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Mary Kay is Not a Scheme

This man sells real estate and has a wife who is almost a DIQ. We are lucky to have him to tell us how misguided we are and how simple it is to make money in Mary Kay. The subject line of his email was “Seriously now?”

Seriously, is MK all that bad?  I stumbled across your website and am surprised at all the negativity.  I am a firm believer in being in business for yourself and avoiding working at a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke).

Its hard to believe that MK is evil.  By all means bad people do bad things but would being a Beauty Consultant really be a bad thing.  I am in a business that is challenged everyday ethically, morally and legally.  Some people decide to do the wrong thing but convincing a woman to clean her face with MK as opposed to Clinique, is that bad?

Some people are to scared to do what is necessary to succeed in a business that is constantly forcing them out of their comfort zones.  MK is a business and needs to be treated as one.  Manage your time, money and inventory.  Work it like a job and be intentional.

Reviewing how much in commission you make by recruiting other people into MK does not convince me that it is better to recruit than it is to sell.  True MLM or pyramid schemes typically make it better to recruit than to sell.  In MK you make more by selling than by recruiting.  And the love checks are nice but don’t start rolling in until your recruits start selling.  So I don’t see a scheme here. 

Nothing in life comes easy especially when it comes to convining people you have just met to book an appointment to have some one try and sell you cleansers and make up you didn’t know you needed.  I feel that some women go into it with their eyes closed and with unrealistic expectations.  I think women need to study a little about business in general before going into one with MK.  “Everyone should go into the grocery business first before doing anything else, because if you don’t sell what you have the stinking rotten inventory reminds you very quickly that you bought too much.”  I don’t know who said that quote but it is a favorite of mine.

The number one mistake with small business is that they over buy their inventory when they first get started.  This is true with Mary Kay.  That is the only bad thing I have ever seen from MK is convincing new people to buy upwards of $3000 of inventory to start with.  Start small and grow your business as it needs to.

Back to the negativity, I believe negative people tend to attract negative people and positive people attract other positive people.  Your blog sure has its negative attractant on.  Be positive and positive things happen.  I am sure there are horror stories about every door-to-door sales company, work at home business, franchise and network marketing company out there, but I know there are also positive ones.  Business is business, the market takes it toll everyday on those who don’t work their businesses.  9 out of 10 small businesses fail, so why do people think that their first one will be a success.  Plan to start 10 then the odds will favor you.

Just so you know two of my sister-in-laws and my sister have joined MK one bought $800 in start up inventory and has been selling $100-$200 a month in product.  The other bought close to $5000 in start up inventory and with in 3 months called it quits.  My sister only got the starter kit.  None of them really should have joined because they are not business minded people but that was their choice.  My wife recruited all of them into MK.

My wife is planning to go into DIQ this month.  I am not biased either way on Mary Kay, I am a business man and can see opportunity in most things.  Mary Kay works when the consultants work and like wise it fails when they don’t.  That’s business.  I hope you can use your website to help people get over being a MK consultant and get back to working for someone else.  Everybody needs to find their role in life and for some its working for others.  Its not a bad thing, its just who they are.


  1. The Patient Whisperer

    Wow, the sheer number of critics “stumbling” onto Pink Truth never ceases to amaze or amuse me…yet, none of them seem to actually READ the articles. I swear, their emails collectively resemble one another so closely that it’s almost as if they are cut & pasted. Hilarious.

    And don’t get me started on the fact that, literally almost without fail, they lack the ability to use proper grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation. Someone desperately needs to teach this guy about the question mark. ?

    Finally, he states his sisters/sisters-in-law are selling $100-200 per month. Assuming no discounts were given (highly improbable), that’s a whopping $50-100 profit per month – at best – BEFORE expenses. Talk about “just over broke.” And he’s actually boasting about this? Priceless ?

    Thanks for the laugh!

  2. PeachyNotPink

    The truth is neutral – neither positive nor negative.

    What is positive or negative is one’s reaction to the truth. And however you may feel about the truth does not change that truth at all.

    1. ragtopcutlas

      “surprised at all the negativity”
      I have found this site to be very postive.
      I agree completely with PeachyNotPink that truth is neutral.

      The contributors to this site are positive is their writings and responses. Keep up the good work!

