Just a Mary Kay Bashing Website

I am a Mary Kay consultant myself and have read enough of the comments on your website to realize that this is just a Mary Kay bashing website.

Let me explain to you that I work a “real” job and work my Mary Kay part time. My real job is at a top two in the world printing company and that job really sux. I am simple a number to them, there is no recognition, no reward for doing a good job, only points added to my record when I have to be absent- and with 4 children there are times when a mother cannnot simple be there.

Why don’t you post Mary Kay policies of God first, family second, and career third. What about the positiveness of this company?

If I never reqruited  anyone into Mary Kay, which I have, nobody brow beats me, this is my business and I can run how I please as to say I can build it at my own pace. If you and some of these other bashers would get a real job, sweat your ass off for 12 hours a day with little recognititon and even worse pay you would realize that Mary Kay is a Wonderful company to be a part of.

There is no secrets in Mary Kay.  Get a real job and then see how you feel about Mary Kay.


  1. BestDecision

    If I worked for your company, I’d leave. My company rewards me with competitive pay, healthcare/dental/vision benefits, PTO, and I’m surrounded by educated, polished colleagues. I can tell you’re newer to MK because you haven’t been swayed to recruit…yet…and you’re still sticking to the “God first” motto.

    When I was a Director, I was surrounded by needy, egotistical, lying people. There were no true friends because they all dropped me as soon as I left. I’ve left other jobs in the past and am still in touch with those co-workers years later! In fact, they’ve lied about the reason I left because I shined light on the many flaws of MK that they can’t cover up. They don’t want their unit members to think for themselves and get scared off that a Director in her Cadillac would leave it all behind voluntarily. For a “J.O.B.”!

    You are the type of people I feel sorry for, and you’re why many of us are here. You just don’t know what you just don’t know. It’s a real shame.

  2. ww1971

    I feel sorry for you and I pity you. MK is not a job, you are not employed, and you don’t own a business. And career is not third, it is always first, because if you try to take vacation for a week, you will come back to fewer recruits so even on vacation you always have to be working. MK is also actually a true pyramid scheme, because you are paid on your downline’s orders, NOT what they sell, that alone is a definition of a pyramid scheme.

  3. Char

    So innocent, so naive, so ignorant…….and seemingly craving recognition which is understandable for a mother of four.

    “There are no secrets in Mary Kay.” LOLOLOLOLOL. She’s going to crash hard when she realizes how she’s being used, and how MK won’t love her anymore when she doesn’t spend the money to buy that love.

    Of course we bash Mary Kay, as they are a scam company. You know what the difference is between a scam and a blatant crime? A scam tricks you into thinking they are legitimate, that they are “Godly”.

    “A confidence trick is an attempt to defraud a person or group after first gaining their trust. Confidence tricks exploit victims using their credulity, naïveté, compassion, vanity, irresponsibility, and greed. Researchers have defined confidence tricks as “a distinctive species of fraudulent conduct … intending to further voluntary exchanges that are not mutually beneficial”, as they “benefit con operators (‘con men’) at the expense of their victims (the ‘marks’)”

  4. Wasrings90

    I am sorry you don’t like your full time job. Just because you don’t like your full time job, doesn’t mean MK isn’t a pyramid scheme tho. Most people who don’t like their jobs tend to apply & interview for other jobs so they can work somewhere with better pay, benefits, sick/vacation time, etc…

    I like my job I work for a small owner that franchises a larger company. We don’t get many benefits & I could probably make more money working for the larger company itself (they start at $20 per hour) but I learned long ago I appreciate the smaller offices and being treated as an individual not a # , and yes I don’t make the $20 an hour but if I need to be off or leave early or run home for a package, I can. I go home at night & don’t need to worry about selling something to someone, or even answer the phone if it rings. I don’t have a bunch of inventory in my house that doesn’t sell, or need to go out at all to speak to a bunch of strangers hoping they buy something so my bills can be paid after work. I have a consistent & steady paycheck and work schedule, can take my vacation or unpaid time off when I need to and don’t have to worry about being dressed sharp when I run to the grocery store.

    I feel bad that you dislike so much about your life. Maybe the issues you have aren’t because of this website, but because you have no guidence on how to find a better situation for yourself. I hate to tell you this but the MK person who recruited you is lying, MK will only lead you down a more destructive path of self loathing and hate for your situation and possibly yourself…

  5. NayMKWay

    You want recognition and rewards? You’re perfect Mary Kay fodder. They are big on pointless rewards of trinkets and sashes in lieu of financial remuneration. It’s amazing both how cynical it is and how well it works.

    You think we’re a Mary Kay bashing site? You got us. We do not like Mary Kay. But it’s not because we failed in Mary Kay (heck, many of us were never in it), it’s because it’s an evil. predatory company that leeches off of its consultants. We’re on your side, believe it or not.

    You say you’ve read “enough” of the comments, but you can’t have read very much if you think there’s never been a post about God first, etc. There have been plenty of mentions of that supposed corporate motto, even entire articles, and that slogan is nothing but lip service to a higher cause. Mary Kay wants you to put Mary Kay above all else. Hire a baby sitter for your kids so you can come to a meeting, where you’ll pay to get in, learn nothing, and go home tired. Tell your husband to shut up and put your skin-class stuff in the car (actual advice). Oh, your upline will tell you it’s a temporary sacrifice; that someday your family will thank you when they’re vacationing on the beach all the time and going home to a mansion. Even if that were true (it isn’t), no amount of money will buy back the time you lost.

