You Suck the Life Out of Dreams

From a reader named Sandy:

You all suck the life right out of dreams. You don’t have to work Mary Kay, you don’t even have to like Mary Kay but there are plenty of us who do.

If you put the effort in, you profit, if you put no effort in, you don’t.

No one has walked on my toes and no one has pressured me. I love the product, my clients love the product and I get along great with my sister consultants. I buy for personal and family use, always have for 20 years. I never felt the pressure to recruit or buy more than I could afford.

Sad you had bad experiences and sad there are consultants out there putting negative pressure on others. They should not be in the business. God Bless and good luck with your futures.


    1. NayMKWay

      But Laze (mind if I call you ‘Laze’?), she doesn’t put in the effort; she said so herself. She’s just personal use, buying for herself and a few family members. She never recruited anyone, or even warm-chatted any strangers. Never drove a pink car, let alone a Caddie. But hey, she’s been in MK for 20 years, and knows all there is to know.

      Some people have 20 years of experience. Others repeat the same 3 months 80 times and pretend it’s the same thing. I think we both know which person wrote this letter.

  1. BestDecision

    How many $75 face masks have you sold this week? Wait…you’re just hobby use. I was a Director and saw how little my unit made. Never mind how few Directors are making an “executive income”. Answer: Per the November Applause, less than 140 in the entire company for July.

  2. NayMKWay

    You’ve never even TRIED to “put in the effort and profit” if all you’re doing is personal use. So how do you know? First try earning that “executive pay for part-time work,” then come back with your Schedule C and prove to us how wrong we are. God bless and good luck with that.

  3. Char

    “I buy for personal and family use, always have for 20 years. I never felt the pressure to recruit or buy more than I could afford…….Sad you had bad experiences and sad there are consultants out there putting negative pressure on others. They should not be in the business.“

    “They” aren’t in business; Mary Kay Inc. is.

    And with too many customers like you, MKI wouldn’t stay in business for long. Well, at least not the profits and scale they are used to.

    Just how do you think Mary Kay became a billion dollar debt-free company? Certainly not with customers like you. With your type, they’d be a shack on a rural road with a hand-painted sign.

    What makes you think they’d prefer consultomers like you? They have a company to run, and employees to pay. They need endless-chain recruiters finding people to place huge orders on credit cards to keep their warehoused products moving. Duh!

  4. morningstar

    You could have sold 3 sets, although you chose your time to send a letter.

    It is our fault that MK is diluted, self serving, run by men, consolidating warehouses, closing AU and NZ. NSD’s are now hawking products as in clorox like the 1950’s variety shows based on their MK following, because the sponsors think NSDs are influencers on common product sales. Corporate women in MK – you know the suits that are the circus megaphones for MK.
    So we choose to look at you from the outside and you chastise pinktruth – got it.

  5. EyesWideShutNoMore

    Hey Tracy, how many of these type of emails do you get a month? I personally think they’re hilarious but just wondering if you ever get fed up reading through all of them to find that perfect gem for our enjoyment?

    1. Mountaineer95

      I’m waiting for the day that one of these emails comes from an actual Director-level Kaybot who has evidence of this mysterious profit and income. Pretty sure I’ll be waiting for a long time.

      1. Char

        And even if one does come through, I like to point out that a profitable MLMer is a profitable scammer. They would be admitting to being a successful liar selling an endless-chain recruiting opportunity using makeup as their lure.

        I dare anyone to boast about their successes as an MLMer/scammer – and be proud of them.

        Siphoning money out of single mothers using lies, for your own commission, is not commendable. Realize, the bigger the “team”, the bigger the scammer. Fortunately, only about 1% can claim that “honor”.

        Some of you are willing-victims who don’t realize what you’re actually doing. That’s how this scam works and what PinkTruth is here for. If you choose to ignore third-party information, and only listen to upline scammers, then you are complicit in the crime.

        No, not jealous of successful MLM scammers, in case a lurker was thinking that. When I see a “leader”, I’m disgusted at the thought of all the poor women they’ve taken advantage of. I just cannot understand why these people are worshipped! (Rhetorical) It’s a con game where victims get brainwashed into believing what they’re told – by upline scammers. Go figure.

    2. Meagn Maguire

      Actually, I like these. It reminds me a good deal of the ‘Jerks 4 Jesus’ feature that occasionally runs on a blog that I read. I think I just have a taste for trainwrecks. But trust me, these ‘Jerks 4 MKay’ are a lot more polite than the aforementioned.

