Find Something More Productive to Do

A college student in Boston has all the answers for us!

New Pinkie here! I did the e-sign for $30 AND my sales director is giving away the $100 start up kit to me for free because another lady has an extra. They look out for me AND definitely don’t force me to spend any money that I don’t want to. If nothing else, say I don’t end up selling with MK, I get 50% off of a product that I genuinely love and have seen positive results with. I’m happy with just that! But hey, if I end up making a little money along the way, or even just build new relationships with awesome ladies, that’s enough for me. I signed up for the discount and relationship building opportunity.

Also, I make my customers pay shipping. It’s not a big deal. If they need or want something, and hopefully have the funds to do so, they can pay the shipping. And they do.

You don’t have to lose money at all in this…just saying. And no, I’m not building any sort of inventory. So it’s honestly a win win for me. But of course, everyone joins for different reasons, and goes about their business differently.

Also, a pyramid scheme means that if my director doesn’t move up, neither does anyone else. In MK, I can surpass my director if I want through my own success. It’s all up to me. Just wanted to point that out. The company itself isn’t evil…it’s simply put just not an experience for everyone. Just like anything else. There are plenty of other problematic companies out there.

This is just all about a person’s inability to be smart about their business with Mary Kay. Stop giving out freebies. Stop paying for shipping. How much money do women spend on makeup per year? It’s not just MK, I see little girls spending HUNDREDS at Sephora. Because parents money so who cares. How’s that for something worth talking about. The horrible way we spend money on things we don’t need like clothes and excessive makeup.

There are WAY more important things going on in the world to spend your energy on. Please do the world a favor and make a website on something else like eliminating worldwide poverty, ending homelessness or hunger. Or if you really are about this makeup stuff, build a site that can be used as a tool to call out all company’s on the many harmful ingredients they use. I’ve recently found a few that have been helpful for me. I’ve tried to keep a green and clean household to the best of my ability, from shampoo to deodorant all the way down to toothpaste and makeup. But it’s a give and take, because we can only use what is accessible to us.

Make a website that demands accessibility of products that are unproblematic! I implore you. I make what I can, (shampoo, toothpaste, soaps and disinfectant sprays) but there is only so much I have time, energy, physical space for creating, funds and knowledge for. At some point, I have to enjoy life – which I have the immensely great privilege of doing, and I do my best to give back to those who do not. I hope you will too.

SO, moral of this long story, spread love and please find something more productive to do with your care for us ladies out here, trying to make a living like the rest of you all <3

Oh and for those of you in the back, I don’t force anyone to buy anything. Building clientele is done similarly to any other company. If women want to spend their money on makeup, that’s their choice. I don’t push anyone to buy anything they don’t have the money for. I literally just told all of my friends there is never any pressure to ever buy something. My one friend said she wanted to help support me and bought the $10 sunscreen lip balm.

I don’t know any other way to say this… but it is up to each consultant how she or ze goes about their business. Some people are pushy….it’s not any different from going to Lancome at Macy’s and having someone at the counter try to sell me a $100 mascara… .also I must point out that people DO buy this stuff and Mary Kay as of this day currently has no mascara that cost more than $18. And for your reference, for the past 2 years I have been buying $22 Better Than Sex mascara. So stop bashing on how expensive the products are because that clearly matters to no one. People out here spending THOUSANDS on whatever they want from a t-shirt to face cream.


  1. MK "failure"

    New Pinkie, give it time and you’ll find out. The pressure will come: to give freebies, to pay shipping costs, to purchase what you can’t afford, to recruit. It will come.

    And if you truly are all into making your own products at home why are you even using Mary Kay?

    1. Wasrings90

      Exactly?! What the hell, I believe in no toxins buy this make up even tho there’s no organic ingredients nor is it an actual cruelty free company…. Now I made the decision to go cruelty free myself in 2019… I have been doing a pretty good job, but I have failed a few times (I didn’t realize the companies CF status has changed until after I bought the product…)

      How do you think selling a product that doesn’t even close to standards you have set for your personal care routine is perceived by the people who know you?

      Also this website is doing good it’s actually helped countless women from losing their cars, homes, marriages, actual friendships, and being so deep in debt that their own children will end up paying it off long after the MK lady has left the earth….

