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A Pathetic MK Bashing Blog

Another heartwarming note from a supporter of Mary Kay:

I am sorry that some of you purchased WAY more inventory than you were willing to sell, but it just goes to show that you CAN NOT BUY your way into Mary Kay, which apparently many of you were trying to without doing the work.

You have to work the career path and MK is far more legitimate and a far better opportunity than anything Corporate America has to offer or all the BS Corporate America will ask you to do and never comnpensating you for it either. I look back at my Mary Kay days as very positive and some of the BEST sales training I have ever received and I have been to ALL the seminars. Mary Kay and other direct sales companies are about THE BEST thing going out there and sorry if the rest of you want to sit behind a desk and retire on 1/3 of what you are now making, but not me.

I WISH that I was getting a percentage of EVERYONE I have ever trained in Corporate America!!!!!!!!! ALL of you are really sad and TOO BAD that some of you sold stuff back to MK, you can NOT ever join again. At least I know I can always go back (if cosmetics were to ever become my thing, which sadly wasn’t)if I wanted too, but I am with another company and doing very well at it. I was looking for an old friend in MK and ran across this pathetic MK bashing blog. This is really a sad, sad site. Get a life all of you. Please.


  1. Samantha

    So it’s because we weren’t willing to sell? Ooooh that makes sense. You see people were banging my door down to buy Mary Kay but I just refused to open the door. Why I’d be the next Pam Shaw if I had just beelieved and opened the door. Shame on me! ???

  2. J

    Retire on 1/3 of your income in corporate??

    Hmm, maybe if she had worked harder finding a good company and diversifying her portfolio she wouldn’t think that’s the norm.

  3. BestDecision

    When you showed up for a skin care class, were you guaranteed pay? I get a paycheck AND benefits when I work. I don’t have to carry business cards everywhere I go. I don’t have to approach women in public places and give them compliments. I don’t have to wonder if I’ll have a car payment or not for the next 3 months, nor how much it will or won’t be. I don’t have to drive to an interview, wait for a prospect to show up, and have her no show or cancel after I devoted my time for her.

    When I work, I am guaranteed a known amount of pay without guesswork. When I work, I am surrounded by professional colleagues who don’t wear house slippers to conferences or shoulders full of chintzy pins. When I work, no one is boasting or creating stories to make themselves more successful than they really are. When I work, no one is hiding behind reports and numbers others can’t see about how much production they do or don’t have in.

    I booked, coached, sold, and recruited in MK, and I had Cadillacs, diamonds, and offspring. So, please read further on here to educate yourself on who you’re lecturing.

    1. Heather

      Best, I carry business cards for work purposes, yet I don’t have to give them out as a stalker. Heck, I’m giving them out AT work since those are the people who need them!

  4. Char

    “You have to work the career path and MK is far more legitimate and a far better opportunity than anything Corporate America has to offer or all the BS Corporate America will ask you to do and never comnpensating you for it either.” –

    Another network marketing “business owner” who doesn’t realize Mary Kay is a CORPORATION. Let’s review again the benefits this corporation doesn’t offer to the “buying force” aka consultomers. Of course, customers don’t typically receive benefits, and that’s why customers dubbed consultants don’t either!


    “A company that believes in its people takes care of them with truly exceptional benefits that help employees at work, at home, and in retirement. It starts with a generously supported and comprehensive health and welfare plan which includes medical, dental, and vision. We also invest in our people by providing a 401(k) plan and, as a privately-held company, Mary Kay offers a very generous profit-sharing program to all employee levels. And most people at Mary Kay have access to on-site fitness and health centers. As part of our commitment to employee wellness, we even provide on-site mammograms and flu shots.

    Medical/Dental/Vision Coverage
    Short- and Long-Term Disability
    Flexible Spending Accounts (Health Care and Dependent Care)
    Life Insurance/Accidental Death and Dismemberment
    Tuition Assistance
    On-Site Training Opportunities
    Holiday Bonus
    Product Discounts

    FREE On-Site Fitness Center (Corporate and Manufacturing)
    FREE On-Site Health Clinic (Corporate and Manufacturing)
    On-Site Mammograms, Flu Vaccinations and Health Screenings
    Mother’s Room
    Tobacco-Free Campus
    Pink pie chart broken into three pieces.
    Profit Sharing
    401(k) Plan

    Vacation Time
    Floating Holidays
    Parental Leave
    Personal Time


    Mary Kay Inc’s sales and marketing strategy is to convince their direct buying customers that they are the “sales force”.

    Posting the benefits is not meant to compliment MK! I merely hope current consultants reading are just a wee bit envious, and wondering why they don’t receive them. Ya know, since they are part of Mary Kay and sooooo important, lol. Oh wait, I have another one: And they’re “an executive in the company”. Lololol.