  6. Cindylu

    The optimum word is dream. Selling Dreams equals: 1.The act of promising with no intent to act on it. 2.To intentionally deceive. MLMs’ promise to women is that they can stay at home and make all the money they dreamed of. Dreaming means you don’t bring any negative concerns to your leaders. All of these NSD’s and MK herself was on a pedestal. They are motivational speakers or some kind of profits. MK is a dream and a movement. They’re selling the sisterhood, This is their sense of entitlement gone insane. MK is my Icarus story. I doubted MK. I tried for some kind of kind, cooperative, go give middle ground. I tried to over look my SD’s lies. I tried to overlook too many products and far too many product changes at my expense. I tried to overlook a bragging, cold narcissistic NSD who treated us with contempt. Eventually the dream became a nightmare. The slogans didn’t blunt the doubt and fear I began to experience because no one wanted to book classes or buy products. Confusion that I was often away from my family with fake repetitious training.

  7. Pinkiu

    My cousin was wondering about people’s experiences with MLMs. As you can imagine, I wrote in all caps, “DON’T DO IT!” referencing Pink Truth and sharing why it’s a bad idea. As expected, an IBC told her to get in contact with her so that she could, “share the facts.” There were other MLM Boss Babes who wanted to share their opportunities too. I suspect The IBC clicked my link and wrote in!

  8. pinkblacksheep

    So, I worked 30-60 hours a week (depending on a “goal” or end of the year) for 2 years as a director. Everything you’re supposed to do, I did. From my tax returns, the income from my Mary Kay “business” was about $16000. For what was essentially a full time job. That’s $8 an hour. Includes sales, commission, and the value of prizes per the income statement from Mary Kay. In 2019, when I had a new offspring, finished Triple Crown and Dean’s List, as well as the cruise, I had a loss of about $7000. So I essentially paid $3.50 and hour to “do” Mary Kay. About 4000 hours worked total over 2 years for a net income of $9000. That’s $2.25 an hour. It’s not that we didn’t do all the things. It’s that all the things aren’t what it really takes. It really takes being willing to lie, manipulate, gaslight, and straight up HURT other women.

    1. BestDecision

      Even my best years of Cadillacs, getting bar pins, and debuting offspring (all of which look successful on the outside), I had little to show for it. My taxes looked similar! My Senior brushed off my concerns about expenses, which I was careful to spend only what I needed to, and never deducted as much as she spent. So, she had no idea and never bothered to see how much she really took home. All she boasted about was her biggest month ever or some of her bigger years, but I knew she was ignoring my questions and the truth about her net profit.

      Isn’t it freeing to have Sunday nights off again? No Zooms, no conference calls, no Business Debuts to dress up for that afternoon and drive somewhere to act successful? No car maintenance per quarter. No prizes added to our “commission” statements and held against us.

      Kudos to us!

      1. EyesWideShutNoMore

        Best, you hit the nail on the head with “act successful.” Many Oscar-worthy performances at events, it’s so sickening. I used to go to some events and I’d question things to my director knowing she’d lie about how well she was doing but in reality, she was barely keeping her unit afloat over the years. She used to claim she kept her J-O-B because it was easy money and the hours didn’t conflict with her Sd role. (She was a fitness instructor who ran the early early class) and I’m pretty sure that job just paid for her inventory top ups and was a good way to push MK on the exercisers. That’s how she got me, after all. Jeez!

      2. Heather

        “Isn’t it freeing to have Sunday nights off again? No Zooms, no conference calls, no Business Debuts to dress up for that afternoon and drive somewhere to act successful? No car maintenance per quarter. No prizes added to our “commission” statements and held against us.”

        Yes, yes it’s a WONDERFUL feeling!! (And I am so glad I left before Zoom meetings and such.)
        My tax return shows I actually made money, and there is money in my retirement accounts. Sure, my bonuses are taxed (whose aren’t?), but I don’t have to hustle at month-end to get said bonus.

        1. BestDecision

          Nor do you run risk of RETURNING your check if there’s a chargeback. I always thought that was nearly illegal. I put in the time to make those commissions, so why is it fair to owe it back?

  9. coralrose

    Wow! Your experience really says it all doesn’t it? According to MK Inc you were wildly successful, and you were probably used by your downline as an example of someone they “personally know who makes executive income in MK” yet, you had a loss of about $7,000. I’m so sorry that happened to you.

    If this is what a top director makes (Triple Crown/Dean’s List), imagine the directors at the bottom.

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