  2. BestDecision

    So, you believe in using healthy products, yet you sell MK that tests on animals. Do you not see the hypocrisy?

    I’d encourage you to take more electives in English while in college. Your grammar is disturbing, so it’s hard to take you seriously.

    1. morningstar

      Agree! Have not seen the quantity of herbs, chemical and emollients in any other cosmetic line. Very irritating, and MK reps will say redness is good, means new skin is there – ouch on that. it mean your skin is mad at the ingredients and the harsh exfoliation.

      Check out the lipstick, eye shadows and the TW set or whateveh it is named now. Holy Cow!

    1. eric

      I wouldn’t give much credence to her opinion of what constitutes a productive activity, just look at her definition of what a pyramid scheme is….clearly parrots straight from some NSDs “is Marykay a pyramid scheme ” training rebuttal card.

    2. Mountaineer95

      Her “arguments “ are so lacking in support and cohesion that I’m not sure she can even comprehend what a successful business is, let alone what forensic accounting is.

  3. Char

    And I thought I was a know it all, lol. Of course, I only have two decades of studying endless-chain recruiting, product-based pyramid schemes. Or, there’s Tracy with her multiple years of experience of this site, all it’s victims, and her successful forensic accounting business. Oh, and all the former MK directors who have come clean on how the scam really works – like the one this week.

    But you go on little girl and keep working your “business” really hard. Come back in a few years and let us know how it’s going. Don’t forget, okay?

    I do have one question regarding your statement that needs clarifying. You wrote:

    “Also, a pyramid scheme means that if my director doesn’t move up, neither does anyone else. In MK, I can surpass my director if I want through my own success. It’s all up to me. Just wanted to point that out.“

    Can you pass your upline Director if you don’t recruit? You know, by just selling a ton of product? In fact, how much product is required to resell to bonafide non-affiliate customers? You do know that answer since you have so many……answers. Mary Kay is a product resale business using consultants as it’s sales force, so you should be able to advance if you’re a great retailer. Right?

    In the meantime and since you’re new, could you provide me with the number of Mary Kay products that are resold to non-affiliates per Corporate? I’d like that number, and you should too. You wouldn’t want to get caught up in an endless-chain recruiting scam, would you?

    Lastly and since you’re so knowledgeable, could you explain the difference between the “pyramid scheme“ you referenced and a product-based, endless-chain recruiting scam?

  4. Samantha

    Right. Everyone here had a “business” that “failed” all because they were paying shipping for customers and giving away freebies. Not because of pressure from up lines and the fact that the products do not sell themselves. ?

    On the other paw, if you’re making your own household items and you’re that conscious of what products contain, start a REAL business. There is a market for it and people are conscious of what they put into/onto their bodies and homes. Even in a pandemic, there’s Etsy and social media. And I guarantee you could make more doing that than other things you’re doing, such as a Mary Kay “business” ??? or criticizing PinkTruth.

  5. Coralrose

    A $100 Lancome mascara? I looked at their website and the most expensive one online is $32. It makes me wonder what else you’re lying about. But lying is the Mary Kay way. You’re still new in Mary Kay (supposedly). You don’t know the ways you’ve already been lied too. Starting with that ridiculous definition of a pyramid scheme.
    Your sales director seems so nice and honest, but there are lots of ways they are fudging the truth. I know that sounds crazy to you now. But stick around in Mary Kay, remember that your director’s main goal is to get consultants to ORDER more product, and evaluate what your director says with that in mind. Unless you’re a director, you don’t know that directors have minimum wholesale production requirements their unit has to meet every other month or they lose their unit. MANY directors order more product than they need every other month, just to keep their director position. Keep that in mind as your director gives you tips like “I just know the limited edition products will sell out right away, so order them before they’re gone!”
    You don’t know that directors make most of their commissions off the INITIAL inventory orders of new recruits, not on reorders from consultants who actually sell this stuff. You don’t know that Mary Kay Corporate doesn’t track actual retail sales. They just track “Wholesale Orders” and double it. You also probably don’t know that your first month in Mary Kay is usually your best month, with friends and family who buy things to support you. Those sales will dry up.
    Best of luck to you!

