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quit-mary-kayThis is the advice of a former Mary Kay director who quit, sent back tens of thousands of dollars of inventory and sent back her “free” car.

It has been 3 years since I returned my product, returned my “free” car and began my humbling journey of becoming normal again. All those friend Directors? Haven’t heard a word from anyone, even in my darkest times. (With friends like that, yada, yada)

Newbies on here are often confused, so I hope this post can some light on what I have come to realize about my 20 years in the business as a director and help you with your own confusion…..

1. We directors (past and present) live/lived a lie. And it takes a long time to forgive yourself.

Unless you are ordering and moving up the way WE want you to, we really do not care. Our focus is only production and being on stage with the other liars. We stretched the truth, lied, misled you about our checks, our sales, our lives. We presented to you what we wanted to be true but our actual career/lives were very far from it.

2. We directors (past and present) are/were in debt. PERIOD. Our actual take home pay would have made you vomit.

We had a maxed out credit card (or several). We bought our production to keep our cars, our units, our time on stage. “They” will tell you I just didn’t work my business the Mary Kay way. It’s not true. I had over 400 regular customers, I held classes every week, I managed my money, and I was in debt. Nearly all directors are making minimum wage or less. Some are losing money.

3. The MK family is not a family at all.

Have something happen (living proof here!), decide to take a break. I guarantee you within 30 days, your family will disappear. If you’re not ordering, we’re moving on. You are “sisters” and “doing life” together, until you drop out of Mary Kay. Then you’re negative and toxic and you won’t hear from those sisters again.

4. We prey on your insecurities about being a loser if you talk of quitting.

No one wants to be a loser. No one wants to feel that they have failed. And we know it. And we are armed with the words to change your mind direct from the higher-ups in Dallas. DON’T LISTEN. You are not a loser. This “business” is the loser. It is set up for you to fail. The owners of the company profit. The Pamela Shaws and Gloria Bankses and Dacia Wiegandts at the top profit. Almost no one else does.

5. You can start without inventory but after your first order, get ready for a full-court press to order more and move up.

Sure, it is your choice. But beware…….we’re trained. You’ll get sucked in. No matter how much you order, we’ll always pressure you to order more. You have to “stay active.” We always have a team goal and need your participation. There is always a promotion to get you to order a little (or a lot) extra here and a little extra there. The pressure to order will never stop.

6. And finally, there is life after Mary Kay . A glorious life that is not shrouded in a cloud of lies, anxiety, pressure, and feelings of inadequacy.

You are not a loser – you are a winner – because you got out. It will take a while to realize this but the realization is worth the wait.

In closing, I have absolutely nothing to gain by posting anything but the truth. I just hope that my reflection helps that one person out there who is considering, who has had the false image presented to them and think they could do it too, that it makes you think outside the pink bubble and consider those of us who, by God’s grace, had the courage to quit the sham on others and most of all, ourselves.

Note from Tracy: Current Mary Kay sales directors and executives will tell you this woman was “one bad apple” who didn’t work Mary Kay the “right” way. They will say she is the exception, and that she obviously ran her business unethically, and that by and large women in Mary Kay do things honestly. They are lying. This woman’s experience and advice is the rule. The Mary Kay scam thrives because of deep-rooted deception from within the upper members of the sales force.


    1. BestDecision

      They’re desperate and losing momentum quickly. They’re signing up people with a ridiculous $30 promo in hopes a few superstars will stick, yet they aren’t averaging $1,000 wholesale per new Consultant anymore. Far from that! But, they’re bragging how many they’ve recruited.

      No one is wearing a full face of makeup right now, and even my own makeup isn’t used at the rate it normally is. Of course, all they’ll say is that it’s an “unbelievable” time in their businesses and make you believe everything is just grand. It’s not!

  1. morningstar

    We all realize that MK corporate is on the take and set the mantra for the reps to be on the take. Now the reps are not helping the bottom line. It is a matter of time before this collapses because corporate will want to preserve their cut of the money and it is getting lower each month. Now if they had decent practices and product……they still would be reaping in less each month.

  2. NayMKWay

    Those former MLM “sisters” turn on you when you leave because they’re embarrassed. They know deep down that you just did what they wish they had the courage to do, but rather than admit it, they stick their fingers in their ears and yell, “Na na na, she’s just a jealous loser, shun her for quitting, na na na.”

    Meanwhile, the higher-ups encourage those still in the fog to cut off all communication, lest the enslaved minions learn why they should get out also. It’s just like any other cult: control the flow of information. Negative information must be suppressed in the name of the “Law of Attraction.” Do not talk to that one. She is a failure who quit. She was too negative/dishonest/greedy. She didn’t want to do the work. You don’t want her negativity to rub off onto you.

    Yes, that is it. She didn’t see the light; she is only darkness. Shun and double-shun.

    Na na na na, na na na.

  3. pinkpeace

    I had to read this piece again to make sure I hadn’t written it myself!

    Every word is true. Directorship is the most miserable place to be, from the constant lying and self-deception to the ever-increasing personal debt.

    My mental stress and personal finances completely turned around once I sent my product back and said GTFO to Mary Kay.

    1. Caniac8402

      I almost cried reading this. This was my story as recent as 2 years ago. I returned product exactly one year ago and selling my “free” (after I had to purchase it) car in April of this year for basically what I had in MK debt.

      I worked my business. But I got tired of being fake. Joining MK and becoming a Director was the worst decision I ever made. Like the previous person said, after stepping away, I have had so much peace mentally. My fiances are slowly turning around. And one day, I will get over the embarrassment of being hoodwinked so badly.

      1. BestDecision

        You aren’t alone! Anyone who has driven an MK car or worn a Director suit isn’t lazy and didn’t “not work” as we’re accused. It’s not accidental that either of those things happened, and it says a lot when we are shunned after leaving. Lies are told about us, too. But, you know what, real friends don’t do that outside of MK. None of my former co-workers turned their backs on me because I left and are still publicly friends with me.

        Doesn’t it feel good to not watch the calendar so closely anymore? Or register for a Fall Retreat?

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