitude is healthy, but it isn’t all of life. The notions that thoughts create reality and that continuous positivity will take you far in life are not new. Plenty of Eastern religions like Hinduism have taught it for many centuries. It entered Western culture long ago, and was most recently popularized in the best-selling book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. For more on this false New-Age teaching, see this excellent article:

    “I know SO MANY women who live off of their re-orders…”

    No, you don’t. You want to know how I know that? Because to earn enough to live on requires sales volume that would put the seller in Queen’s Court of Sales month after month, and no one is doing that. Feel free to check back issues of Applause, available right here on this site you “stumbled on.”

    “I will pray for you personally…”

    Oh, stop it. In context with the rest of your letter, you are saying, “You are pathetic and lost, and need my prayers.” In other words, you’re insulting everyone here. So stop it.

    “…the unending, swirling world of NEGATIVITY which only leads to death.”

    Wow. Dramatic much? Truth is neither positive nor negative; it is simply fact. Every single contributor to this site who was in Mary Kay and got out is much happier for it. They are sharing that new life they have found outside of Mary Kay. How is that negative, exactly?

  10. Jacirene

    It does not seem reasonable to say that a person who omits how many husbands he had, who does not call by name the man who helped him found the company and who died 1 month before the opening, who gives false praise and encourages others to do so, who lies about her schedule being busy for the next 5 weeks, which teaches women to lie to their husbands …. This is Mary Kay Ash in her book “Miracles happen”

      1. Jacirene

        I read the text. Excellent research by LazyGardens. I can’t understand how anyone can hide so many husbands, 3 or 4, just to make their story more moving.
        After all, it is more convincing to say that a woman alone, divorced and with 3 children to raise became a Cosmetics tycoon than to say that she was an opportunistic and highly skilled business hunter. I am inclined to think that that episode in which she says that, because of little Richard, her neighbors maliciously commented that she attended “parties”, in fact it is because her “demure woman” behavior was not appreciated by the neighborhood. 😒

  11. Destiny Angel

    So Feeding 5000 people?

    Healing the sick?

    Braiding a whip and over-turning the tables in the Temple of His Father? Scattering the money lenders???

    Gosh..waiting for the Christian Principles to kick into Mary Kay..

  12. lulutoo

    Pink truth must be an extremely ‘bumpy’ site since so many critical people ‘stumble’ across it. This could be a carbon copy (probably is!) of every single critic of this site.

    1. NayMKWay

      I warned Tracy three days ago: she needs to get some of that yellow-and-black striped tape to warn people of the tripping hazard. You know how litigious annoyed huns can be.

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