  6. Coralrose

    So are we thinking this is a real Mary Kay Newbie, or a sales director claiming to be new? 🙂 I’m leaning toward Sales Director. (Although I did respond to her above as if she was new.) The whole “Do something better with your time than this website” screams director to me.

      1. Mountaineer95

        Except the original comment was written as “there are plenty of other problematic company’s out there”.

        Which shows that she hasn’t yet grasped basic grammar (apostrophe =/= plural) and is supposedly a college student. If she isn’t new, and is actually older, this severe grammatical mistake seems even worse.

    1. NayMKWay

      I don’t know…. she says she is a college student, and you know how they are. They have all the answers for everyone, including what they should be doing with their lives. I should know, I was one once, and hung around them a lot. (I, of course, was perfect and truly did know it all. It was those other people…)

      1. coralrose

        Ha! Good point.
        That reminds me, I met a DIQ at Seminar who had just graduated from college with a business degree. She was saying her parents wanted her to find a job after graduation, and she said she was determined to be a director in Mary Kay because she REFUSED to have a “J-O-B” where she worked for someone else. How obnoxious is that?! I know Mary Kay looks down on people with jobs/ ” the Journey of the Broke”, and I can understand her saying it was her goal to not have a real job, but to say she refused, as a brand new college graduate. Yuck.

        She finished DIQ & debuted as a director. I don’t know what happened to her after that.. I do wonder who she managed to to recruit. Most of my friends & acquaintances at that age were also new college graduates. It’s hard to squeeze money out of them.

  7. PeachyNotPink

    “If nothing else, say I don’t end up selling with MK, I get 50% off of a product that I genuinely love and have seen positive results with.”

    So you fell for the 50% off lie, too, huh? Join the club.

    Was it fully explained to you that you have to order $225 in wholesale product ($450 retail) in order to get that discount? Were you told that this discount only lasts for three months, then you have to place another $225 order to keep your discount? Oh, and did they tell you that it wasn’t a rolling three months, so if you ordered today (the last day of the month) your discount would run out on September 30th because they count July as the first month? Finally, did they tell you that you had to order $225 in product all in the same order, as opposed to adding up all your orders in a three month period to reach the $225?

    These were all lies by omission that my SD told me when she asked me to join. They were all truths that I learned when I came to Pink Truth shortly after signing my contract.

    1. TRACY

      “Because another lady has an extra”

      Do you know how there comes to be an “extra” starter kit? It is from signing up someone who has no intention to use or sell Mary Kay products. Sometimes this is with her knowledge, sometimes it is without her knowledge. The recruiter who has the extra paid that woman’s startup fee, which is why she has the kit.

      Manipulation or no? Working the system or no? Signing up someone just to get numbers or no?

  8. PeddlersPuddle

    “ How’s that for something worth talking about. The horrible way we spend money on things we don’t need like clothes and excessive makeup.”
    She wants a more worthy topic discussed on this site and gives a suggestion. I thought this site already does a great job covering the topic of spending money on excessive makeup each time it shares about women who have gone into debt for spending money on MK makeup they didn’t need just to win a prize, keep up appearances, make production, etc.

  9. morningstar

    We will get right to your command while you work your MK business to get to MK top……

    “here are WAY more important things going on in the world to spend your energy on. Please do the world a favor and make a website on something else like eliminating worldwide poverty, ending homelessness or hunger”.

    Actually we are helping hunger by presenting PT to those who have been duped into thinking MLM or MK will put more food into bare cupboards. As the predators are on the take, (prowl for prey) from anyone that is a Homo sapien.

  10. Cindylu

    Wikipedia states MK is an mlm not dual marketing. We are wearing masks during COVID so even that MK line about lipstick is obsolete. Where exactly is MK truly advertising for you? How exactly are you selling these products with social distancing going on. Also remember that you should never break up the basic. All the best in trying to make a 50 year old sales model work in this era. Door to door sales is like the unwanted telemarketing or internet spam of today. Just wait till you have to pay for training which isn’t free. Seminar and conferences aren’t free either. I wish this site were available when I was conned into joining. No one believes it when they get taken in: two for the price of one, the word sale, this deal is only available for today, Car Sales, Real Estate Deals, the way products are laid out at the supermarket, hundreds of advertisements everywhere, commercials that give us cravings etc.). It’s the reason why many remain in cults or buy things they don’t really need. Nowadays we have become walking billboards with products celebrities or the internet promotes (like clothes, cell phones, games, etc). Those who keep this site going have simply been awakened to just how risky this is. This site is beneficial because it warns others to check before investing too much.

