Maximizing Ordering

Written by Raisinberry

Everything in Mary Kay is set up to maximize team and unit ordering. It doesn’t matter to corporate if a single product is sold to a bona fide customer, although those sales do help perpetuate the con. Once a consultant orders product, Mary Kay Inc. has made their profit. This is why everything focuses on ordering, and the company has perfected the methods used to get consultants and directors to order as much as possible.

Take for example, going on target or “winning” a car. You need $23,000 in wholesale production ($18,000 of that must be from your team), and 16 personal recruits. The production each month must be at least $5,000, and you have up to 4 months to complete the requirements.

Except the person you recruit in the first month will drop off by the fourth month if she doesn’t order again to stay “active.” Who selected 4 months as the magic qualification period? So you are building to 16 and you need $23,000 wholesale from everybody (which is remember $46,000 RETAIL if it had ANYTHING to do with selling!!).

Month 1 – 5 active and let’s suppose $5,750 in orders. You now have 3 months to add 11 recruits and $17,250 wholesale.

Month 2 – You add 3 consultants who each order $1,000. You still have to order $2,000 yourself to meet the minimum monthly requirement of $5,000. You now have 8 active consultants, so you still need 8 more.

Month 3 – You recruit one emerald star ($3,600) one $600, and one $225. Yes that is how they label you… by what order you came in with. You have to order at least $575 to meet the monthly minimum. You now have 11 active consultants, so you still need 5.

Month 4…The 5 who were active in the first month won’t count unless they order again. You also have to recruit 5 new ones. And you still need $7,250 in orders if none of the recruits has re-ordered since you started this process. (And it is very common for someone to NOT re-order, since she’s already panicked about how much she has spent on inventory that is just sitting there.)

THIS is how the pressure and the manipulation is placed on the consultant… to finish and look good for her team and the Unit by becoming a car driver… a thing the director tells her is prestigious and helps in her further recruitment efforts.

So she works all month… she adds 4 members… who total $5,800 in production… Has ANYONE SOLD ANYTHING??? Sure the On Target Consultant has, but she’s given a lot away too to try and get people to meet with her or book with her. She’s on the HUNT. She doesn’t need real sales, she needs to get in front of recruit-able women!

So she needs thousands of production to finish, and 5 went inactive so she has to get them to order again or recruit new people to replace them. She begins her calls of desperation (dialing for dollars!), asking the recruits who are inactive to order and become active. Anything anyone orders is that much less that the on-target woman has to order herself.

NOBODY in these scenarios needs any more product! They are ordering to “help” her. And it is this dysfunctional relationship of financial abuse that Mary Kay thrives on! By “enmeshing” women together in so called teams, they become responsible for whether the National wins her trip, the director gets her Caddy, the Unit goes “on stage” or qualifies for some luncheon, etc, etc.

What person can dismiss an appeal from a “friend” to help them reach their goal? This is the tactic that MK, Inc has used for DECADES to extract the highest level of financial compensation possible, using the team leaders and DIQs and sales directors to do it.


  1. ShimmerAway

    Reading this just gave me anxiety thinking back to my MK days. How embarrassing. I often wonder how so many seemingly decent women end up doing this for so long. Im so glad I got out and even managed to salvage a bit of money I wasted on inventory no one wanted. I’m now a completely different person with a career that actually helps people, and not by selling them crappy lipstick with toxic ingredients.

  2. MLM Radar

    All this is just to “qualify” for the car.
    MK won’t actually deliver the car unless you keep this crazy effort up for ANOTHER quarter!

    Why? There’s real money and a real legal contract on the line. MK wants to make sure you’re not a “flash in the pan” consultant before they hand you the keys.

    1. raisinberry

      And you see the trap that gets set. How are you, after 3 months on target going to let it all go, lose all that production, lose active status on certain recruits? You are GOING to “put the rest in” and thats exactly how the debt builds.

  3. NayMKWay

    Whether it’s to friends, family, strangers, or team members, any time you have to beg people to “support your business,” you’re not running a business. You’re panhandling.

    A business provides valuable goods or services to people willing to pay for them. Dialing for dollars is not a business.

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