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Don’t Be So Negative!

To the Owner of Pink Truth:

I really would like to know why you are so negative. My stomach turned as I read some of the headlines on your website.

Obviously, you had a bad experience, but why perpetuate negativity. Any business anyone gets into, not just Mary Kay there will be dippy days. I tell my consultants that. It is not a walk in the park, but with persistence and continually learning more, you can be successful. It is up to you.

Obviously, you were not successful. But speaking badly about others is not Biblical nor the right thing to do, even if you are not a Christian. You are obviously making a living off of encouraging disappointment and others misfortune.

Instead of being so negative, why not encourage people. Read any other company – everyone has dippy days and times. It is how you handle it, determines how you succeed. Please consider stopping making money off of people who are discouraged.


  1. Wasrings90

    Dippy Days?! What is this kindergarten? I swear if any supervisor said to me you will have Dippy Days, I would be looking for another job so fast their head would spin. I am not a five year old. I understand that life doesn’t always go the way you need/want it to.

    1. Mountaineer95

      That was my exact thought! I said aloud, “what are we, ten-year-olds with a lemonade stand?”

      My next thought was nope, even kids selling lemonade wouldn’t say that.

      *sigh* Only #bossbabe (gag) #businessowners (gag again) would say this.

  2. Talia

    The truth is not always sunshine and roses. Anyone who conducts an actual business in the manner of a children’s cartoon (where good people do well because they are good – nothing else required) is asking for trouble.

    Also, surely if 99% of days are ‘dippy days’ (ugh. Sounds like something a kindergarten teacher would say to an upset 5 year old) you need to look at whether you need to do something differently (like get out of the MLM.

    I think helping people realise it isn’t them, the MLM system sets them up to fail and therefore restoring some of their shattered self-esteem is very positive, personally.

  3. pinkpeace

    “Making a living off encouraging disappointment and others [sic] misfortune”?

    Tracy spends her OWN MONEY on this site for the benefit of anyone who might be sucked into this MLM – and those who are recovering. And let’s be clear. This is money that she makes in her well-paid professional career where she doesn’t have to lie and manipulate to get ahead.

  4. coralrose

    “I tell my consultants that. With persistence and continually learning more you can be successful”.

    You tell your consultants that, but what do you tell your potential recruits? Do you sugar- coat the opportunity to get them to join? Outright lie about how much work is required? Do you say training is free when you know there’s a “room fee” or a “Seminar fee” and any training CD’s or books MK produces cost consultants money?
    How long should one keep being persistent and continually learning while still losing money?

  5. BestDecision

    Director, I once wore the suit, too. And I had bar pins and cars. Telling your unit we weren’t successful is a LIE, and the Bible certainly doesn’t condone that. I’m here to warn others before they get brainwashed into thinking Directors are truthful and are nice to each other. To those that are already in the fog, I’m here to show them that they, too, can get out and that they’re not crazy for seeing past the scripts and strutting that happens year after year.

    I don’t have “dippy” days anymore because my income no longer hinges on hitting dips in production. It’s way better out here. And no business cards and lipgloss samples to carry around!

  6. NayMKWay

    “My stomach turned as I read some of the headlines on your website.”

    It sounds like that’s ALL she read, or maybe she wouldn’t have made so many false statements about this site, like that Tracy makes her living off of it (???).

    It seems she reads her Bible the same way:

    “…speaking badly about others is not Biblical nor the right thing to do…”

    What Bible is she reading? Maybe she should reread Luke 11, starting with verse 37. Jesus had some pretty harsh words for religious hypocrites. I think that’s all I need to say on that.

    And wow, “dippy days”? All I could think, reading that phrase (twice!) was, “That’s a new one on me. I’ll have to remember never to use it sometime.”

  7. Char

    “But speaking badly about others is not Biblical nor the right thing to do, even if you are not a Christian.“

    Speaking badly of others seems far less a crime than lying to friends and family with the “goal” of siphoning money out of them FOR YOUR OWN GAIN. You are an endless-chain recruiter in a product-based pyramid scheme. And you are preaching to us??? You are taught to flaunt your own “success”. That’s not humble. This success is achieved by scamming others in your downline and continually looking for new prey. All this is hardly “biblical”, although I wonder which version of the Bible you speak of. There are many, you know.

