MLM Critic is a Pink Truth Critic

Sometimes we have Pink Truth critics who come from within the anti-MLM community. They don’t think we’re doing enough or doing the right things. People focus on different things, and that’s okay in my book. Fans of Mary Kay say we should stop trying to “take down” MK. No, that has never been the mission.

Critics of MLM say we SHOULD be trying to take down MLM. I decided long ago that trying to get the government to stop MLMs was futile. Trying to destroy individual companies was useless. What I *thought* could make a difference is education. If you’re considering Mary Kay and you bother to take 5 minutes with a search engine, you’ll find Pink Truth. If you can be bothered to read for 5 minutes, you’ll find enough that should stop you in your tracks. You should seriously question signing up.

And we’ve seen that happen. We have helped women avoid MK. We have helped others get out and get their money back. Have we helped enough women? Probably not. But this is where I think we do our best work, and it’s what we’ve been doing for almost 14 years.

Yet this critic has a problem with how we go about our business:

If you want to operate a grown-up website that pokes fun of MK and the MK “leaders” AND is also devoted to reaching outward to educate others about Mary Kay and other MLM scams, I’m all in. If you want to coddle your little girls and not support greater change, I’m not interested in wasting my time.

I want to help other people not get scammed. I want to get media attention towards these MLM scams. I want to influence the FTC to take action against them. Your website needs to change, or it’s simply not worth my time.

People think they have the upper hand when they kick me off their websites. But it’s not my problem, it’s because they’re not serious about working together to cause real change to take place. They think I don’t understand when it’s really that they don’t understand and aren’t serious. I fully understand, and if they don’t want to work together to go after some rich fat-cat scam artists with lots of lobbying money, then count me out.

The internet is the greatest tool ever for leveling the playing field against scam artists, but if people aren’t willing to leverage it and use it for good, then it’s just like a hammer that lays on the ground and is never used.

Strong discussions are what is needed, we won’t always agree. Friction causes progress, if the subject is the problems in MLM rather than somebody getting bent out of shape over an obvious joke. I don’t see any curiosity on the website to discuss problems. You decide. Your website will be known for how you decide to run it.


  1. Lazy Gardens

    OH NOES! We aren’t up to his standards, we aren’t worthy of his time and attention. He stomped on my dreams, icked on my wow, and harshed my mellow!

    * I’m not interested in wasting my time.
    * Your website needs to change, or it’s simply not worth my time.
    * if they don’t want to work together to go after some rich fat-cat scam artists with lots of lobbying money, then count me out.
    * Your website will be known for how you decide to run it.

    So, dude, show us your website. Show us your traffic. Show us how good you are.

  2. Shay

    If you want to coddle your little girls and not support greater change, I’m not interested in wasting my time.
    . I want to influence the FTC to take action against them. Your website needs to change, or it’s simply not worth my time.

    But you read here all the time. Why do you think you are so worthy? You can’t get half the attention Tracy and Pink Truth has gotten. Have several seats.

    1. MLM Radar

      Pink Truth gets attention precisely because it takes a soft approach. Women who are frustrated trying to “build their businesses” come here and learn they are not alone.

      MK’s whole approach has relied on shame and isolation to keep recruits buying. You dare question the Director’s claims? Stuffed skunk and shame for you! Your failure is your own fault for not following the program! (The fact that there really isn’t a program to succeed through end-user sales is stifled.)

      Or go to Seminar and find out who you’re assigned to share a bed with. Most likely it won’t be someone from your own unit that you can compare notes with. No, you’re sharing bed space with 3 other women you’ve never seen before, who are all afraid of being discovered as a fraud for buying their fake success, just like you are.

      Here at Pink Truth the method seems to be that we take the pyramid down by eroding it’s base. It’s a very effective method. Women can approach anonymously, with no fear of ridicule and no need to hide behind fake success. The isolation barrier doesn’t exist here, and the truth of the scam emerges. After that eye-opening occurs, their natural revulsion for being involved in a scam does the rest.

      This guy’s approach it to be the bull in the china shop. He wants to break things, but that’ll do absolutely nothing to persuade the MLM recruits that that this business model doesn’t work. If he could force MK or Herbalife or Amway to close, there would still be thousands of other MLM style “home business opportunities” waiting in the wings.

  3. NayMKWay

    “I want to influence the FTC to take action against them.”

    I’m pretty sure the FTC would like to do the same, but they can only tackle so much. Before taking action against an MLM or any other company, they have to gather reams of evidence that will stand up in court, then either sue them in court (see: Amway, 1978) or present them with the evidence they’ve gathered and force their hand (see: Advocare, 2019). (The FTC can only take civil action; if criminal law enforcement is called for, they help from the Department of Justice. The same is true of the SEC.)

    These MLM companies are protected by the same laws any other company is; the FTC can’t just show up at a company headquarters and shut it down because they’ve heard rumors. It takes a lot of effort to go after any one company, and new ones spring up all the time. So the FTC puts a lot of effort into education, as do most anti-MLM sites like this one.

    But having a little fun along the way has value of its own. John Oliver’s piece on MLMs has gotten millions if views on YouTube not because it’s an important intellectual analysis, but because it’s funny as hell. Let’s face it: funny puts butts in the seats. You reach more people if you’re not grim all the time. I’d say the high rankings Pink Truth gets in Google searches means Tracy is doing it right.

    1. TRACY

      People have been trying for TWENTY years to get the FTC to take decisive, sweeping action against MLMs. It hasn’t happened and is unlikely to happen. That’s part of the reason why I don’t focus on that.