  11. Lazy Gardens

    Oh my, you sweet, deluded, innocent child … “Please do the world a favor and make a website on something else like eliminating worldwide poverty, ending homelessness or hunger.” Ending MLMs would end an entire industry with predatory practices that have put countless families deeply in debt, losing their housing because they couldn’t pay the rent or mortgage, and going hungry because mom spent the food money to order enough to keep her discount, while the uplines collected commission checks.

    “find something more productive to do” … Like my career saving lives as a lab tech and then as a technical writer working for Fortune 50 companies and various international agencies? How about my volunteer work teaching English to immigrants, or being a first responder as a ski patroller and the “bystander” who gives first aid at a car wreck? WTF, even my fun side hustle selling things in Second Life makes me enough money for my Premium account, buys fun things to play with in-world, and to cash out a couple hundred dollars a year. It’s sad that I can make more REAL money selling imaginary products to imaginary customers in an imaginary world than most MLM participants can in meatspace.

    “us ladies out here, trying to make a living like the rest of you all” Unlike you, I have never had to write letters to websites defending my choice of a career or even my side hustles. I have never felt the need to criticize those who left my career path by saying they were doing it wrong.

    Come back next year, “New Pinkie”.

  12. Mountaineer95

    Blah blah blah…this “college student” sure spent a lot of precious time writing this long comment while she could have used the time towards her studies.

    And seriously, in what universe does a newbie who didn’t even pay for her own starter kit and who proclaims “I signed up for the discount and relationship building opportunity” have ANY clout, experience, or knowledge to cockily sum up the entire MK opportunity? (Rhetorical question, to be sure, but since Kaybots aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer it must be spelled out).

    Honey, focus on your studies and leave the MLM analysis to those of us who’ve dealt with it for more years than you’ve lived on this earth.

  13. Mountaineer95

    Of course, upon rereading the post, there are more gems to be found:

    “a pyramid scheme means that if my director doesn’t move up, neither does anyone else”

    …Followed directly by:

    “In MK, I can surpass my director if I want through my own success”

    So which is it? I’d like to know what college this person attends and check their accreditation…the inability to present even basic logical arguments doesn’t reflect well on the school or the student.

    1. Mountaineer95

      …and more:

      “Stop giving out freebies”…says the “newbie” who was GIVEN her $100 starter kit by someone who had “an extra”…

      How the hell do you think that person got the “extra” starter kit? MK didn’t give it to her for free; she paid for it. And SHE GAVE IT TO YOU FOR FREE. Lol…stop giving out freebies…it’s not smart business.

      1. Mountaineer95

        And this:

        “company’s” when her intended word was “companies”. Plural words are never “word’s”. Apostrophes do not a plural word make. Again, what college does this grammatically and logically challenged woman attend?

        1. Mountaineer95

          Sorry to be a pain in the ass, I didn’t read this post through entirely before I began commenting (there are just so many issues in her post that I felt the need to address each one as I found it).

          My last (I promise) thought is, after reading the OP in its entirety, that this writer has no idea how to create and deliver a strong, well thought and well written piece. Her points are all over the place, she ventures into tangents for no reason, and she overall cannot organize a sock drawer let alone a persuasive statement.

  14. KayNotMary

    “…or even just build new relationships with awesome ladies, that’s enough for me. I signed up for the discount and relationship building opportunity.“

    I don’t have to buy friends.

  15. The Asian Girl

    This poor soul obviously doesn’t know quality makeup; she’d know that most high-end mascaras don’t even breach $35. The only mainstream brand I’ve seen over $50 is Christian Louboutin’s at $70. Even Mother Pat’s isn’t even over $30! If she’s so green-conscious, I have no idea why she’s peddling MK’s “cHeMiKiLL”-laden garbage. Ali Zornes, is this you?

  16. NVRMKR

    This poor girl is going to feel really dumb when she goes to the dentist and has 40-60 cavities from “all-natural” toothpaste! This is what my daughter sees in her practice in Austin. Guess what? The fillings are not all-natural to stave off future decay!

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