The Struggle to Directorship

A woman who did Mary Kay twice tells us about her struggle through car, DIQ, and directorship. Let it be known that this woman is not the exception, she is the rule. Lots and lots of constant work, putting your own money in to move up or maintain a level, and in the end it’s all for nothing. This happens far more often than they’re willing to admit.

For a long time I was warned about this site… as many other consultants I am sure. There was actually a segment with the directors at seminar talking about it. I was in Mary Kay twice. the first time as a 18 year old part time college student/full time employee at a hospital. My mom was also a consultant twice when I was younger. Helping her in her office with the products taught me to read.

My second time in Mary Kay i came back because I wanted my discount back. When I met with my new director she laid out the inventory talk and i decided to do an $1,800. Then I kept ordering because she said I needed more stuff even though I wasn’t selling anything.

In the beginning of my second time around, I was working two part time jobs and in school full time. I started for my products, and wanted more money because I was broke. It was hard for me when I started because I was very negative, and didn’t have many girl friends. I didn’t even wear makeup when I started!

I got my first team member, and at that time the company was having the promotion to go on target for the car with 3 active instead of 5. I found some people that started (1 of which was a friend and I begged for her help to get into red). We were on target for 2 months with half the production met, and the third month, I couldn’t get a single new recruit, or the $4,000 in production. I was very upset and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me and why I couldn’t do it.

For the next year and a half i sold product and didn’t really recruit anyone. Then I “made the decision” and got fed up with my wanna be director not doing her job I decided to become a director so my team wouldn’t have to deal with her. I went into DIQ with family and friends on my team, and by the 3rd month couldn’t pull production so I charged half of it (yes over $2,000).

Every quarter the pressure was on to be a star, so I continued to charge it because my director would say just charge it! Then the company found out that an order was placed without someone’s knowledge (because my director told me to do it) and I was not allowed to re submit for 6 months. How is it I got disciplined when my director is the one that did it?

After that I was already on target for my car, and short 2 months by $2,000, so she said JUST CHARGE IT, and so I did. Earned my car, and was on suspension from re submitting at that point. (only the DIQ requirements state you cant put an order in for someone else, why doesn’t car qualification?). After 3 months, enough directors I knew had written into the company that they decided to let me re submit. This time we did over $34k in production (keep in mind I was doing everything! I did not talk to my director the entire 4 months I was in DIQ) and had a great unit of women working.

After completing DIQ I got my unit number on a Thursday and was in Dallas Monday for training. I came home so completely exhausted from 4 months of “short term sacrifice” as they like to call it, to a party of 12, and $1,200 in production for the month. Second month was Seminar, with $1,600 in production. Going from the four months of DIQ production of $4,300, $10,300, $7,100, and $12,000 this minimal production was a shock to me! By the third month My mother was in for surgery, and my grandmother in the hospital fighting for her life.

My family consumed my thoughts, as did school full time. we did yet again a short month, and the company called and said u have one last shot. The last month we did $3,200, significantly better than we had been doing, but my grandmother was still fighting for her life, I was playing the role of mom to my 2 younger siblings, and in school. I was exhausted!! After that month they said sorry you are no longer a director! I was OUTRAGED that the company was not willing to work with me! I had dedicated every ounce of my being to the company and when I switched to my family I got screwed! My unit all knew the issues with my family and were understanding and supportive. Now they are all mad because the company took away what we had worked for. If i was not dedicated to “the dream” why would I have been to new director training 1 week after finishing requirements?

As of now, I have learned a lot! I learned not to CHARGE IT because someone will get a better paycheck while I go into debt. I accrued over $30k in debt charging product, seminars, hotels etc for events. My boyfriend hated being around me because I was always stressed out and had MK on my mind, and the lack of money caused a huge rift between us. He was always supportive until the end, but now we are both glad that is over. I have attached a copy of a letter I sent to corporate…. no response from them… GO FIGURE!

Former Director and Car driver with MK


  1. Coralrose

    If enough women like this tell their story to the FTC, will that finally get MK investigated? I mean, $30K in debt to this company is criminal! Sorry that happened to you, writer of this letter. I hope you sent your products back to re-coup some of this investment.

  2. Cindylu

    So sad that women who should be able to take some personal time off are convinced to simply buy unnecessary product instead. Where is the compassion, caring and humanity in all of this? When a woman is sacrificing so much for a predatory corporation, then this mlm model needs to end. Hopefully you have or will find a way out of this credit card debt. 🙁

  3. MLM Radar

    You put your whole heart and soul into this company, recruiting all your friends and their friends, and buying enough product in three months to meet the “$4,500 every other month” quota for the next 6 months.

    Then you miss your buying quota for a couple of months because you have family in the HOSPITAL and DYING, do they care? No, they’re laughing all the way to the bank. The down line you sweated blood to build gets stripped away from you forever, and handed off to someone else who will squeeze them for more buying.

    That’s how network marketing works. That’s the “wave of the future” business model which failed 40+ years ago and is still strangling new participants.

  4. BestDecision

    Since there’s already so much negativity in headlines, I’m cheering for those of us that woke up and left MK. Here’s to us!

    Aren’t we “awesome”?
    Can you “bee-lieve” we fell for it?
    How many “6 Most Important Things” did we waste on MK?

    —A former Director
    (It was a glorious day sending my Cadillac back.)

  5. PinkBoo

    What happened to “God first, family second, career third”? Life happens and sometimes the focus needs to be on sick family members or other unexpected situations.

    Funny how MK bashes anyone having a JOB and brags that you can set your own hours and work your business as your life allows. Huge lie and I am sorry you were just another lady for them to use up and toss once you are not able to make their ridiculous production quota.

    1. BestDecision

      Of June, Directors used to say 2 things were delayed until after the 30th: meals and sex. I was also taught “Eat when you’re old and sleep when you’re dead.” Healthy, right?

      1. EyesWideShutNoMore

        It’s funny you say that about the eating…. there was a girl in another unit whom I knew well who moved into being a director and she lost weight. She looked great, and when I told her, her director piped up cackling, “That’s from all the stress of becoming a director!” Greaaaaaat…..

        I know her director really pushed her because she wanted a boost before she turned 65 knowing NSD wasn’t going to happen.

  6. morningstar

    The less boundaries we have in life for ourselves, this situation plays out perfectly. the author shows a life with chaos and the MK on top of that. Exhausting to read. MK adds that extra dimension. Bosses usually don’t want family drama at the work place, and MK corporate creates it, then ignores it.

  7. J

    When I called to mk corp to say “I don’t want to be a consultant anymore,” I was surprised how casual the exchange was. It was as if I was returning a pair of shoes with a “we’re sorry to see you go.”

    Don’t get me wrong, it was a relief. But honestly (and naively) I was shocked that this company that “loved me” so much didn’t care to ask why.

    My senior director called within a day though to fast talk fear into me. Want to know one of her lines? “What if something happens to you or your family and you can’t work? mk is the kind of business that works when you can’t.”

    She’d taken off for a few months when her daughter nearly lost her life. While yes, my senior director’s unit did survive, it was the result of others putting forth credit card orders.

    It wasn’t magic, it was pity and shear unit volume. And why all the pity buying? Yes, some was certainly “I don’t know how else to help.” But most of the excess buying was rooted in that uncomfortable understanding that there are no breaks in mk, even if your child is on their deathbed.

    Glad you’re out! 30k is a lot, but it won’t be on your shoulders forever.

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