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When Your Unit Misses Production

This is the story of a new director who felt a lack of support and training, and who was topping off production to meet the $4,500 wholesale minimum. Lest you should think that is unusual and not the “Mary Kay way” …. think again. Many, many directors buy production every other month.

I don’t even know where to start. I’m so confused! I have been reading everything on your site for about a week or so. I know it’s ALL true! And it’s helping me understand my time in MK.

I was asked to “step down” as a director after less than a year as a director. My unit couldn’t seem to make production every month. We would fall short and I would take care of it. I charged up all my credit cards and not because I have a “flawed personality”.

I did it because I Believed in the dream. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Right? I thought my “love checks” would get bigger and it would all work out. The only thing I achieved is that I filed bankruptcy after I got out of MK.

I was so sad for many reasons. Not just because I had perfect credit a couple of years ago. There’s many other things that hurt me. During DIQ, I was working full time as a nurse and I always showed up to go up. I believed in my senior director too. She pushed and I was her first offspring. Debuted at my first seminar. During DIQ she told me I was on target for my car. They announced to everyone I was a free car driver.

I planned to take the cash compensation and work for the next car. My senior director and her senior direction put it on Facebook. Then when I went to DIT, I asked questions because I still hadn’t received any money for the car. I was informed that I had fallen off target and there was no car. I cried and cried and was upset with my senior. I didn’t get mine but me being in DIQ put her into her first pink Cadillac.

There I was,  a brand new director not feeling like I knew how to run a unit and my senior said it was time for me to fly on my own. My unit that really consisted of myself and 4 or 5 consultants had to leave her unit and go find our way. I stopped “feeling the love” Resentment started creeping in. I felt very used. I didn’t care for a lot of things she did.

Several times when my unit met with hers, it was like I didn’t exist. My anger and hurt kept growing. Then we had a party at my Senior’s new DIQ’s house. Her senior and unit was there also. They did their little talk about how they both are “the movers and the shakers” blah, blah and didn’t acknowledge me at all. I was embarrassed. I was a director too! Right? I had consultants there.

I just couldn’t bring myself to speak to her. She would call and I wouldn’t answer. I know that’s immature. So the next time I answered when she called. We talked for a few then she asked was I mad or upset with her. I took a deep breath and started to tell her how I felt at our party and she cussed me out and hung up on me. I started crying! I thought I don’t ever want to talk to her again. Yes, she emailed me with her apology. Things were never the same!

I struggled since day one being a director. I felt there wasn’t the support I desperately needed. I had great sales and wanting to be successful, I would reinvest 100% back into my business. I started out with an emerald star order because my director said I needed it. I had tons of product on my shelves and several maxed out credit cards resulting in a lot of debt that ultimately ended with me in bankruptcy. I was past due on rent and other bills, and I’m a single mom!

Oh yeah! While I was in MK, I lost my J O B as a nurse guess why! I talked too much Mary Kay. I was so excited and I lived & breathed Mary Kay. I would invite to our weekly meetings, talk about that free car I was getting etc. With no job, I was encouraged to work Mary Kay full time. I gave it a try! Figured I could move on up that ladder a little faster. What a joke!

I couldn’t get my unit to recruit. I was the only one working and I know my senior and her senior will say that I didn’t work hard enough. because “If it’s to be, it’s up to me”. Gosh, I heard that so many times! Plus, I heard them talk about other directors not making it and it was because they didn’t do what it takes.

I received one commission check for $1,500. I was so excited & I knew that was just the beginning. That’s the highest I got. Sad huh?

Stepping down forced me to think about a lot of things and really take a good look at what’s going on in MK. That’s when I decided to come on this site. I was told to NEVER read this stuff because it was a lot of negative women that weren’t successful with their business. Yet, here I am! Wow!

Good news is, I’m working at my new job as a charge nurse and I love it. I thought I might want to continue to sell because I had at least $10,000 in product. Thankfully I was able to send a lot of it back and ran sales to get rid of the rest and recoup what I could. I was close to losing my sanity. I can’t put into words how stressful making production was and the fear of failure.

I stayed depressed. I feel as if a heavy burden has been lifted and thank you to all the awesome women on this site!


  1. BestDecision

    Nurses are targeted in MK, and they forget RNs are better paid than ever. Benefits, too! NPs are making $100K with no experience.

    It’s disgusting how you were used, but yours is not the only story of that treatment or scenario. Welcome back to no expenses, building Social Security and 401K, no production reports to check, no keeping an eye on things even when you’re “off” or on vacation, no fear of chargebacks and reduced commissions, guaranteed pay when you show up, and no pacing while waiting for someone to keep their word on an inventory order!

