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You Didn’t Invest in Your Business

A Mary Kay consultant who sells Mary Kay out of her hair salon posted the following on an article about how little the Court of Sales ring is really worth.

She must be working her business the right way! Oh wait… selling out of a fixed location like a salon isn’t allowed under the contract, is it?

Obviously you all must not have invested properly in your business. ??‍♀️

Going after prizes helps give you incentive to sell ( cheap or not ). That is all your choice.

You weren’t forced. No. I’m not a Director. I’m someone who is active and enjoys what I’m doing. Yes. I’m on Queens Court. No. I’m not upside down. I have built my store, clients and now more money to be made.

Don’t hate on them for your decisions and path you took. It’s definitely an opportunity given. The rest is YOUR CHOICE.




  1. NayMKWay

    “Obviously you all must not have invested properly in your business.”

    So we should all take business advice from someone who doesn’t know how to read a contract?

  2. Cindylu

    This happened when I was in MK years ago. I went into a hair salon where I saw MK products. That consultant received accolades at one of our area meetings a short time later. I was shocked that her SD called her up to give her some kind of sales awards. That was one of the final straws for me. I got sick and no MK individual cared. I received no get well cards or visits. In MK most rules are irrelevant. Faith, Family, Career unimportant. Costs for training or meetings ongoing (Even though they’re supposedly free). Pink Car not free with Co Pays. Products constantly changing at my expense. Products definitely do not fly off the wall. It is shameful to find fault in others when you’re breaking the rules of this mlm. Dishonesty is one of the main reasons I lost faith in MK. The ongoing cheating and betrayal within MK was rampant. It made me question all of MK because the reality is it’s fake. Fake it till you make it is a sad way to invest in a pretend experiment. Most end up in debt and demoralized.

    1. Char

      “Faith, Family, Career” I find to be one of their few truths.

      Faith = Belief in something without proof, perfect.
      Family = Your go to sucker pool.
      Career = A career con artist

      I think they just let people assume it means something else.

  3. MLM Radar

    I’ve never seen MK products in a salon, but I did see MK products in a Chinese grocery store glass case. The boxes were dust covered and the box colors were faded.

    Clearly they weren’t flying off the shelves, or out of the case either.

  4. morningstar

    Selling out of salons has been going on and if the product was popular it would drive business. Recognition is important to some people that they will cheat to get it.
    Back to the real issue. MK is falling by the way side even more, other retailers clothes cooking stuff, filing bankruptcy. 6 months of new games, new cars etc…..rolled out.

    Won’t be long….how much cash are they going to put into the mules (MK people who order), to make it seem like corporate is flush with money. Just think those retired NSD’s living the high life taking money out of the corporate budget and the newbies are not replacing that fund.- Cringe.

  5. Linda

    I was never actually in Mary Kay. I am here because a person I used to know tried to recruit me but I thought it sounded so strange and cultish so I did som research and found this site and a number of anti mlm youtube channels. I do have some questions like what does ”bee-leave” and ”I people” mean and is it true you are told try to recruit the ugly because they tend to have low self esteem? If so how is the same person supposed to later be good at recruiting? I think the person I am taking of is now in a really big debt. I used to work for her in a grocery store and I know she took a big loan for investments in that store. Also she seems to have been inactive two time since january and her son (not husband) is now also registered as a Mary Kay consultant. The son in 22 and has add. Is it possible for her to take a Mary Kay creditcard in his name if he dosn’t know about it? I and not planning to contact him but I do feel bad for him if his own mother is luring him into debt.

    1. BestDecision

      “I” personality is a method used to recruit people according tho their traits. I have heard Directors make fun of ugly people onstage at Seminar and elsewhere, and it actually is a mindset to recruit people on their weaknesses using “Well, that’s why you need Mary Kay”. I would bet she paid for the son’s Starter Kit and any orders under his name because that’s a very popular technique used to increase personal team and Director commissions along with receiving bonuses and credits in the company.

      I’ve seen Directors teach their units to try to recruit nurses who are caring for sick people even though that’s their calling in life, demeaning it in any way they see a sliver of something not so glamorous, and I know Directors that teach selling in nursing homes and domestic violence shelters. I also know of people who try to recruit cancer patients. No one in MK admits there’s any problems with the company, the products, or the career path, and they prey upon those that can’t effectively argue that they’re happy with their current lives.

      The people left in MK make me sick, and I still get embarrassed and sick feeling knowing that I associated with any of them.

      1. Linda

        I agree she probably pays for her sons starter kit and orders but I just hope he is aware of it and that there will not be a creditcard debt in his name or anything like that.

    2. NayMKWay

      The “bee-lieve” slogan is their “cute” way of favorably comparing themselves to bees, in particular bumblebees, which according to a common urban myth should not be able to fly. But they don’t know they cannot fly, so they do it anyway*. Mary Kay Ash claimed her husband had given her a bumblebee pin and that everyone loved it so much that she made it a company award pin. (Is it a true story? Who knows, with Ash?) Anyway, the implied message is that Mary Kay reps should be like the bumblebee, and bee-lieve that they can fly (succeed), and they will! (Barf.)

      * – The myth arose from an aerodynamicist who reported comparing the bumblebee’s wing size to its weight and concluding the wing was too small to hold the bee aloft. He concluded he was likely wrong in his analysis, but that part got left out in the retelling. The bee’s ability to fly resting on its own faith in itself made for a better story, apparently. The truth is more mundane, but at the same time magical: the bumblebee doesn’t simply flap its wings up and down, but rotates them quickly in a complex figure-8 pattern, so they are vertical on the upstroke and horizontal on the downstroke. This reduces wasted energy and generates plenty of lift against the bee’s weight. The magical bit is watching the complex motion of the bee’s tiny wing in super-slow motion. It’s quite beautiful.

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