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Mary Kay Success: Making Money on the Backs of Women

Do you think it’s only the “bad” women who do bad things in Mary Kay? Those who frontload new recruits, dial for dollars at the end of the month (i.e. get people to order products they don’t need), talk only about their highest commission check, lie about how profitable Mary Kay is, or hide the debt they incurred via Mary Kay?

Unfortunately, these problems are systemic in Mary Kay. These are the things that must be done to get to directorship and to maintain directorship. And what about those super successful directors and national sales directors? They’ve just done more frontloading and general deception. So don’t buy into the excuse that you must have just had a bad director. They all lie. It is how things are done in Mary Kay.

Listen to this former Mary Kay sales director, who was only a step away from becoming a national sales director when she walked away. On ABC’s 20/20, she explained how her “success” was at the expense of other women. (Just like all of the other top directors and national sales directors.)


  1. Cindylu

    Thank You for having the courage to walk away from being an NSD. Also thank you for admitting what I knew 25 years ago. Back then there were four top directors in my area. Only one of them became an NSD. The others are either gone or stuck as Directors or SD’s.

  2. BestDecision

    “If you are not hurting, you are not leading.” – NSD Cecilia James. Wow.

    No clearer description of what it’s like to be in MK. This was posted days ago by a National who, like many others, has a side business on top of her commissions from MK.

    At least she’s admitting it.

  3. Stephanie

    So it sounds like this director was not equipped to leader her consultants with integrity and transparency. I love working with MK and my Senior Director has NEVER pressured me to place orders or recruit. Never. In fact, she has actively supported me when I’ve taken breaks from working the business. This director should have done this same. But instead she admits to pressuring people to place orders and recruit to make her numbers better. Sounds like a problem with her and not the company.

    1. TRACY

      Stephanie – The problem is with EVERY SINGLE DIRECTOR in the company. Every single one of them coerces women to place orders for products they don’t need. You may not have received the pressure, but I am 100% certain others in your unit have. It’s how the MK game is played.

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