  3. Neverpink

    I’m not convinced this person is who they say they are.

    They have the lingo down (JOB = Just Over Broke/love checks, anyone?), so I’m wondering if this is actually “the wife” in this scenario.

    I think this was already posted once? Unless the same stuff is spewed by different people (which is entirely possible).

    You make money when your recruits BUY, not sell. MK doesn’t care (or track) how much you sell. The only numbers they care about are how much you BUY.

    1. NayMKWay

      This was earlier posted May 29, but without Tracy’s intro paragraph saying what the writer’s professed career was. I pegged it then as coming from an Amway rep, because that “just over broke” line is very popular among the Ambots. The arrogant, condescending attitude is a dead giveaway also.

      He may claim to work in real estate, but I’m betting he thinks his pretend Amway side-business will allow him to soon “retire” and become one of those “mentors” he currently idolizes.

      1. Neverpink

        Okay, so I wasn’t seeing things!

        I’m sure you’re right about the Amway connection. I had no idea “JOB” was popular with that crowd, as well as the condescending attitude. I learned something today!

        Thank you!

  4. Char

    “Some people decide to do the wrong thing but convincing a woman to clean her face with MK as opposed to Clinique, is that bad?” – MKC disagrees with you about what you think their business model is. Are you trying to bankrupt them?!

    An MLMer and real estate agent in one household. Oh my.

    P.S. When I was a foolish young gal, I thought you ‘had’ to use a real estate agent or worse a REALTOR. After growing up, and depending on the specific neighborhood, just stick a sign in your yard and save thousands in commissions; or undercut the neighbors by lopping off the commission you would’ve paid to potentially sell your home quicker – if homes are similar. Maybe research those low fee MLS listing services too, if you prefer dealing with people who use buyers agents.

    Watch the movie “Five Flights Up” for a good chick flick cringe about the industry.

    Signed, FSBO (pronounced fizz-bow) “For Sale By Owner”

  5. Shay

    “ And the love checks are nice but don’t start rolling in until your recruits start selling. So I don’t see a scheme here. ”
    Wrong! The checks come when inventory is purchased. Marykay has stated several times they don’t track what consultants sell.. they do not because they would be faced with an ugly reality. actually, they know their products end up in land fills.

    1. Pamela Kirk

      Why would you buy inventory with your own money?
      I know that some women start with huge stock but I waited to get orders from customers and just ordered that.
      Be smart with your money and you will make more of it.

      1. TRACY

        Whose money would one buy inventory with? The bank’s? Oh, that’s still your own money because you owe the bank.

        Your comment comes off as you’re so much smarter than the women on this site. Is that how you intended it?

      2. Char

        So, your recruiter turned you into a competitor instead of keeping you as a customer? Ever wonder why? Perhaps you weren’t even a customer until you thought it could be an “opportunity”? And now you do order for yourself, a lot.

        Tell me, have you or has it been suggested that you recruit those customers you speak of? Do you plan to climb the ladder? If so, don’t you need to recruit your customers “to be smart and make more of it”……like what your recruiter did to you? What does she know that you don’t, smarty pants?

  6. Wasrings90

    Again with the Just Over Broke idea… I think there’s a larger portion of the population that don’t live that way, because their lives don’t focus on trying to keep up with the Joneses………

    Also if your life revolves around getting a name brand hand bag, Kendra Scott Jewelry, and wanting to drive a pink car maybe you should reevaluate what is actually important. … (Don’t get me wrong owning a name brand bag or KS Jewelry isn’t a bad thing) But I have so many friends who find joy in not owning items but being able to spend time with family & friends.

  7. morningstar

    He better stick to real estate. They will need his money to fund the MK fiasco. “planning to going into DIQ this month”, like they have it lined up- lol.

    I can see the dynamic, no home sales for a while, money draining out to “try to get rich with MK”. Not peaceful.

    Thanks for the realtor tip on how to sell in like areas, sans realtor.

  8. Destiny Angel

    I’ve never had a realtor with a garage full of unsold houses nor have I had a friend who is a used car salesperson phone me up all 11 pm begging me to buy a car in the next hour so they don’t lose (or is it loose?) their position in the hierarchy of the workplace.