      1. NayMKWay

        Well, Tracy, I just want to congratulate you on a job very well done, both here and on your Fraud Files site. (I visited both sites several times before figuring out “Tracy” was the same person on both sites. I remember glancing at a video still-frame and saying to myself, “Wait, I recognize that hair!” And beautiful hair it us, I must add.)

  4. PeachyNotPink

    So, basically, if we don’t advocate for anti-MLM in the same exact way that YOU are doing it then we aren’t “serious”, don’t want to effect change, and aren’t “worth [your] time”.

    What an arrogant, naive, and immature attitude!

    So…hypothetically, I decide that heart disease is a big problem, and I decide to start an education campaign about lifestyle factors for prevention via a website in which other people share their experiences in reversing/preventing heart disease. I also share factual information about how bad heart disease is for you. But because I am not advocating lobbyists to shut down all fast food restaurants, and demand the dairy industry only produce low fat products then I am not “serious” about effecting change and it is not worth a person’s time to review my site and learn?

    SMH. If this site is not worth your time, then I have one thing to say: “Bye, gurl, bye”

  5. Jacirene

    “People think they have the upper hand when they kick me off their websites.”

    It seems that you are often a “persona non grata” on websites that fight for the “causes” you say you support. Shouldn’t it be an alert that something may be wrong with you?
    And the fact that they think YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND? Have you considered creating your own anti-MLM website and making a difference in the world?
    These are just questions, not accusations ok?

  6. Not a Bot

    If he wants to do it his way, he should make his own website or come up with his own plan. The whole ‘not worth my time’ message sounds very self-superior and sounds like a person who doesn’t take up the reigns himself, but complains about everything when somebody else does. If it is not worth your time, just don’t look at the site. Trying to win a battle to shut down the company may not be successful (and is not likely unless you have good lawyers and a lot of money). However, many individual lives have been helped by being able to read about MK on this site and make the decision to not join, not to continue with the company, or realize they were not alone when everybody else seemed to be successful.

  7. LongtimeLurker

    I’m an anti MLM and i love the approach Tracy do on this website honestly. This is probably my first and last comment but i wanna say that your approach works for precisely the women you want to help and you are definitely not wasting your time because I’ve also seen the posts and comments by women who are either one foot in or already in and don’t know how to get out. This critic claims your website needs to change. I say your website already works in educating women who feel trapped. Thanks for your input OP however you’ve never been in Mary Kay and you don’t know what they’ve been through nor do you want to try to understand. That’s fine. But you are being entitled and rude. This website is kept up by solely Tracy and you have no right to demand her to change anything.

    Good on you for trying to take down MLMs
    in your hard approach and i wish you all the best.

    Meanwhile Tracy i just wanna say that your approach works, it’s what they (women stuck in Mary Kay specifically) needs. Please keep up the good fight.

      1. BestDecision

        Yes, and thank you for making me feel normal as I left MK. I thought I was the only one experiencing such stress and disappointment over a dream I thought I could reach with it. Turned out to be a nightmare and loss of a decade of my life. So glad other posted their truths out here!

        1. Coffee Canuck

          Yes. I lurked here for a while before I left MK. I think a more harsh approach would have put me on the defensive.

          And this site made me feel like I wasn’t alone in that journey .

  8. Char

    Textex aka Scott Johnson does have an extensive website. He’s been very vocal for years.

    If he ever makes it to court to get MLM ruled illegal, here’s a tip for him: Don’t piss off the judge. Good luck with both.

  9. Shay

    Who the hell is he to think Tracy needs his help? Sure, it’s great to have allies.. but allies aren’t egotistical assholes like this. Sorry Tracy for my language but this makes me mad.. the whole wording.
    Anyhoo, I got some idiot firing off very loud fire works and my furry babies are upset. Gotta go.

  10. Brainwashed no more

    Personal stories do work on individuals, myself included. This helped me realize I needed to get out. I don’t think that a lawsuit would have helped me as much. Everyone’s experiences have helped lots understand the devious nature of the MLM MK. Years after I left, it’s still helping me understand how I got sucked in and how dangerous they are for many including me.

    Thank you Tracey.

  11. Autumn

    It’s called tone policing and usually it’s telling someone they’re being too strident. However it can be someone saying that you are being too gentle. In a current events debate I was told I was too gentle in my approach. I told them that my audience is thirsty and I am water, water always finds its way in, and if there’s water in a crack and it freezes, the crack gets bigger. I’m gentle so whoever needs gentle will hear the message and not tune out the more direct approach. as the river gets faster. Tracy is water. soothing, gentle, relaxing and relentless. Drip drip drip and more and more people learn about MLM and avoid them. We can’t get action from the top because the greedsters walk among the lawmakers and control the top, all we can do is erode the bottom and eventually the building falls into the river!

    1. Lazy Gardens

      This is a very effective method. Reduce recruiting, increase returns, and encourage quitting. That forces them to spend more time and money on promoting, and that makes it less lucrative.

  12. Mountaineer95

    “If you want to coddle your little girls and not support greater change, I’m not interested in wasting my time.”


    “Your website needs to change, or it’s simply not worth my time.”

    Yet here we are because apparently you DID waste your time writing and sending this email. It makes your supposed conviction a bit suspect. I’m not sure anyone can really believe anything you have to say.

    1. Juliet Marotzke

      So he expects the website to change to entertain him…..well. Who asked if Tracy started the site to entertain him. And who asked for his input, particularly??? Wasn’t me!

      I definitely don’t need to hear from someone with blinders on who can’t perceive the nature of the site, being one of RELATING PERSONAL EXPERIENCES. You can’t argue with what someone went through just because you don’t like it/don’t understand and/or can’t relate to human emotions.

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