Seminar Will Change Your Life!

Written by SuzyQ

Seminar will change your life? Um, not so much. Mary Kay Seminar will change your economic picture for a while, in a normal year anyway. This year everyone is lucky. They don’t have to spend a bunch of money on this nonsense. Instead, it comes to them at home with the virtual seminar.

When things are back to normal and seminar happens in Dallas, just try getting away with spending less than $1,000 to attend seminar if you have to fly there. Between airline tickets, transportation to the hotel, the hotel room, meals, banquets, etc, it adds up fast.

Ask yourself how much REALLY changed in your Mary Kay business after you came back from seminar.

It’s interesting. We are told that the training at seminar will change your business. You will go from mediocre to stellar after your classes. And then Mary Kay tells us there is nothing new… it’s the same thing… no magic: Book, Sell, Book, Recruit. So simple.

But not easy, if it was easy, everybody would be doing it. You have to raise your deserve level. You have to understand deep in your heart, that you are NOT “bugging” people when you call, you are offering them the #1 selling product in the US, and you are offering them the opportunity to change their lives! You have to listen to my heart and know that MK is the BEST OPPORTUNITY around, and you might just be the answer to someone’s prayer.

Newbies will be told how to get to Red Jackets. Reds to Team Leaders, and Team Leaders to Future Directors. Your name badges will be checked prior to entry into the rooms, so no sneaking in on the higher level training…

New directors will be taught to build their units to 50. Those with 50-75 will be taught to find DIQ’s. And those with 100+ will be taught retention, and how to build off-spring. All will be taught about recruiting. Very little about how to sell. Selling is not the point. Ordering is the point.

The directors will have their own special meeting. They will be told what the fall launch is (you already know, thanks to PT) and will be told how to use all the unit training materials that will be coming out in the fall to help with retention and recruiting. They will play around with the Skin Analyzer App and see a demo of the new colors applied to someone’s picture.

Everyone will be shown a video clip of Mary Kay, herself, speaking at a long ago seminar. Remember though, nothing has changed, so it’s okay. And you will again marvel at the width of her shoulder pads and the height of her hair, and secretly wonder if anyone else is marveling at this, too. Some people will cry here, too.

You will be herded like cattle this way and that, and everyone will be really polite, and really heavily fragranced, and really hot and sweaty. You will also witness the Christian/Faith first thing at meals. Much praying at seminar. Lots of Scripture will be cited and Jesus will be called upon more than usual. Are you Jewish? Muslim? Agnostic? Wiccan? Anything other than “Christian?” Geez, so sorry, but this may be the opportunity for you to take a look at that, too. Gotta love those “Christian” values.

Things you will hear ad nauseum:

1) Mary Kay is recession-proof (OMG sales during a pandemic!!!!!)
2) You are at the right place at the right time
3) You are poised for success
4) Once again, Mary Kay is #1 in sales
5) The sales of ___________ exceeded all projections, by at least 400%
6) The Mary Kay US is growing by leaps and bounds; recruiting has broken records
7) Mary Kay International is growing by leaps and bounds; recruiting has broken records
8) These are tough economic times, and aren’t you grateful because you don’t have to worry about job security (more pandemic talk!!!!)
9) The sky is the limit, so shoot for the moon and you will land among the stars
10) If you believe, you can achieve

And my personal favorite:

11) Mary Kay is cutting edge and trend-setting

See? You didn’t even have to go!


  1. Cindylu

    Who is wearing lipstick under their mask? Where exactly are most going that they need make up anyway during COVID? I listened to the NSD’s bickering across the room during Seminar. I once listened to an NSD discussing how she made it. I even took notes. I heard the senseless I story and then Yada Yada Yada voila the NSD magically made it to the top. Oops did I miss something? Was I asleep? It seems that the supposed secret to success was indeed a well kept secret. MK herself decided we’d get stuck paying for Seminar. Her supposed reasoning. If we pay for it, we’ll take notes, attend classes and pay attention. Pay attention to what? Repetition. Maybe a Director might slip up and finally clarify once and for all “How exactly do you become an NSD?” How exactly do you earn minimum wage part time while being there for your family? How does an IBC at least break even? Never heard the answer. I heard a lot of “Fake it Till You Make it”, Reach for the Stars etc. But overall I received no real training. What I did hear was a lot of bafflegab. I saw a new director excitedly go on stage and then quit when she got home. I saw my SD treat our Unit like Pariah. She seemed to think one quick meal together sufficed. The rest of the time she was embarrassed because most of us were struggling. Sharing the room with three strangers made me realize just how inconsistent MK was. MK herself seemed to have designed the ultimate abusive situation. At Seminar we were never good enough. For the NSD’s, the heirs, the CEO’s etc. we were simply to be used and mostly discarded. Thousands of women deceived, victimized (Blamed) and taken advantage of. It’s all so very sad.

