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Mary Kay Puts a Wedge in Marriages

Written by Nutmeg

Yes, MK  put a wedge in my marriage. I was a stay-at-home mom with 2 children and was feeling a little neglected by my husband’s very busy work/travel schedule. I decided to give MK a try to get me out of the house and make a little money. My husband was a little worried that I got talked into over $3,500 (which I borrowed from our joint account) inventory, but was happy for me when I started making good sales and paying back the “loan” from our account.

I started Mary Kay on May 28 and my NSD was doing everything possible to talk me into going to seminar. She tried to get me to book seminar and a plane ticket while on the phone with her, but I didn’t know her that well and wouldn’t go for it. I talked it over with my husband and we decided it was stupid for me to spend more money when I hadn’t paid back the initial loan on my inventory yet.

A couple months after that, I wasn’t so lucky. She talked me into going to a team leader retreat and wouldn’t get off the phone with me until I booked a plane ticket – she told me I didn’t need to ask my husband’s permission, did I? After all, I had paid off my inventory, right? I made my own money, right?

Needless to say, he was not happy. She convinced me he wasn’t happy because he was jealous and afraid of my success. As soon as I got back from that trip, I went into DIQ, and you all know what happens then. I became crazy. MK 24/7. We couldn’t take our family vacation that we took every spring, my husband wasn’t happy about that. Whenever he would come up with a valid point/question about this DIQ process or express his concerns about how much time I was away, I’d get the husband bashing from my NSD and my adopted SD. I believed he was not supportive, jealous of my success and I stopped telling him things about my business.

My only saving grace during this time was even though I thought my husband was the enemy, I would not go into debt. I would work like CRAZY to sell loads of product to make enough money to buy more to meet goals. My husband stood by me but constantly was reminding me not to be stupid with my money and that MK’s business philosophy and rules just didn’t add up. (Telling an adult woman that she cannot have alcohol at any time during a business trip that she paid for out of her own pocket?????)

When his company started layoffs, I thought of what I would do if he lost his job. I thought long and hard and realized I hated what I did. I hated everything about MK. But I couldn’t talk to anyone about that, especially my husband. I couldn’t talk to MK people because that was negative and I couldn’t talk to anyone outside MK about that because I was so programmed that they were all negative and didn’t want me to succeed. Then I found Pink Truth and knew I wasn’t alone. The fog lifted and I did sit down with my husband and we discussed it. I told him I decided it was best for me to step down as director and look for a part-time job instead. He was thrilled. Things became so much better. We are all so much happier.

Thank God I saw the light and thank God for all of you wonderful women at PINK TRUTH!!


  1. Cindylu

    Yes. MK herself with several failed marriages dared blame husbands for this very flawed mlm. Throw an onion on the stove to con your husband into thinking supper’s on the way. The husband unawareness plan. My husband initially supported me even though we both disliked and were very wary of my misleading SD. In the end being away from family and constant changes in unsellable products brought me to my senses. At least you didn’t waste money and time away from family at Seminar. Seminar the embellishing of the MK dream. Yes MK the sainted savior flogging a Pink Car, Trips, Jewelry etc. all to get us to buy more unsellable product and go in debt. No husband likes being made a fool of financially or otherwise. No husband enjoys watching from the side line while their partner is lied to, manipulated and doing a balance act trying to meet an unattainable mlm goal. Hundreds of marriages jeopardized or ruined so MK heirs, NSD’s and Corp CEO’s benefit. Sinful and not ever worth it.

  2. nomoremlm4me

    The amount of information that is kept from husbands by those in mlms is so damaging. Even if he never finds out you misled him, *you* know. This causes such a rift in a marriage. I’m so glad you eventually talked together and you got out of this damaging con.

  3. PinkPubblePopped

    A HUGE red flag for me is that my SD and I are both Christians. When I pointed out to her that the Husband Unawareness Plan was not Christian and went directly against a Godly marriage, she rolled her eyes at me. Anyone who knows me knows better than to try to come between me and my husband. He truly is my rock. I told her MK was not going to be the company for me, and walked out of whatever that rah rah meeting was without signing that contract was. I am well aware what a bullet I dodged!

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