You Give Women a Bad Name

Apparently we give women a bad name by telling the truth about Mary Kay…

Mary Kay is one of the most respected brands of all time. I’m disappointed in people like you. It is apparent that you must have tried being a Beauty Consultant at one time, and didn’t do very well on your own. You cannot “sell” unless you sell! If you don’t do a thing, how do you expect to get business? Business does NOT come knocking on your. You have to make it happen.

If you have ever spent time with any Independent Beauty Consultant, you would actually find out the TRUTH – which is that no one HAS to buy any inventory unless they WANT to. I conducted my business for almost a year with NO INVENTORY – ZERO – NADA. I only ordered what the customers wanted each time, then delivered it. It is OPTIONAL. You most certainly “assumed” that you had to have an inventory! Either that, or you were misinformed.

You say that it’s “truth”? I say that you act like a “disgruntled employee”, who didn’t do her job! You are so mistaken with a lot of real truth about Mary Kay. You have slandered the truth and I’m surprised you haven’t been sued!

Typical woman giving other women a bad name…..hiss hiss kitty.

You are such a “disgruntled person”. Typical “woman” – Reow, hiss hiss. Obviously you do not know what you’re talking about. Maybe you attempted Mary Kay before and you didn’t work the business, so you failed. That’s not Corporate’s fault, it’s yours. You sound very uneducated and “bitter”. You obviously need a job or something to do other than spend your days trying to slander Mary Kay consultants and Corporate. Don’t you have anything better to do with your time?

It’s pathetic that you spend all day doing nothing but writing bad things about Mary Kay Cosmetics. I feel sorry for you that you don’t have much of a life, but I truly hope you get sued for slander.

You give women a bad name – hiss hiss hiss!


  1. BestDecision

    You were in MK for a YEAR and are assuming we weren’t at all? I drove Cadillacs, which is impossible if you don’t work hard. I sacrificed nights and weekends with my family to build my unit and customer base. I spent THOUSANDS of dollars to drive and fly to be trained.

    Your use of name-calling and animal sounds makes you look like the childish one. You obviously haven’t put in the work to read the many, many articles and comments on here from people who have been in MK for DECADES.

    Please, step off your high horse. You really sound ignorant and lazy.

  2. PurpleH

    There’s so much to unpack here, but I’m going to take on just one of her “points.” I work for a major retailer that owns a dozen or more house-brand names and deals with all the leading national brands as well. While we were shut down for 8 weeks as non-essential (Covid precautions), customers were quite literally knocking by on our door – every day they would walk around signs, pull on locked doors, peer through the glass, and try so hard to give us their money. We were running curbside orders with limited staff and literally running to keep up. Why? Because we had products they actually wanted, offered expert advice to help them choose, and none of us has ever tried to get a customer to open their own store. We certainly never offered bargain-rate franchises for $30.

  3. Cindylu

    When I got sick, absolutely no one in MK cared. Sad that you think we’re the problem. In a more recent job, I once again became ill. I went for surgery and got paid time off for further treatment. My boss back paid me, kept paying me throughout my illness and gave me a fantastic letter of reference. He also became quite ill and had to downsize. Even after I and others were let go, he continued to pay us months afterward. I also got a pension from him. In MK you are wasting hours and time chasing a pipe dream. You can never get sick. So all your sad negative tactics blaming victims just continues the victim blaming. It’s normal that when others try to report Corruption, Discrimination, Harassment, and Fraud, they get blamed. Anyone reporting fraud, an assault, someone polluting a river, human trafficking, children being abused are often condemned, accused of sour grapes or have a smear campaign launched against them. The only truly disgruntled individuals whose MK fantasy revealed as fake. We’ve disturbed your illusion that it’s the IBC or directors fault.

  4. Neverpink

    Has this one been posted before? The “reow hiss hiss” part seems like deja vu. (Then again, many hunbots parrot the same lines over and over.)

    Yes, telling the truth shames an entire gender. Okay Jan.

  5. Char

    Notice how all these Friday folly emails have a shallow understanding of MLM? We try to explain it, but to no avail. Sometimes, I don’t think they have the intelligence to comprehend the con game – aside from also being brainwashed. There’s that, and:

    If you resell an MLM product double price to friends and family, you are ripping off……your friends and family!!! Perhaps you’re reselling double price to fellow church members? That means you’re ripping off…..fellow church members. No one need pay double price for an MLM product. Frankly, you’re foolish with money if you do.

    Her statement, “You cannot “sell” unless you sell!” I agree. But, as described above, you’re “selling” expensive crap at double price, and you are profiting off grandma who is on a fixed income. I find that disgusting. She somehow thinks it’s an admirable skill.

    Plus, MK Inc. doesn’t want silly little consultants like her, as she would run them out of business. Her upline doesn’t want silly little consultants like her. (See I have ihatepink’s post.) This is where that comprehensive understanding of MLM matters. She has no clue that it’s not about her. Heck, it’s not even ‘her’ business; it’s Mary Kay’s.

    She “done drank” a whole case of Boone’s Farm Tickle Pink, as so many of the lovely Friday folly MK floozies do.

    P.S. “Slander” is the spoken word, “libel” is the written. Of course neither applies here, as we present facts. Those two terms refer to false statements – not facts.

  6. DonewithMK666

    What I find interesting is that these people think that we never tried. I was in MARY KAY for 21 years so please do not tell me that I did not try. What you don’t understand is that the system is flawed it is designed that you cannot succeed. Yes you might sell a few things here and there I did have some very loyal customers that even when I quit bought up everything I had however having three or four loyal customers does not justify the amount of inventory that I carried in order to satisfy my “requirements“ as a director. And to the best of my knowledge you cannot just order as a person orders because unless you do a minimum order once every quarter you are not considered active so I to call BS on the statement that you didn’t have any inventory for a year!!

  7. KayNotMary

    “You are such a “disgruntled person”. Typical “woman” – Reow, hiss hiss. Typical woman giving other women a bad name…..hiss hiss kitty.”

    Reow? Hiss? How old are you, eight? Write like an adult if you want to be taken seriously.

    “Typical woman” – if you really want to do women a favor, you can get rid of your internalized misogyny. Ugh.

  8. PopTil

    Poor girl is so clueless. I applaud you for hopefully making new recruits run as quickly as possible away from these Barbie Robots. Maybe I should feel bad, but I laugh out loud when I hear someone say they sell MK. It really is a laughable job(?).

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