  2. Char

    Thank you for thanking this site.

    “I was told to NEVER read this stuff because it was a lot of negative women that weren’t successful with their business.”

    I think they meant women who are negative on people scamming single mothers out of their money. And, negative on anyone aspiring to be a successful liar, which is what it takes to be a successful MLMer. We are guilty as charged.

    The actual business of MK Inc. got you, a single mother, to charge enough product to claim bankruptcy and lose your job. Scumbags. THIS is MKI’s sales and marketing strategy. You were never a business owner – just a direct customer of their products. What, if any, product you resold is irrelevant – like reselling old stuff at a garage sale. Who really cares about that? Certainly not the company aka the real business. The unethical business, that is.

    “Mistakes increase your experience and experiences decrease your mistakes. If you learn from your mistakes than others learn from your success.” – Unknown

    “A man should never be ashamed to own he has been in the wrong, which is but saying that he is wiser today than he was yesterday.” – Alexander Pope

    Welcome to the site of highly successful and wiser women. (and men) Please, join us as a new member.

    Friendly reminder: All MLMing is the same regardless of the name of the company or the product they use as their lure. MLMing is an act/method and not a company. The MLMing company just uses the same flawed scamming method known as multi-level marketing. Being a nurse, you will always be prey for MLM scammers. Stay on your toes.

  3. NayMKWay

    Mary Kay (and MLMs in general) reward bad behavior, and that’s just a fact. It’s no coincidence that the majority of NSDs seem to revel in exploiting and manipulating others while they put up false fronts of love, caring, teamwork, etc. It may not be universally true, but it’s pretty darned prevalent.

    Combine that with an organization with zero accountability, and what this writer went through is what you get. In a real J.O.B. there is at least an HR department you can go to if your boss is making your life miserable. You have the option of transferring to a different department or shopping your job skills to another company for equal or better pay.

    Where can a Mary Kay rep (at any level) go if they have a conflict with their upline? Corporate? Ha! They don’t care; they’ll tell you you have to work it out yourself, with the very person who’s making your life miserable. Can you transfer? Not unless you move to a new area and find someone willing to adopt you, and sometimes not even then. Find a new company? Sure, but you’ll be starting all over. 20 years doing Mary Kay gets you nowhere if you move over to Younique; you start at White Presenter like everyone else.

    MLM is lies piled atop one another. They lie about the “opportunity” they offer. They lie about the so-called friends you’ll make. They lie when they sneer at what is a much better alternative: a real job with benefits. MLM is a scourge on this Earth.

  4. lulutoo

    Thank you so much for posting this. I recently bought a book called ‘Paychecks of the Heart’ by about two dozen MK women. (I wonder if any are still in MK). NONE of them mentioned how much money they made. They all were breathless, however, over meeting Mary Kay (it’s an old book) and how she patted them on the head or something. And the love they get…well, it’s just unbelievable. (Yeah, gag me. I mean, I like my boss but if she cursed at me…!!! And most of all, I like a paycheck when I work–and NOT just ‘of the heart’ LOL)

  5. Char

    “I received one commission check for $1,500. I was so excited & I knew that was just the beginning. That’s the highest I got. Sad huh?“

    No, no, no, that’s not sad at all.

    How do you think your upline got her commission check? She got it from recruiting women like you, a single mother, to charge a bucketload of crappy makeup on your credit card. So much so that you filed bankruptcy – and lost your job. Suffice it say, recruiting people into a scam to make money is not something you should be happy about. When it comes to fraud, the lower the amount and the less frequent, the better. You wouldn’t want to do to others what upline did to you, so she could make HER commission check. Now that’s sad!

    With this new perspective and regarding your statement, “I can’t put into words how stressful making production was and the fear of failure. I stayed depressed”, should take on a whole new meaning. You failed at scamming, and you must be a lousy liar. You were only able to scam a few until you figured it all out, thank goodness. Try not to be too depressed about that!

  6. Cindylu

    It’s definitely hard to trust MK and then discover it just doesn’t work. It’s too bad that your MK dream was shattered. Truthfully mlm’s do use others and put many in debt. Unfortunately there are far too many Directors and NSD’s that are just plain mean spirited. When we quit, they get our customer base and our recruits. For a while they profit from our purchases. All the best in your future as a nurse. It’s going to be a much better path forward. MK is just too much effort for so little benefit.

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