“On Target” in Mary Kay

Written by SuzyQ

We have our own vocabulary in Mary Kay. Along with the overused words like awesome and great and beelieve, we find ourselves ON TARGET for any number of things. The whole concept of being on target is meant to keep pushing you to the next level. You aren’t there yet, but you will keep ordering to get to the next level. These mini-levels are incentives to order to the next level. They’re the carrot and the stick, and you never actually get there…. there is always a next level!

  • When we have one new recruit, we are ON TARGET for our red jackets!
  • When we come in as a new consultant with an $1,800 inventory order we are ON TARGET for a Ruby Star.
  • As a new Red Jacket we are ON TARGET for Team Leader.
  • Future Directors are ON TARGET for directorship and are ON TARGET for their free car.
  • New Directors are ON TARGET for Honors Society, Fabulous 50s and On the Right Track.
  • Seasoned directors are ON TARGET for Unit Clubs, Trips and Cadillacs.
  • NSDs are ON TARGET for Inner Circle.
  • When we order massive amounts of product, we are ON TARGET for the court of sales.
  • When we bring lots of personal qualified recruits in we are ON TARGET for the court of sharing.

With just a little more effort from our unit… if we all pull together… the team work makes the dream work… we can get ON TARGET… it’s never too late.

ON TARGET is one of Mary Kay’s most subtle and effective manipulative techniques.

It appears that you are being congratulated for achieving ON TARGET status, but the reality is that you will be required to do more. More recruiting, more ordering. Most of us remember getting the first “You’re ON TARGET for______!” call from our director and how excited she was for us. Most of us had no idea what that meant, but we picked up on her excitement and enjoyed the attention. And then, we are told what we need to do to “Make this happen!” The false recognition is a set up for the manipulation to follow.

Being ON TARGET for something in Mary Kay really means that YOU have become the target.


  1. Jacirene

    I believe that there is no company in this world that has in its Career Plan a position called “Assistant of the Future” or “Manager of the Future”, except MKC. It is a joke the career levels of “Career steps to success” with these nomenclatures: “Team leader” and “Future director”.

    1. BestDecision

      And not a company in the world that has leadership conferences and allows people who aren’t at that level to attend. MK became so desperate for momentum they allowed Future Directors and DIQs with 1/3 of a Director’s unit size (8) to attend our Leadership Conferences, and that was the beginning of the end for me.

      Bottom line of everything on here: If MK really is such a great opportunity, everyone would be doing it, and no one would need a conference or another carrot dangled to motivate them. Skin care really would sell itself.

  2. BestDecision

    When you haven’t been doing Cadillac production for the last 5 months, you are not “on target” for Cadillac. And don’t forget, Directors, you have to maintain that production every month after you do finish even though it won’t be delivered for 3 more months.

    I wouldn’t race for Cadillac unless I was doing WELL OVER $17,000 every single month for many months consistently. Otherwise, you don’t truly have a Cadillac Unit. You have a high-performing Premier Club Unit.

  3. pinkpeace

    I was a brand-new consultant who started with Emerald Star inventory ($3600 wholesale).

    At my first meeting, my sales director introduced me as on-target for my Mary Kay car. Of course, I had no idea what that meant, but I remember thinking I hadn’t even sold anything yet. How was I going to get a car?

    Such insanity.

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