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Your Mary Kay Failure Is NOT Your Fault

Here’s a post from a private Facebook group. The poor Mary Kay consultant has started and stopped her “business” over and over for the last 11 years. She keeps failing. She wants to make MK be her full-time gig, but can’t get there. In fact, she says every time she ends up FURTHER AWAY from her goal.

Is this her own fault? Did she not work hard enough? At Pink Truth, we know the answer. Almost no one succeeds in MLM, and the ones who do “succeed” are simply profiting off the failure of others (i.e. those who bought inventory they couldn’t sell). I’m posting this to help women understand that they are not alone. This woman’s story may very well be YOUR story, and you don’t have to feel alone or embarrassed.


  1. Cindylu

    MK counts on their IBC’s and Directors to blindly trust what is repeated over and over again. The dictionary says that Hope is: a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. Trouble with hope in MK is that you’re chasing an illusion. MK is all about imagining being a Red Jacket, Director, SD and NSD. Sadly you can dream about this but vision boards won’t make it so. Also once you make it happen with tricks and gimmicks, it falls apart over and over again. You can’t control facials, classes or recruiting. You can’t control purchases of MK products. Unfortunately women can google MK and learn it’s an mlm. They can compare the price of MK products with Shiseido, Sephora, Lise Watier etc. Unlike 1968 there are dozens of choices and the beautician at the mall won’t try to recruit you.

  2. Char

    Oh honey you seem nice, let me help you out:

    Go find a woman who is really struggling to survive. Convince her to give Mary Kay Inc. (a billion dollar company) $1800 of her last dollars in cash, check, or credit. Then, you Hun, will receive a 4% kickback of $72. Hope that helps.

    When you remove all the fluff and false premise (it’s not your business), you’ll see things for what they are. But, if you’re in the “business” of siphoning money out of struggling women to send to a billion dollar corporation, using lies to convince them, go for it. I wouldn’t want to be you though.

  3. BestDecision

    How many promotions would she have gotten in 11 years outside of MK? It’s always our fault. Not enough bookings, recruits, Gold Medals. Not one bit of the blame ever goes to MK or the market itself. In 11 years with normal employment, she’d have gotten raises and promotions.

    Example: They’re launching a vitamin C & E serum later this month. Not exactly early to the market, MK!

    If you keep doing the same thing with the same results, change course. 11 years of nothing is saying something to you!

    1. Char

      “Example: They’re launching a vitamin C & E serum later this month. Not exactly early to the market, MK!”

      I’ll say. And, will they breakdown the ingredients? Will they use l-ascorbic acid? At what percentage and Ph? Ph needs to be low.

      I wonder if MK will try to compare it to Skinceuticals which cost $166 for 1 Oz.?

      They might neglect to compare to the many other affordable, effective ones like: Timeless brand C,E, Ferulic which is $25 for 1 Oz.. 20% ascorbic acid formulated at 2.4 ph.

      There’s also The Ordinary with many affordable options. There are some non l-ascorbic acid products too for those who can’t use it and find it too strong. Sale alert: 23% off everything the whole month of November for their “Black Friday” sale.

      1. Heather

        I recently tried a couple of products from The Ordinary and was really impressed with them. I’m loving their niacinamide + zinc serum, and it was $5.99 at Ulta.

        Go back to the old Day and Night solutions thing MK had. Wasn’t the night solution one SUPPOSED to be a vitamin C-based serum? The little beads that burst when you pumped it were supposed to be loaded with C and E. That stuff came on the market well after Estee Lauder, Lancome, and others had put something out several years prior.

  4. Lazy Gardens

    These words, “I cling to the hope”, asay it al. They are selling hope, not a gopod business opportunity. And everything goes to maintaining that hope, even though they know it’s futile, because that’s where the profit is.

  5. J

    It’s unfortunate that she’ll most likely be made to feel very alone by reaching out. She might receive some hollow “I” story from her leadership, some faux vulnerability. She might even receive what seems like concrete numbers: 50 faces 50 days. But what she won’t receive is a genuine breakdown on her actual expenses to achieve that. No one likes to factor in time, and that’s a huge chunk of the work. Especially when we consider that after 11 years she has bled dry every lead.

    Maybe she could go to the grocery store to hunt new prey. But in the pandemic? Who wants to let a stranger into their home? Maybe some, but they’ll be few and far between—equaling way more time invested. Add to that, the time spent encouraging the hostess to keep her appointment and invite two friends over, in a pandemic. Then gas to drive, samples, hostess discount, then mailing or gas to deliver.

    The consultant would quickly see that the 50 faces 50 day advice is nothing more than a static statement. And even if she makes a 30% profit by the end, this won’t come close to paying her minimum wage for the actual hours she invested. It’s not sustainable, and that’s why the cycle continues. Find work elsewhere until you can afford to work for pennies again and chase the hallucination of the mk dream.

  6. Ruby Slippers

    MK is not sustainable unless you are always acquiring new leads, customers, and recruits. Attrition happens. Even with a solid client base, people come and go . Its been 3 years of “not promoting” my business and only doing reorders …not callIng or sending catalogs. It’s a waste of time . Just had a text for a reorder of under eye corrector . Last time she bought was 2018 … seriously ? Not worth my time or energy . Purging all leftover MK remnants and moving on. My sister in law texted me after 2 years also and wanted an eyeliner . Smh.

    1. EyesWideShutNoMore

      I was fed up with orders like that too. One lipstick every 2 years, not worth mailing it or dropping it off. I was at an RJU and the directors know damn well people only buy 1 piddly item because the big tip that day was to have the smaller items on hand at parties so you don’t have to mail or deliver 1 eyeliner or blush etc.

      I was also fed up with people asking for items that were discontinued! I get women like a certain lipstick colour and wear it for life but it wasn’t worth the effort to track down a colour from 10 yrs ago. Although, it was disturbing how much old inventory other MKers had, REALLY old stuff but never the elusive item I was looking for.

  7. Ruby Slippers

    Agreed. I have a customer who buys 10+ of a particular item and likes previous formula best. She always asks me to try to find old ones. I used to and wasted my time driving around to get them for her.
    Not anymore, my time is valuable to me.I tell her no one has any left and send new.
    I think 2021 is the year I scrap it all . I’m so sick of it . Still have a few recruits. I have a real job. I wasted too many years in the pink fog. It’s time to move on completely

    1. BestDecision

      And asking for discounts. Or buying from a Personal Use Consultant at 50% off. MK customers aren’t the easiest to please and often abused our 100% guarantee. I had customers exchange lipsticks over and over, and, yes, I had to drive to deliver them every time.

      It’s all exhausting, isn’t it? I tried to stay in MK after I resigned from Directorship, but I frankly got sick of all the product changes. Product launches, and the need to keep everything current even though I was just trying to maintain my existing customers. And then I couldn’t stand the brand anymore with their lies of animal testing, etc. For YEARS!

      My advice? If you’re this sick of it now, read the signs and get out. It’s not worth it—Cadillacs, diamond bar pins, and all.

      1. EyesWideShutNoMore

        Oh yes, the discounts! It’s hard to compete with Sephora etc. Cindy Williams said in one of her videos to give another bottle of the Volu-Firm serum when the set was purchased since that always runs out first. That’s an expensive item for an IBC to just give away and really eats into their profits, not that Cindy and her too-tight facelift cares.

      2. Cindylu

        Absolutely. It seems that some customers sadly know they can use half a lipstick or product and then ask for a new one for free. All that wasted time dropping off new product and not getting paid for your services.

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