  6. Cindylu

    Why would you accuse me of bashing MK when I got sick and was in the hospital? Was it my fault when my SD didn’t even try to help? I had ordered enough product so that I’d have what I needed on hand. Was it my fault that the company changed its product line twice at my expense? Is that really Faith, Family, Career? (Especially since not one MK Director or IBC visited me in the hospital or gave me a get well card). I understand that your main job isn’t appreciative or acknowledging your contribution. Also it’s very hard to juggle children and work. I eventually found that MK didn’t allow children at any events. MK kept me away from my children during evening meetings and weekends with the odd facial where I got a lipstick pity purchase. Was it ok that my minimal sales paid for gas, business cards etc. Also is it God based to cold stalk women at stores? Why is it ok to recruit women at stores that specifically say (No solicitation)? Also why exactly isn’t MK helping you with real ads in real magazines, the radio or tv? Wikipedia lists MK as an mlm. Ask yourself? Is training truly free? Is MK dual Marketing? What is dual marketing? Are you honestly able to book facials and classes? Do those bookings hold? Have you held an open house? Did anyone show up? I got sick. I’m sorry if you blame me for having no choice but to quit MK.

  7. Lazy Gardens

    “there is no recognition, no reward for doing a good job” So, a reliable paycheck is not enough? You haven’t learned how to reward yourself for doing well, for using whatever skills it takes? You need external validation, trinkets, and praise from people you think are superior to you?

    “get a real job, sweat your ass off for 12 hours a day with little recognition and even worse pay you would realize that Mary Kay is a Wonderful company to be a part of.”
    Most of the people posting on this site have had “real jobs” with real paychecks. You are not a part of Mary Kay, you are an unpaid sales staff with a contract.

    Have you calculated your actual income or losses from Mary Kay? If you are treating it like a real business you should have these records at hand.

    STEP 1: Add up all the money that has come in from sales since you joined.

    STEP 2: Add up ALL the product and sales aids you have ordered, all the meeting fees and other expenses you have paid since you joined.

    STEP 3: Subtract this from your income. What is this number? Is it positive or negative? If it is negative, you are losing money at this great “opportunity” no matter what your recruiter says.

    STEP 4: Add up ALL the time you spend in meetings, phone conference calls, calling prospects, giving skin care classes, and posting to social media. Account for EVERY HOUR.

    STEP 5: Divide this number of hours into whatever amount of money you have in STEP 3. If it is negative it means Mary Kay is siphoning money from your real job and from your children. If it is positive, is it higher than minimum wage (varies by state, but Federal is $7.25 an hour)? Would you be better off working a couple of shifts at a fast food joint or supermarket and getting a reliable paycheck?

      1. NayMKWay

        Since most lost money in Mary Kay, they can’t deduct expenses anyway. Once you go 2 years out of five without a profit, your pretend business becomes a hobby in the eyes of the IRS. Before 2018, you could deduct hobby expenses against hobby losses, but not against regular income. Since 2018, you cannot deduct hobby expenses AT ALL.

        Most in MLM are unaware of this, and the companies do nothing to educate them.

  8. PinkPubblePopped

    You could not be more wrong. I have a career I LOVE. I am a psychotherapist and my reward is that my clients work through their stuff and get better. There aren’t enough ten cent trinkets or rah rah meetings in the world to make up for that! I get to wear what I want to our sessions, use my education which I am proud of, and make a REAL difference in women and men’s lives. My bills are paid at the end of the month.
    I am honest with my very supportive husband about the expenses required to run my business, and can take his advice into consideration without having to have a Husband Unawareness Plan. My expenses are actually tax deductible. I will gladly post my Schedule C.
    I can be 100% honest with my clients about what they can expect from me and our sessions. I have never felt the need to lie, mislead, or ask a client to “hear my heart.” My clients make truly informed decisions about whether they want to sign on with me as a client before they start sessions, and can terminate with me at any time. If they need a therapist again down the road, they are welcome to contact me again. I care about my clients and their well being. My goal is for them to achieve wellness. I always tell them, for example if my client’s name is Sarah, “I am on Team Sarah, and I like it here!” I don’t just invest in the ones working hard. I care about each and every client on my roster. When you can honestly say that about your job, then come talk to me. I close my office every day with profound gratitude, and thank God every day for my family and career.
    Just Over Broke? Not even close.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      Gloria Mayfield Banks has enough of a business education that she KNOWS it’s a con … and she does not care.

      At least the reporter was accurate in this: ” Mary Kay consultants move up in the organization by recruiting others. Mayfield Banks’ network currently has more than 6,500 consultants, all of whom share their commissions with her.”

      And the kids … “Her two children remember life in the early days being all about Mary Kay. There were boxes of makeup stacked up in the basement of their house in Boston, and Mom spent a lot of time on the phone.”

      And recruiting her mom: “Even her mother has come around. These days, she’s selling Mary Kay, too – at age 79.” Even though she’
      d make more commission keeping her mom as a customer, she needs her as a personal recruit to gain status.

  9. Dani

    Did they tell you how to “earn“ the red jacket when you signed up for MK?
    Did they teach you anything about makeup, color complementing, technique when you signed up for MK?
    Did they tell you how to “earn” the cars when you signed up for MK?

    No? It figures.

  10. ShimmerAway

    That’s funny, I adore my job… way less stressful than MK ever was…. and after leaving MK I went back to school for a master’s degree and special career training and now I have a full schedule of patients waiting for me to help them get well. You know, an actual career with REAL rewards, not cheap glittery crap. There is no lipstick shortcut to success.

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