    1. Mountaineer95

      Well said! Also, my thoughts on this:

      “MK is far more legitimate and a far better opportunity than anything Corporate America has to offer”…see, it’s a claim like this that causes her entire statement unreliable at best. Why? Well, in order for her claim that MK is a better opportunity, and more legitimate than, ‘anything’ corporate America has to offer, she MUST know exactly every single opportunity that’s available in corporate America…and not only know every opportunity that is offered, but also the specifics of every one of these opportunities. Her use of “any” thing requires this to be considered a legit statement. And of course we know she does not and cannot know these things. Sorry to bring legitimate logical arguments, Kaybots.

  5. Destiny Angel

    ALL of you are really sad and TOO BAD that some of you sold stuff back to MK, you can NOT ever join again

    If I burnt my hand on the stove, I’d be stupid to repeat the action. And I would be culpable if I advised a friend to do something physically or mentally dangerous. Why shouldn’t that be the same if I’m advising the same friend to avoid an action which could lead to damaging their financial future and inter-personal relationships.

  6. cindylu

    This is a joke right. This is 2020 during a Pandemic. Who the heck wants to book a stupid make up party with a stranger (risking our health)? Why wear over priced make up that no one can see and will stain our mask? I had my vehicle stolen while trying to recruit someone. I was always on edge going into a strangers home. MK pay to play. Pay for the kit and dozens of product changes by a company that doesn’t care. Christmas perfumed lotions that are ghastly and won’t sell. A men’s line that no one wants. Expensive over priced conferences and Seminar. Costly ugly uniforms and pathetic training. Co-pays on cars and laughable slogans that boast of empowering women. The reality is a dozen are successful in Mk (Most likely never ever you) and thousands are either in debt, have ruined marriages and struggle to sell over priced products. In the end the only ones who succeed are: the heirs, a few CEO’s at MK Corp, a few NSD’s and e-bay. It’s sad that you disparage the painful stories of those who believed in MK and tried to make a way. You defend MK but stubbornly refuse to see how for fifty years this company has ruined many lives.

  7. KayNotMary

    “ you CAN NOT BUY your way into Mary Kay”

    Actually, that’s the ONLY way into Mary Kay. MK tracks how much you buy but couldn’t care less how much you sell. The real end customers are the consultants. Have fun with your pyramid scheme.

  8. cbbgreat

    “you purchased WAY more inventory”
    the writer acknowledges IBCs are simply product re-sellers
    “MK is far more legitimate and a far better opportunity than anything Corporate America has to offer”
    please provide verifiable proof of this statement, because my experience is different
    “I was looking for an old friend in MK”
    trolling for customers?

    I am mystified why the writer felt the desire to praise MK even though not a member of the selling club.

  9. Heather

    “..want to sit behind a desk and retire on 1/3 of what you are now making…”

    Are you stupid? I have to ask because I am starting to wonder who ties your shoes. Upon my retirement (whenever I decide that will be), I am expecting to have an income pretty darn close to what I have right now. How is this possible??? Let me count the ways:

    – I have a 403(b) with my corporate gig, and yes, I get matching money.
    – Hubs and I have multiple investments for retirement, some taxable, some not.
    – I also qualify for a pension from my corporate gig. Sure, it’s rather small, BUT I HAVE A PENSION. Do YOU after all of your time with MK??
    – I’m not even including the hubs’ retirement from the military in this (he earned that, not me. I was along for the ride.).

    Now, let me address this, ” Get a life all of you. Please.” I have a life. I have a darn good life. As a nurse, I worked a lot of weekends and holidays (because healthcare does not take any time off). BUT I got paid handsomely for holidays to the tune of time and a half. As a travel nurse, I made ~$100/hour on holidays, usually more. Did you make $100/hour on holidays and leave work at work? In my new nursing position, I do not have to work on weekends and holidays. At all. I can go in for a while on the weekend if I so choose in order to see my staff (and I probably will because I care about them). I also get PAID holidays and PAID time off. No one ever had that in MK. NO ONE. We get to take vacations where my time off is PAID. Plus, I leave work at work; it doesn’t come home with me.

    So sweetie, your argument is completely invalid. Tuck and roll…. that first step off of your high horse is going to be a b*tch.

    1. Imewise

      Funny thing …. you don’t get a commission on everyone you train. Didn’t you ever hear the “1/3 on their way out” line? We were trained as directors to immediately recruit when we came home from directorship training because many of our unit members were not going to last the quarter.

  10. Mountaineer95

    …”retire on 1/3 of what you are now making, but not me…”

    So, in other words, you’d rather retire with NOTHING than 1/3 of what we’ve been earning in our JOBs?

    The math is not strong in this one.

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