Become a Director in One Month!

Ridiculous. This entire document is ridiculous. It’s supposed to be an instructional document on how to become a director in one month. There is absolutely no instruction to it. There are no “how-to” hints. All it does is tell you that you should want it enough, believe in yourself and work hard.

Really? Gee. Work hard. That’s all? Because the thousands of women who visit this site each day worked hard. But they didn’t make director in one month.

Why isn’t there any real instruction to this? Because the real way to make director involves only three things:

1. Recruit

2. Frontload

3. Use your own credit card to “finish” whatever production you need

So here it is…






  • Finish fast for someone else like your family, your director, to help make your director an NSD, to help make your national #1.
  • You want to be on seminar stage and debut with our national area.
  • You really don’t want to wear the red jacket, you want to be in the suit.
  • You don’t want to have to decide what to wear at seminar / conferences.
  • You get the new products and promotions early and can sample new items as test marketers.
  • You have special access to the company
  • You get to order for you and your consultants on the last two days of the month.
  • You get to encourage and assist 24 women to achieve their MK goals.
  • Maybe your director has some other incentive, a trip or day at the spa.
  • You can have special recognition at conferences and seminar.
  • You want to quit your job!!!
  • Have you thought of the necklace? Also can get director unit jewelry.


  • You earn 13% on your own personal wholesale orders. We make 63% not 50%.
  • You make 13% commissions on your recruit’s recruits.
  • You can make bonuses of $500 to $5000 per month and $1500 quarterly bonus.
  • My last DIQ check was $1,500 but if I was a director, I would have made $5,000!!


The production of $13,500 in one month sounds intimidating, but look at this:

2 – $3,000 = $6,000
1 – $1,800 = $1,800
2 – $ 600 = $1,200
Lots of $225’s (16) = $3,600
Your Personal $1,000
TOTAL $13,600

You enter DIQ with 10 personal recruits, you still need 13 plus yourself to get to 24, so the above numbers will be perfect. Just work the production backwards. Start with $13,500 on paper, and keep a tally as you go. Getting $3,000 the first week, really helps keep you motivated. Strive to go in with at least 15 active.

You just need to spend at least 10 to 20 hours a week and you can get this done in a month. Plan to take some time off from work, especially the last two days of the month. This month is not going to be a fun month recreationally. No TV, no movies, no shopping, unless your intention is to warm chatter.

Run with someone else. Find the one or two consultants in your group who have goals. If they want to DIQ, help them. Finishing with a DIQ makes it easier.

Strive for 50 interviews within your unit. You must do them with your director and have your consultants also set up interviews with your director. By the end of the month you will be ready to do them yourself. Actually by the 10th one you should be pretty good. Let them know this is a part of your training and that they are not under any obligation, but just to listen. Offer a gift for doing the interview. Use the personality sheet. Laminate it, use a washable marker and mark of their identifying marks, you will know how to appeal to them.

You and your consultants must bring guests to every event and unit meeting. Let them know that the meeting is not long. Tell the guests that they will get a gift for coming. If someone does not go, set up an interview with them. Offer them a gift for the interview.

Listen to your director!!!! Do whatever she tells you to do. She knows how to become a director, she is one, and you are not.

Go to your unit meeting, every week. Book your classes and have selling appointments. Make sure you and your consultants bring guests to each event. These keep you motivated. YOU NEED THEM. YOUR TEAM NEEDS YOU TO BE THERE. IF YOU ARE NOT THERE SUPPORTING YOUR DIRECTOR, WHY SHOULD SHE SUPPORT YOU?

Tell everyone about your goal to become a director. Your director needs to know so she can help you. Tell the consultant in your group and your fellow consultants. If you work, your workmates should all know. Your family and friends also need to know. Ask them for referrals. Offer them incentives to get you interviews. Literally talk to every person you know, and ask them, “Have you ever thought about doing something like Mary Kay?” DON’T PRE-JUDGE!!!

