Mary Kay Wasn’t For You

You would think the Mary Kay lovers could come up with new talking points? No. I guess I should have tried harder!

Seriously. You women who have felt this way maybe Mary Kay wasn’t for you. But you can’t speak for everyone. The products are awesome and they are backed up with guarentees…

And to those of you that dedicate your lives to the ‘pink truth’… you obviously have no life. Get over it. You may be telling the truth and hitting the facts, but for those of you that it didn’t work you either didn’t try hard enough or you didn’t listen to what had worked for other women in he past 50 something years.. its not for everyone!!! But don’t put others down because you didn’t make your goals… the products sell themselves. You don’t have to be a director to make money!!!!! But if you choose to that’s up to you.


  1. Pinkiu

    Oh dear. She said that we may be “telling the truth and hitting the facts.” Yet, she chooses to remain ignorant rather than doing something now that she knows the truth and facts. Is there hope for someone who knowingly stays in an mlm knowing it promotes lies and false information?

  2. rings90

    “the products sell themselves”. LOL. No they don’t. My friend owns a consignment shop, she sells women’s clothing & accessories. She gets about 4 phonecalls a week from people wondering if she will take their MLM make up products. She has owned the shop for 10yrs and she will tell you when she started it was mostly people wanting to get rid of MK products because they quit selling it. Now it’s a bunch of different make up MLM product people call about wanting to have out of there house because they stopped selling it & want to recoup at least a bit of their investment. Yesterday she had 4 calls from.people asking if she would take their younique products while I was there. She said this year it has become a more common question from potential consigners.. I don’t know maybe the products just don’t sell themselves where I live…

    1. NayMKWay

      “She said this year it has become a more common question from potential consigners..”

      I suspect the spike she’s seeing now can be traced back to the surge in sign-ups reported by MLMs earlier this year. Like vultures, they swooped in with false promises of financial relief, only to make things worse for the vast majority.

    1. Connie

      I haven’t a clue who Amie Gamboian is but I looked her up. This is what was said about her in an article, “… is a former executive at a large privately-owned organization.” Just love that description!

      1. Char

        I’ve been keeping a secret from you: I have royalty in my bloodline. I know, I know. Yep, my grandmother reigned with grace and beauty and had the adoration of all her subjects. It’s just something I don’t like to boast about. But, I‘ve decided to tell you now, as I’m so very proud of her being: “The 1946 Homecoming Queen of Padukie Junior High School”.

        I swear these women are delusional. “Former executive at a privately-owned organization” my a$$. I wonder if pimps describe themselves as “executive directors of an all female workforce”?

  3. Char

    “And to those of you that dedicate your lives to the ‘pink truth’… you obviously have no life.“

    Gee, I wonder if she says the same thing to women who try to stop: spousal abuse, sex trafficking, drunk drivers, child abuse, serial killers, animal abuse, racism, anti-semitism, and every other harmful act.

    1. Heather

      What is funny about the “you obviously have no life” line is I DO have a life! I have a life that *I* control, not some corporate goon or NSD hustler. I make my own decisions and enjoy the end of the month. My life is my own. I don’t live, breathe, eat, sleep MK anymore (and haven’t for over a decade).

      1. Ruby Slippers

        Off topic: so one of my coworkers is now selling MK. She is an absolute Hot Mess.
        Gave a coworker a tattered catalog and invite for party today. Some days this woman looks like she has barely showered. This is the “quality” of women the $30 starter kit is bringing in.
        Volume, yes, maybe… and I’m sure MK Corp $$ is up from volume.
        Hopefully it will implode. As for Dacia, she has broken contract so many times with all her links and “ads” for lashes and such. She is “distancing ” herself from MK.
        Still collecting her 20,000+ commission though. I wonder what is really going on with her.
        Does anyone have insight???

        1. SevenofNine

          Her Instagram is a train wreck. Since she’s so publicly violating her NSD agreement (and MK Corp seems to turn a blind eye), I’m wondering if the NSD’s know something we don’t know…

          1. BestDecision

            Same with unit and Director gatherings nationwide. Dacia is probably being watched, but it’s tricky to terminate her. She’s a very visible NSD with a lot of awe still around her for making it like she did. So, I bet MK is warning her repeatedly and struggling to decide when it would be least traumatic to get rid of her.

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