    1. Heather

      I remember something similar regarding dining during my very first Seminar. I had no idea what I was in for when I arrived, but for the fees I had paid, I expected a better dining situation. My director didn’t eat with us at the convention center, and she really didn’t seem to care. As time went on, nothing had improved. I kept thinking that things would be better the next year, even after I became a SD. Nope, the food was even lower quality and you were expected to eat and leave.
      I had my “ah-ha” moment during my last Seminar – everything hit like a ton of bricks that this was a fraud. I skipped out on most of the happenings at the convention center and did my own thing during the day. (A couple of my consultants joined me.) It was not long after returning from Seminar that I resigned from my SD position, cleared out inventory the best I could, and then left entirely. My senior and I got into a REALLY heated argument about all of this, and I told her that she was never to contact me ever again. If I wanted to speak with her, I would reach out. That was 12 years ago, and I don’t regret that one bit.

      1. BestDecision

        The breakfasts and lunches at Seminar were disgusting. And then people doing the Electric Slide 20 years after it went out of style. All while faking their happiness and success. Glad I don’t endure that anymore!

    2. BestDecision

      That’s what I got out of MK: I was never good enough. Constantly told we weren’t doing enough and then humiliated when everyone got recognition or invitations but us. You don’t build people up without joining hands with them and admitting real struggles and truth.

      1. Heather

        Exactly, BestDecision. You may have worked really hard on a goal, yet it was never enough. You suckered three people to join so you could go to Seminar as a red jacket, only to be told you should have suckered five. If you were sitting anywhere that wasnt the cool kids’ table, you were trash.

    3. coralrose

      “then Yada Yada Yada voila the NSD magically made it to the top. Wait, Did I miss something? Was I asleep? ”
      Yes!! 100%! I remember feeling the exact same way about the I-stories and the miraculous midnight deadlines stories.

      My first seminar as a new consultant, Mary Kay was changing the platinum compacts into the black ones/ mineral line and there recycling containers filled to the brim with those platinum compacts! They were cleverly labeled “pink doing green”. How environmentally-friendly of them. /s My stomach sank when I saw all of that un-sold merchandise in one place! It took some real positive pep talking for me to still believe MK was a good business opportunity after seeing that. Talk about cognitive dissonance! Now I wonder if MK got paid for that scrap plastic? Anything to make money off their sales force.

  2. Char

    Seminar aka rallies are typical for MLM companies. They all have them. Not only are they money makers for the company, they pump everyone up to spend their own money and recruit more suckers to also spend money.

    Since being an MLMer isn’t really about selling product, it is understandable that they don’t waste time training you how to resell product. The presenters are there to sell you a dream and teach you how to sell the dream to others. Therefore, the seminar training isn’t lacking at all. They are teaching you exactly what they want you to hear and do.

    Also, if someone teaches you to “Fake it ‘til you make it”, shouldn’t you wonder if the person saying it is using that strategy on you? Think about it. And more importantly, do you aspire to be a “successful” faker/liar?

  3. Juliet

    “Gaslighting” is a term I had heard all my life but never connected myself to it. I have a new therapist and wow, yeah, I’ve endured nothing but gaslighting in too many important relationships. It is SO SHOCKING what you can innocently be led into believing, completely without nefarious intent on the part of the one who brings you in, but MLM is just disgusting, intentional gaslighting.

    I wanted to comment because that “What a fool I am!” response isn’t 100% suitable to all. The world looks so accurate as seen through the eyes of the ones in charge, and then, when clarity arises, the same view is so blatantly wrong. THAT little internal conundrum is horrible enough to manage, self flagellation for TRUSTING wrongly isn’t going to help you. Be gentle!! You wouldn’t talk to another person like you do to yourself when you pass correction and fall into self-condemnation. Be gentle, and grateful lol.

    1. NayMKWay

      That was very well said, Juliet. The manipulation can be subtle to the point victims don’t even understand why they feel bad about themselves. Oh, there’s the overt stuff, like saving the best seats and best food for the higher-ups, but that breeds resentment more than self-loathing.

      It’s the less obvious manipulation that eats away at your psyche, like their constantly telling you you’re “on target” for the Next Big Prize. If someone congratulates you for recruiting someone, they will immediately follow up that you’re “on target” for the red jacket. You got the red jacket? Ho-hum, now you’re “on target” for SD, etc., etc.

      Or they’ll warn you that you can’t stand still without sliding backwards; I’m sure you heard that one. You made SD? Well, don’t rest on your laurels, or they’ll rot out from under you.

      No effort level is high enough. No matter how hard you work, look at that NSD strutting across the stage; SHE worked harder. Push, push, push. S-T-R-E-T-C-H, reach for the stars, there’s always something more you could be doing. It’s insidious.

      I’m so glad you got the help you needed to feel good about yourself again.

    1. TRACY

      Are you a director? Have you ever gone to seminar? Do you attend any events?

      If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you HAVE experienced most of this.

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