    I have had many friends of friends who are entrenched in various MLMs who have had either garage-loads of useless products or try the begging call. Then get upset because I refuse to help out a sister.

  9. MakeupLover

    The OP had better keep an eye on the credit card bills. His wife will have difficulty maintaining consistent sales week after week and trying to keep her expenses down. If you factor all the supplies, preparation and gas for each class and the time involved, her hourly profit is likely not worth it. I found that my job had to subsidize my Mary Kay business, especially when it came to training events, and inventory costs. You also find that time is a precious commodity especially when it comes to family and marriage. Mary Kay is a lost cause. For all your efforts and investment, you are rewarded with cheap prizes, debt, and missed opportunities with family that you can never recover.

    1. Ruby Slippers

      I’m sure most consultants and Directors are secretly happy and relieved the Seminar is canceled. I could not get the price below 750 total and that was with splitting meals, not buying extras. That did not include any wardrobe purchases to look cute. Although, I never wasted $ on trying to keep up with Seminar gowns. I was low maintenance.
      My 1st Seminar I spent about 1200 NOT including clothing, shoes, jewelry.
      I’m sure it totaled about $1500. Fake it till you make it is very expensive.
      I’m so glad I’m out of the pink fog!!

      1. BestDecision

        No push for Cadillac dining, a walk onstage, sashes, ribbons, seating, or luncheons. This has to be a dud for MK corporate, and I know of no way Directors or NSDs could spin it to finish big in the next 10 days. This is the real production of units and not the hyped up spending of people craving recognition/attention.

      2. EyesWideShutNoMore

        Holy crap, that’s a lot! I bet a lot of consultants just absolutely dread having to cough up for Seminar.

        I’m only about an hour away from MK Corp in Canada so our directors had a different tactic to get us to go. Guilt. “We’re lucky enough to be able to DRIVE to seminar! Just think of the ones in other provinces who have to PAY for flights! They have to set money aside all year! We just have to pay for a hotel room!” Airfare is NOT cheap to fly within Canada so I think it was a vacation for some MK people by bringing their spouse to do the touristy things in Toronto. I asked if I could drive in everyday and my director said it’s better to stay the whole time. I didn’t go, ever.

        1. Destiny Angel

          My in-laws live close to Torontah. When my children were younger, I’d drive part of the way there and hand them over.
          I’ve only driven though the city once heading to Niagara Falls and hated every second of the drive.
          London, heck New York is so much easier.Montreal has the advantage of being an island.

  10. ihatemk

    In the first place I don’t think this was written by the husband of a MK consultant, I think it was a MK consultant herself who wrote it and it is the same old drivel being pushed all the time. Thank you ladies for being on here and letting the world KNOW what the real deal in MK is. I remember the time they tried to recruit me and I asked is there a “quota” to order, was told no. LIES!!!! I did ask about the over saturation of consultants, told NO!! The same old same old Mary Kay sells itself, it works when you do, blah blah blah blah. I did not sign up, it just seemed like nothing but a bunch of bs and I see by all the posts on here that what I felt in my heart was EXACTLY what I thought. Keep up the good work and warning others about what the real deal w/this marketing scheme is.

  11. Sara Hawkins

    TO is the worst city. I have been there several times for business and it’s all business no fun (at least that’s how i feel about it). I find when I go to Montreal for business, there is a way different vibe, more laid back and more entertainment. And for business, i am paralegal, I serve on the board of directors for a national organziation. We alt meetings between TO and Montreal .

    As for seminar in TO, the one and only time I went, I went a day early and made the mistake of meeting up with my director. I had planned to go to Niagra, but spent the time sitting in a hotel room chatting. I did sneak out and manage to shop at the Eaton Centre.

    1. EyesWideShutNoMore

      I’m not a fan of TO either, but I think that’s because I grew up in a small city about an hour away and Toronto always seemed like it was on another planet. I now live in London, and if you think TO is boring, do not come here lol. SO boring, it’s like 10yrs behind TO for trends and hipness. I lived in the Toronto area for a few years before moving here and I had a really hard time getting used to things, I drive like a “big city driver” and that’s not how people drive here. More like sit at a 4way and wave everyone else on and then decide to suddenly gun it through the intersection. Ugh, I’ve been here about 13yrs and I’m still not used to things!

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