The women you hesitate to ask are probably the ones who would sign up.

Be excited about it!! Be Happy!! People will want to help you or be a part of what you are doing. Don’t be obviously stressed. No one wants to help you be more stressed. When you are stressed call your director, do not vent to your family, friends or fellow consultants, when you are down talk up to your director. Communication with your director is important. Talk to her everyday. She will keep you going.

You are going to be so busy this month, have at least 30 recruiting packets ready. Also, discuss signing bonuses with your director. Have copies of the bonus that is offered for recruiting and for inventory. Being prepared will help you to close the prospective consultant. Keep a schedule and stick to it you need to spend a lot of your time doing MK this month. Just plan on taking a month off from doing all the tasks that add to your day. Make sure your family and friends understand that you will be very limited in your time.

Be confident that you will finish in one month and you will. Decide that this will happen, decide that there is no alternative, you will finish with 24 and $13,500 in one month.


  1. I can sit here and decide all day that I am going to be a banana. I’m going to just do it and there is no other option, but by golly when I wake up in the morning I am still a human. This whole document is just fluff.

    • The Necklace?! Ok well I have a confession to make, I am a spoiled spoiled wife. My husband pretty much buys me anything I say I like. We actually go specifically to jewelry stores about every 2 weeks, so he knows who h pieces I like or don’t like. I get jewelry just because he wants to get it for me… Therr doesn’t have to be a special occasion for me to get a new necklace. I also don’t have to spend my time talking about poor quality make up or trying to convince someone to buy 4,000 worth of a poor quality make up to get a necklace I think is pretty …. I know it’s a Crazy.Concept ?…. I also am a clothes horse so deciding what to wear for me is fun. I don’t like being told what to wear by anyone.

    • Samantha, you forgot to put pictures of bananas on your refrigerator. That’s why your “Be a banana” mission fell through. Glad I could help.

    • Apparently you have not yet read “How To Become A Banana For Dummies” by DSA (Direct Sales my Ass)

      Also from this publisher:

      “How To Lose Money Fast/AKA Join My Small Business”

      …and, my favorite, “How To Embarrass Yourself When Complaining To Pink Truth” which contains chapters of note such as:

      “Strategic and Frequent Use Of Caps Lock”, and…

      “All Of The World’s Exclamation Points Are Yours (if you only believe)”.

  2. Bahaha. Once again this joke of an mlm dreams up another fantasy fast track scheme to delude desperate women into thinking saying it makes it so. Can this get any more ridiculous. They’re not even trying to hide this foolishness behind some kind of mission, sisterhood empowerment statement or faith filled gibberish. Another bazaar fictional idea that is just nonsense.

  3. “Really? Gee. Work hard. That’s all? Because the thousands of women who visit this site each day worked hard. But they didn’t make director in one month.”

    What kind of “work” are they doing? That is the question that gets lost on them. Tracy answers this below:

    “Because the real way to make director involves only three things:
    1. Recruit
    2. Frontload
    3. Use your own credit card to “finish” whatever production you need”

    The “work” is endless-chain recruiting people to lose money, so she, the director, can make a cut off the new recruits’ losses. This is also known as MLMing. She needs to lie about the “opportunity” to convince people to fork over their cash and join. She also gives her own money to the company to falsely buy a position. The director is in the business of scamming; she is an MLMer.

    Regardless of how hard she works, scamming is scamming. Even if you dress it up, spin a story, or go to church, it’s still scamming. And of course some people are more successful at lying than others. Certainly not a “skill” I’d be proud of.

    The whole conversation about working hard when presented by the MLMer is bogus. It purposely suggests legitimacy, which is what the scammers want.

    I am not suggesting consultants don’t work hard, but I am suggesting they work hard at scamming. There is a difference! For context, I have no doubt Bernie Madoff worked hard, as he was extremely successful running a Ponzi scheme. I’ll bet Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos also worked very hard each day. Scamming is indeed hard work.