    And what do you mean, “even if you are not a Christian”? That’s like me saying, “Stealing is not the right thing to do, even if you are not a white person.” (Horrible)

    I “encourage” you to take your shameful and delusional prejudices, dippy days, lying Mary Kay rhetoric, and your “negative” opinion of a site that provides a FREE service of facts; and please do some praying.

    That’s pray, not prey. Do not prey on other victims……..in case your old habits die hard, and you get confused. Pray for your own redemption and ask for forgiveness for your Mary Kay crimes.

    1. Nicole

      I swear Char the second you said the word ‘pray’, my instant first thought was that she would confuse it with ‘prey’. ?I was absolutely about to make that comment and then I saw you had beat me to it

  8. Heath

    “You are obviously making a living off of encouraging disappointment and others misfortune.”

    So…this is the one that got me the most, since people in the upline are LITERALLY making money off of the misfortune and debt of those in their downline.

  9. Heather

    Dear Director,

    WTH is a “dippy day?” Is that where I get more sour cream and onion dip on my chip? Maybe a bigger cup of Dippin’ Dots?

    For those of us who did wear the suit with the cheap bling, we have emerged from the pink fog of lies and deceit. MLMs like MK are not business and not successful. It’s a scam, one that people like you continue to perpetuate year after year on unsuspecting women. We encourage others to leave the fog and its lies and untruths behind and start anew. You, however, continue to sucker them.

  10. Lazy Gardens

    I spot victim blaming! … “It is not a walk in the park, but with persistence and continually learning more, you can be successful. It is up to you.”

    If any department in a real industry had the churn and turnover of a MLM, the management would be fired for not knowing how to recruit, train and retain talent. The MLM business model relies on endless recruiting, sucking the recruit’s finances dry, tossing them aside like an empty juice pouch, and telling them that they were responsible for the failure.

    “speaking badly about others is not Biblical nor the right thing to do, even if you are not a Christian”

    Proverbs 10:9 “Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out.” We’re merely pointing out the crooked walkers, the lies of omission, and the deceit. If you can point to any error of fact on this site and show the facts that disprove it (Schedule C, actual bank records, that kind of solid documentation) … we’ll change it.

    But let me leave you with this to ponder. The data is old, but the comparison today would be worse, because minimum wages are higher.

  11. Cindylu

    Wow. Just Wow. Dippy: Meaning absurd, ill considered, ludicrous. Mk definitely is Dippy that’s for sure. Is PT negative? Why is MK injurious or scary? Debt, often away from family, marriage problems (Advised by MK to lie to our spouse), training and meetings aren’t free. So MK recruit if you think holding MK accountable for its uncaring behavior is dippy or funny, then you are an insensitive, heartless and mean spirited person. Dozens of bad experiences that you so unkindly blame the recruits and not MK for. Blame the victim and not MK for being thoughtless and therefore negative. (Hurting hundreds of women is very negative for sure). Why do you overlook that?

  12. PurpleH

    “Dippy days” is just another example of infantilizing, minimizing and otherwise denying the real problems. Instead of saying “zero profit” or “operating at a loss”, it’s just a dippy day! Yeah, well, when your entire month or year is made of dippy days, that’s called bottoming out.

  13. Mountaineer95

    Dippy days. It’s not surprising to see such a childish, unprofessional phrase when you consider what infantile things many of these ‘Executives’ and “Business Owners” do. Let’s see…feather boas and cheap tiaras at “business meetings”…the recent thread on the PT board showing an “Executive” playing grade-school dress up (rock star, princess, and boss babe I think) for a virtual “business meeting”…cutesy fonts and stickers and glitter on motivational items, planners, invites, etc. I mean I could go on, but I don’t need to.

    These are not things that real businesses and real executives do. You know who else probably doesn’t act like this? MK Corp executives. THAT is the only REAL business in MK…corporate. It’s laughable to think of the C-Suite execs at MK Corpse referring to an unprofitable day as a “dippy day”.

  14. Tia

    “Dippy days” … clearly has never faced hardship in her life.

    Why would I encourage others to stick with a company where I worked my ass off the “MK way” and lost more money than I started with?

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