Mary Kay, the Pink Predator

Several years ago, I appeared on HuffPost Live, discussing multi-level marketing and its negative effects on those who become distributors. Below is a clip in which I discuss my opinion that Mary Kay Cosmetics is one of the most predatory MLMs out there. Nothing has changed since this was filmed. Mary Kay is as evil as ever.


  1. Char

    I agree. The combination of their seemingly innocent reputation coupled with the initial large “inventory” orders is among the worst I’ve seen.

    Don’t be fooled by the other MLM companies and their variations that get you with a lower monthly order. They are all bad, and they are committing the same act of endless-chain recruiting. The lower the investment simply means that more people will likely participate in the scheme. Many scammers bank on this strategy. “It’s only $10, so what’s to lose, right?” But, $10 times one million participants is ten million dollars to the scamming founder. He can afford to pay out ‘some’ to early participants to keep the scheme looking legit and appease some recruiters. Attaching a $1 product to the scheme doesn’t make it legal, either.

    The measure of legality is that product is being sold to non-affiliate participants. Mary Kay doesn’t track this. Of course they don’t; they are an MLM company. “Legal MLM” is an oxymoron. Just because you haven’t been held to the standard and audited doesn’t make it legal.

    And if anyone wants to argue length of time, Bernie Madoff ran his Ponzi for 20 years. Jeffrey Epstein and his child sex trafficking for over twenty years too. BTW, has anyone seen Filthy Rich? The authorities actually make the analogy of a sex pyramid scheme. Sadly, young girls were paid by him for RECRUITING others.

    *After 20 years of following MLM, and my personal enlightenment about religious supremacy, I’m really starting to detest the word RECUIT.

  2. NayMKWay

    My two takeaways from that video:

    1. Mary Kay was and continues to be evil.

    2. Tracy has some of the most beautiful hair on the planet.

    I’m sorry, but both things had to be said.

  3. enorth

    In late June, a DIQ claimed on FB that she was inches away (her words) from earning her MK car, and she asked for “help.” I guess no one “helped” her, because today she announced she bought a car…”thanks to my side-hustle.”

    No MK car, but she still manages to credit MK. Mission accomplished.

    Acting. Pretending. Fooling. Lying. Preying.

  4. MLM Radar

    A dear friend of mine is sick with what she hopes is just bronchitis. She’s awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test, and is posting status updates on Facebook.

    One of her Facebook friends replied, “I’ve used DoTerra essential oil for a long time. It kills the airborne germs and makes the air smell fresh.”

    She didn’t say, “sorry you’re sick” or “hope you feel better soon” or “is there anything I can do to help” or “praying for you.” Nope. She just took advantage of Dear Friend’s sickness and worry to Pitch Her MLM Wares!

    Total sleaze. Dear Friend didn’t appreciate it at all, but was still enough of a lady despite her illness to tell off DoTerra Idiot politely. I’m not sure I could have been that nice.

    1. Char

      I’m sorry to hear that. Getting sick right now is very unnerving, and hoping your friend recovers without issue. As for the Hun, thank you for exposing another story of the disgusting robots out to scam the world.

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