Everything is Scripted

Written by Happy and Free

The love, the encouragement, the enthusiasm, the “heart-to-heart” conversations with your Mary Kay sales director, it has all been scripted.

I didn’t realize this until after I left and found Pink Truth. I was in Mary Kay for 4 years, and truly believed these women cared about me. I’ve known my former director most of my life, babysat her youngest, and hung out with her middle child. I’ve known my former offspring director since high school.

When I told them I was quitting, they pulled out all the stops. But, I thought they were being genuine, they weren’t going to change my mind, but I believed they were genuine in their words… And then came Pink Truth and I found out… Everything is scripted. Every conversation about me leaving was full of “lines.”

  • “What would your life look like a year from now without Mary Kay?”
  • “How would your life improve if you stayed?”
  • “What if we changed your plan of action, this business can fit into your life with ease.”
  • “We’ll still be friends even if you choose to leave. Nothing will change.”
  • “Don’t return your product, you don’t want to close that door.”
  • “What if something were to happen to your husband, what will you do?” (It’s called life insurance, and definitely not Mary Kay)
  • “Your husband isn’t supportive. Mary Kay said you can do this business with a man, or without one, but not against one.” (My naive heart thought this meant you should quit if your husband isn’t supportive, I now realize Mary Kay meant it the other way. Not cool, dude! My husband trumps your pyramid scheme every time!
  • “Let me buy your product off of you, it would be a huge help to me, and I’ll pay you 100%” Yeah, don’t do this. Sell it back to corporate who will take their sweet ole time with it, but at least you get a check, and a lot less interest on your card.

I write all this hoping that a woman who is thinking of quitting Mary Kay but hasn’t because of the “friendships” will have the courage to leave. It will be hard when you leave at first, like surgery taking a part of a unnecessary organ… You didn’t need it, but it was a part of you for so long. But it will get better, you’ll find genuine friends (I’m thankful I never burned bridges, I see now they wanted me to, so I just never talked about those friends while around Mary Kay people.)

Join a church, go to a workout class, join a mom’s group… It will get better. But just get out, don’t wait another day.


  1. BestDecision

    I was asked how much money I was going to make returning to my career. I thought MK was all about People & Love??

    It was sad to feel completely abandoned by the very people claiming to be good Christians, yet now I see their true colors and don’t miss them at all.

  2. NayMKWay

    When people learn they have been lied to and manipulated with scripts, it can be pretty jarring. All that caring and concern was phony? Everything they said was what they were coached to say? Yep, and so was the body language, in many cases. (Keep your eye level below hers by sitting on the floor. Touch her arm when you make an important point. Make an emotional connection.)

    It’s all so sick and twisted. And any question about it all being fake will be wiped away when you drop out and they turn hostile on you.

  3. Coralrose

    “What if we changed your plan of action, this business can fit into your life with ease.”

    My former director was constantly suggesting things like this to her team “Just sprinkle it in!” Give business cards with a sample to people you see at the mall, at the post office, at the park when you’re with you’re kids, etc. That’s easy enough, but it realistically won’t result in any meaningful income, so why even bother? The funny thing was “just sprinkle it in” also meant talking about Mary Kay every. waking. minute to people who may or may not be interested.

  4. Jacirene

    It’s all so sick. The obsession with the kitschy pink car, those extravagant clothes and accessories, the awards that are actually trinkets, the fact that someone says that the 3D timewise base is the best in the country (only if it is in Narnia). Mary Kay Ash, the woman, was a smartass who did well at the expense of people’s good faith.

  5. Cindylu

    So many slogans and so many scripts to keep you in MK. The Faith, Family, Career and “Golden Rule” philosophy are a myth. Directors do not make executive income. The products do not fly off shelves. “The speed of the leader is the speed of the gang.”  The trouble is you are constantly on the hamster wheel and often not making executive income. Fake it till you make it.”  The problem is that 99% don’t make it. The faking means misleading others into joining MK. “People fall forward to success.” You fall into debt not success. Never rest on your laurels. Nothing wilts faster than a laurel sat upon. Not sure what this means. Never, absolutely never, compromise your principles. 🙁 :(. People are definitely a company’s greatest asset. It doesn’t make any difference whether the product is cars or cosmetics. A company is only as good as the people it keeps.” (Regretfully MK makes it nearly impossible to succeed). Not sure how constantly changing products and not really advertising makes the people selling these products cared about. MK cares about keeping their heirs, CEO’s, and NSD’s profiting.
    Every silver lining has a cloud. (MK has many clouds, much debt and lots of disappointment).
    integrity is the ingredient that will enable you to forge rapidly ahead on the highway that leads to success. Integrity really. My NSD and SD definitely had no integrity. Recognition is the most powerful of all motivating techniques. (Scripted).

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