Don’t Join Mary Kay to Have Fun

One of the common “defenses” of multi-level marketing and the fact that 99% of people lose money in it… is that people just joined to HAVE FUN! They didn’t really want to make any money. They just wanted to meet people and have fun.

In this clip from an appearance I did a few years ago on HuffPost live, I debunk the myth of joining to “have fun” with the help of Robert FitzPatrick, founder of Pyramid Scheme Alert.


  1. That video clip is short but powerful. Well done, Tracy and Robert!

    I saw a short news article awhile back that reported the results of a US government (FTC, maybe?) survey of current and former MLM members, and 80% said their primary motivation for joining was to earn income. So much for the “most only joined to have fun” myth.

    I tried to find the article later, but had no luck. I wish I had bookmarked it. If anyone can find it and post a link, I’d appreciate it.

  2. Talking about FTC, the lady I buy Plexus from is posting on and on about her making $4,000 a month and even her daughter is going on and on about making so much with Plexus. I’m like, that’s so illegal. I’m surprised that her upline hasn’t told them to remove the posts.

    • Hope you don’t mind me asking. Why are you buying products from a company that uses the MLM scam model? Surely you can find cheaper and better quality stuff elsewhere while not supporting a scam.

      Upline doesn’t care. They’d only tell her to stop if they were forced to, maybe. We’re dealing with MLMers after all.

    • Cynthia, I have to agree with Char; why are you supporting Plexus with your money? What do they sell that you can’t live without? Let me answer that for you: NOTHING. They sell snake oil and supplements. They been in trouble with the law numerous times for making unsubstantiated health claims and for having toxic chemicals in some of their products. Please do yourself a favor and visit Truth IN Advertising (TINA) and read for yourself:

      The truth about MLMs is that none of them sell anything you can’t get for less elsewhere. That’s a mathematical certainty based on the endless-chain-recruiting business model: Too many mouths to feed to offer competitive pricing. They may claim they have some magic elixir or some such nonsense, but it’s all marketing bullplop.

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