The Truth Behind Multi-Level Marketing

A funny video about multi-level marketing. But it’s sad how true it is. It covers all the talking points used with distributors, as well as the truth behind those catch phrases and platitudes. All the claims about how it’s simple to start with family and friends, how you can get a free a car, how you can make as much money as you want if you’re willing to work….


  1. nomoremlm4me

    That was so awesome!!! Thanks for sharing. One thing this really emphasizes (and that I found while in an mlm) is that you tend to need to “support” each others’ mlms. This results in spending money you don’t necessarily have on overpriced products, just so they will spend money they don’t have on your overpriced products. It’s an endless losing proposition.

    1. Char

      Totally agree, but not quite everyone loses. The MLM companies are laughing all the way to an offshore bank.

      You know the old saying, “If you want to make money in MLM, start one.”

      *Clarification for all you MLM CEO BossBabes. “Start one” means start the MLM company, not sign up as a distributor and be a fake “CEO Elite Platinum Almost Future Executive Supervisor Director Leader Queen” Seriously ladies, you will be so embarrassed when you’re deprogrammed.

  2. NayMKWay

    This 3-year-old video predates Mary Kay’s abrupt departure from Australia and New Zealand in March of this year, or I’m sure that event would have been covered as a case in point. A lot of Mary Kay reps learned the hard way that they didn’t own their own business after all, and that the contract they signed gave them exactly zero recourse.

    A contract that one party can alter at will is ridiculous, but that’s MLM business as usual. Those poor reps probably felt like Lando pleading with Darth Vader:

    “We had a deal!”

    “I am altering the deal. Pray I don’t alter it any further.”

    1. raisinberry

      Imagine how the latest NSD’s feel. Nsd was supposed to be a landing zone, of 15 years of retirement greatness…”Family Security Plan”…once you made it, you were in! Only now…all the tweaks that zero out the entire BAIT reason to “look the other way” and “make it happen”. I got a feeling there has been a bloom of Conscience, among the ‘Ladies of Excellence”

      1. BestDecision

        That’s one of the reasons I left. Why build offspring and sacrifice so much if it can all be stripped from you? No matter how much work we put into it, our business wasn’t ever ours. We relied on luck, just as the NSDs’ daughters prove in that it can’t be duplicated. MK ripped the Australians’ and New Zealanders’ businesses from them overnight, so why kill ourselves only to have it taken from you?

        When I work now in my career gives me guaranteed pay. It’s illegal otherwise.

  3. Cindylu

    Thanks for this. Sadly this nails it. They should have shown the thousands of front loaded products all destined for the landfills. Beauty products destroying the environment just for a few greedy CEO’s and NSD’s at the top of the pyramid I repeat Pyramid scheme. Also happy that they mentioned the divorces and peeving off family and friends for these decades old schemes.

  4. Juliet

    The Checkout is one of my all time favorite Youtube channels for personal consumer self defense. They cover SO MANY topics and humourously which makes such a difference in understanding these topics. They seem to have stopped production two years ago which is a true loss but they still have well over 500 videos. THANKS SO MUCH FOR SPOTLIGHTING A REAL SELF DEFENSE CHANNEL!

  5. Autumn

    I wish more people understood it. My daughter’s high school class advisors are doing a pampered chef online party to raise money for the class. Unless I want to wind up being class advisor or worse I have little recourse. I’ll pay for her share of the senior trip, but why? Why an MLM based fundraiser?



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