Mary Kay is Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme

This poor Mary Kay consultant is very bothered by Pink Truth.

I am deeply bothered by this website, and I’m sure you’ve heard that before…. What is it that you felt so badly burned in Mary Kay, you felt the need to put time and energy such as this to a culture of women who are only making there own lives better?

Yes, Mary Kay is a Culture… We are a breed of women who have a God given desire in our hearts, not necessarly Mary Kay… but Mary Kay just happens to be the way to pay for or provide the abundant lifestyes we so desire, and Every Women Desires more….

What makes a Business Successful is plan and simple W.O.R.K!! You have to work for it, and thats it. “Pink Truth” for me is that I Create it, and NO ONE Person is responsible for the success or failure but myself.

How about You, You were given an OPPORTUNITY not a get rich quick scheme, but a way that you could have the right to Choose HOW YOU want to live, not the way your circumstances or the neighborhood you live in or your race, or Who your Parents are.

YOU Create it not Your Sales Director or Recruiter, or the NSD, they are just the ones who have come before you to Encourage You to Keep Trying Don’t Give Up, The Desires of our Hearts are there for a reason, not a season, But to Fullfill the Purpose of the Almighty, God 1st, Family 2nd, and Career 3rd!!

I will not be visiting this site ever again, I’ve already spent way to much time…..


  1. BestDecision

    More Grammar and Spelling issues. What is it with these People?! You clearly haven’t read that many of us on here we’re Directors, which you cannot achieve without WORK. Unit meetings at night, interviews all over our county, weekends of guest events, skin care classes, and conference calls.

    Please sell some sheet masks and buy yourself an English tutor. Oh, wait…that would require you to sell those overpriced things.

        1. BestDecision

          It is a lifestyle when you think about it 24/7 and on vacation. Taking a laptop on a family vacation to check production, like Dacia Wiegandt just did, is NOT separating work and personal life. I had a Consultant once comment to me that MK was my whole life and all I had.

          The problem is is that NO ONE will own up to their behavior and admit it really takes that much attention and effort to even trad water in MK. They won’t admit their bottom line, net income. They don’t keep receipts and don’t want to look the truth in the eye about their expenses being subtracted from their checks and sales.

          Like another commenter mentioned this week, a new grad nurse takes home $50,000/year. All of that is hers/his. They don’t have expenses every week or even month. And with even just a year of experience, their income continues to go up. Unlike in MK, where your income changed every month and year.

  2. Neverpink

    Why do you Keep Capitalizing random Words in Your sentences?

    This is Hardly how Real business Professionals conduct Themselves.

    The only people who make money in MK are the people at the top, who step on the people below them to collect those checks. MK products are not wanted by the general populace – they’re too expensive for the mediocre quality, plus there’s the added hassle of being harassed to become a Mary Kay “consultant”.

    The market is well beyond saturated. If you ACTUALLY want MK products (for some reason), go on Ebay. There are thousands upon thousands of product listing there.

  3. Ruby Slippers

    MK is a get poor slow scheme! Years of indoctrination from tax accountants about investment in business. Slowly writing off loads of obsolete product on taxes year after year due to MK Corp product changes (packaging mostly) because customers want new new new !!
    Years of “investing” in $50-$500 workshops for personal development training, writing off “business” trips. Plus trips
    Hmmm let’s see…. Seminar , retreat, Jan jumps, NDE, Leaderships , career conference . That’s at least $5,000 a year write off for a minimal tax deduction. This is REAL $$$ people you are wasting on a pipe dream!!!
    I surely did not waste $45 on a virtual Seminar this year . I’m almost 100% debt free only have mortgage left … less than 3 years after coming out of pink fog .
    Thank God for that

  4. Char

    Another person prepared to “W.O.R.K.” hard at scamming others because they desire a better life.

    No one begrudges a better life for her, but it matters what kind of “work“ she does to achieve that life. She could choose to work hard at drug dealing and have that “abundant lifestyle” she so desires. Sound okay? Again, the type of work matters; or you might as well become a drug dealer or perhaps a hooker. I’m told it pays better.

    Mary Kay is an endless-chain recruiting scam. The work you do is scamming others for profit. You cannot be a successful MLMer without being a skilled LIAR.

    The irony here is that she will be the one scammed. If I’m wrong and she becomes a successful MLMer, or already is one, I simply underestimated her scamming abilities.

    I don’t really enjoy poking fun at grammar if they are genuinely brainwashed. Not everyone is able to grow up with a solid education or around the well-spoken. If she is trying to better herself that’s great, but doing so via unethical avenues is not. MLM is a scam, and Mary Kay is an MLM company.

    I suspect she is just repeating the lies she was told. If true, it is more disturbing to me that upline scammers are willing to prey on the under-educated, or on people when English isn’t their first language. Everyone deserves a chance to improve their circumstances, and it is disgusting that Mary Kay perps work to pounce on such easy prey.

  5. Jacirene

    Tomorrow is Saturday and guess what! I will enjoy the day to be with my family, my dogs, read a good book, visit a friend and maybe a cappuccino in the late afternoon. No waking up at 5:00 am to prepare breakfast for the Unit Meeting guests, no skin care classes (ugh!), Someone like me? Welcome back to life!

  6. Catherine Butler

    It was such a relief to leave Mary Kay after 10 years. I started before I had three children and once I became a mom didn’t want to recruit and train or leave my family in the evenings and Saturdays. The only reason we were financially solvent in spite of me not making money was because of my husband’s well paying career with very good benefits. My Director was moving up, becoming one of the top NSD’s; I wanted to be in her good graces. What a joke; when she called at the end of June (I was seven months pregnant with my third child and had just moved into a new house) I declined to place an order for product that I didn’t need and she got angry with me for not being a team player. That was the end for me. Looking back I’m embarrassed to tell people that I was involved in MK. I was in Queen’s Court of sales in 1986 and still didn’t make a lot of money that year. To wrap up this long story; I ended up working in my kid’s school district part time; eventually moving up to a job I loved with summers & holidays off to be with them. I am retired with a pension. Best decision I made was to get out of MK; just wish I would’ve come to my senses sooner.

    1. BestDecision

      You’re not alone! I gave up a decade, too. Nights, weekends…all in the name of following what I was taught. It zapped me of all my self-confidence, and it made me think there was something wrong with me for not moving as fast as others.

      I, too, am embarrassed I was ever in and wish I’d left way before I did. But, here we are, and now we can shed light on the truth about MK and what really happens.

  7. pinkblacksheep

    Sigh. Forty to sixty hour weeks for 2 years, a car, all 3 new Director Programs, the cruise, 2 years in Princess Court, 2 years All Star, so many other “accomplishments.” And based on my tax returns I almost exactly broke even after returning my inventory. If that’s not working, then I don’t know what is. It was supposed to be fun and part time. Now I have a true fun, part time gig that’s MINE. It can’t be terminated for any or no reason. And no one is manipulating me into taking the fun out of it. I don’t have to “fake it till you make it.” If Mary Kay was so great, why do so many of us who were “successful” have such a feeling of relief and freedom when we quit?

  8. morningstar

    When I was in MK I had a good job. Assumed that hard work and ethics would really make my sales boom. This was 1993. Nothing happened, and the more I tried, the rules changed, product changed, all to further string the carrot under our nose. 2020, same nothing has changed with MK concept. All to drain your money out of your pocket. It is failing, running downhill like a waterfall, we do not need this type of method to sell in this society. Thank you Pink Truth.

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