    To consultants:

    How many women are you willing to sucker into an endless-chain recruiting scheme so you can profit?

    Since the closed-loop MLM system is designed to profit the company and a few top liars, you are going to have to work harder than you were led to believe. It is only the most skilled con artists that can pull it off and rise to the top as “leaders”.

    Meanwhile, MKI plugs along clearing their warehouses of products making billions off you. Their real employees enjoy all the benefits of working for MKI, and they all thank you for your huge credit card ORDERS.

  4. Here’s the real reason … Finish fast to help make your director an NSD, to help make your national #1. Because that 1-month churn of recruits and ordering may push THEM over the finish line, even if you fail.

  5. I got tired just reading this mess. I get matching 401(k) contributions, pre-tax health insurance contributions, annual and sick leave, among many other monetary benefits. Not stressing about any of it, just collecting my guaranteed (substantial) direct deposit every two weeks. I don’t even have to pay my employer anything to go to work! MK salespeople must jump through so many hoops for so little, and it one of the worst MLM schemes ever, making mostly women financially insecure. I lost a friend to this, an intelligent woman that believed the lies and wanted to belong and get an ego boost. I wish the salespeople would recognize what MK corporate employees receive, in addition to set pay. I understand the sunk cost fallacy at play here, and the manipulations MLM use to prey upon people. But so many of you got out, I still hold out hope for my friend.

  6. Oh, and Pink Truth is AWESOME, kudos and thanks to Tracy and to all of you who at one fell victim to the pink lies of MK. Sharing your experiences here, along with all the practical guidance, is invaluable to those waking up.

    Tracy, my daughter is working on her accounting degree with the goal of becoming a forensic accountant, she loves your other site! You are the kind of entrepreneur women should aspire to be.

    Sorry for double posting.

  7. This so-called how to is a pipe dream. For those who do manage to pull this off, they fizzle out faster than a bottle rocket on Independence Day. The problem with scams is you run out of other peoples’ money and then lose your shirt trying to stay afloat. Corporate wins and you are left with a mess.

  8. I’m with Jetta: I got tired just reading this mess. I’ll admit, though, that I was soured from the get-go by the mathematical impossibility of what the deranged writer of this dreck was proposing.

    If even one in 24 recruits manages to make Director in a month (which requires 24 recruits), that’s doubling the population every month. After two and a half years, you’ll have a billion recruits trying to recruit 24 each, out of a population of less than 1/3rd that, including men and children.

    This, dear reader, is the sad reality of endless-chain recruiting: inevitable market saturation, and lots and lots of hopeful people losing money to these giant corporations like Mary Kay. It’s sickening.

    Also sickening are those letters from critics claiming we’re the bad guys for pointing out how MLM-ing is scamming. But at least they have entertainment value.

  9. You’ll shell out big bucks for that director suit, and you may not wear it for long.

    I just checked in on a few of the SDs I’ve been following…two are now shown as IBCs on the MK Consultant Locator. Another is out of MK. And another (who was actually a Senior SD for a hot minute) is also out.

    Each SD stint lasted about three or four years.

    • And isn’t the suit this year UGLY! I wonder if suit sales are down since there aren’t any events to wear it to so why buy one. Or is it a requirement to buy one?

      • I’ve been watching The Crown season 4. And I saw one suit HM was wearing in a blue tweed which immediately made me think of a MK directors outfit.

      • It’s a requirement to wear it if you want onstage awards or to be recognized as a Director in a crowd. There’s immense pressure to buy one, and I know of not one single Director that ever skipped buying it. It was an “honor” to finally make it to Directorship, so we all craved it so badly we’d wear a potato sack if they glorified it.

        • I figured it was more of a peer-pressure thing to sport the suit but wasn’t sure when there would be occasion this year to wear it. I remember my SD saying the year the suit was black with the blue accents that she wore it to funerals. Wanted to get her money’s worth I guess!

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