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You Conduct Yourself in Non Business Like Ways

A critic of Pink Truth thinks that we don’t take responsibility for our own actions. She’s upset because we call out women who finish directorship with fake consultants and products purchased in their names. The sad truth is that everyone in Mary Kay finishes directorship this way, and they’re taught to do this by their upline.

It is important to note that this consultant believes that doing “30 faces per month” for half a year will sustain director production for the year. It won’t. And you should also know that she says “because I do it”…. yet she is NOT even a director.

Pink Truth  is a great look into how someone can create a mess in Mary Kay if they try to buy their way into leadership.  How about doing the faces and having fun!! If you did not make a goal oh well? Mary Kay is first about the product and the customers. If you loved that part so much you should have not had this much trouble.

You forced yourself and your will into directorship by “buying” in 7 consultants to finish? That is crazy? how about continuing to grow your unit until you can meet the qualifications on your own. Sounds like you made very stupid financial decisions to buy yourself into leadership! That was you fault not Mary Kay’s fault!

Funny how all of you ladies conduct yourself in non business like ways and then blame it on the company! Really where is your honesty, integrity, and work ethic? If you work your business 1/2 of the year 6 months at 30 faces per month that is enough to sustain directorship production no problem! I know because I do it!! Your fault! Don’t buy it if you did not sell it period!! My director and I do not have a bunch of inventory laying around because we work our businesses the RIGHT way!!!!


  1. Samantha

    Let’s see, I can focus on doing faces and having fun, or I can focus on sitting at my desk for 40 hours a week being a quality analyst. From home. In my pajamas. Without talking to a single person all day.

    Guess which one is going to pay the bills, not put me into debt, and keep my relationships intact?

    Also no one joins Mary Kay to have fun.

  2. MK "failure"

    Interesting. I worked my backside off for 18 months doing everything required of me. Hours upon hours a day making calls, hours upon hours of finding faces everywhere I went, inventory purchases, star consultant every.single.quarter. I always had 3-6 parties scheduled each week only to have nobody show or if they did, they didn’t buy anything. I worked my team … was a red jacket within first quarter of signing up and team leader withing the second. I spent the time, the money, went to every single event, meeting, seminar, etc. This business is a scam. Period. Corporate changed products or packaging simply to sell to the consultants, not the customers. So no to the “I’m doing it” consultant who wrote this letter. You are not doing it. You are lying just like MK expects you to. I’m not bitter. I’m not lazy. I’m a success because I saw the light and got the heck out of dodge!!!

    1. TRACY

      I know the feeling. I did the same for 18 months. I did everything I was told I hustled every single day to get books and do the correct coaching and follow-up. I made NOTHING. And yet, I have a real business as a forensic accountant. I was quite successful in developing this and I happened to start it about a year after I got into MK. So I think the idea that I’m a lazy loser who doesn’t know how to run a business doesn’t apply here, and my experience proves that MK is just a scam.

      1. NayMKWay

        The critics who drive by lobbing that “You didn’t treat your business as a business” are missing the point. You don’t have a business to run in Mary Kay, because Mary Kay isn’t a business, Mary Kay is a scam.

        To succeed in a scam, you have to run it like a scam. You have to be willing to parrot the corporate lie, and do so convincingly, with an open-mouthed smile that conveys excitement and energy. Deception and manipulation are the keys to success in Mary Kay, because how the heck are you going to recruit anyone if you’re honest with them?

    2. Char

      And to make matters worse, all that “work” you did was as an MLM scammer! You worked hard at attempting to scam other women. (Unbeknownst to you)

      *Please don’t interpret my statement as offensive. I know you didn’t realize it at the time and you were the victim – because that’s how MLMing works! Scam a lot of people, or be scammed yourself doing it. I write it to make women understand that it is the TYPE of work you do. No doubt successful drug dealers “work” very hard too. That is the context everyone needs to understand.

      MLM is a scam. If one actively participates in it, that makes them…..a scammer. The confusing thing with MLM is: You are being scammed yourself while scamming others. The 1% scams the other 99% within the same closed loop of people.

      For some crazy reason, being an MLMer has become acceptable in society. Oh I know, lobbyists. I suppose it is such a good con game, with the refined spiel and impression that it’s somehow legitimate, that I suspect even former participants are not comfortable with my use of the word “scammer”. I seek to change that, and make “MLMer” synonymous with “scammer” to help deter future victims from thinking “work” as an MLMer is legitimate and ethical. It’s not. I use the word on purpose sometimes to send a stronger message.

  3. Cindylu

    Wow. She makes it sound so easy. How about an Open House where women actually want to come and buy something? How about the company not change the products every 8 weeks or so. Could she please explain why products constantly change at our expense? Also could she explain why they haven’t advertised in any single mainstream magazine or commercial ever? Please explain the co-pays if you win that car? Explain why I had to pay for Monday night meetings, conferences, all training and seminar when training is supposedly free? I worked in a great job where I was well paid and now get a pension. I got all expense trips in another career. You can’t do facials because you are not licensed.

  4. Char

    “You forced yourself and your will into directorship by “buying” in 7 consultants to finish? That is crazy? how about continuing to grow your unit until you can meet the qualifications on your own.” —

    Jokes on her! I’d much rather have the active consultant/scammer spend her own money buying a title, than have her dupe someone new to sign up and use their own money.

    “My director and I do not have a bunch of inventory laying around because we work our businesses the RIGHT way!!!!” —

    Meaning you and your director have a team. You two preyed on women and had them join an MLM scam. Shameful. Just because you don’t understand it, or you “believe” in it, doesn’t make it true – or right.

  5. Kristen

    When are these critics going to come up with a new argument? Honestly, you can’t have a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Instructions: 1. read the facts. 2. Form criticism based on facts. NOT: make assumptions and criticize based on MLM brainwashing rhetoric. I guess this explains how she got suckered in.

  6. Juliet

    I do very much appreciate and respect the women who send the critical missives, detailing every reason Pink Truthers are lazy loosersssss, and why they have or they are, the director who does everything THE RIGHT WAY, rare though that entity might be. Then…..sometimes even just six months later from what I’ve seen, the person writes here or on the forum that they were the critical author and now have seen the Pink Truth for themselves. That is really, really hard to do, even to total strangers under complete anonymity, and that adds even more weight to their words.

  7. NayMKWay

    “Your fault!”

    There’s that phrase again. It’s all your fault if you crashed and burned. Because it’s such a wonderful system, you see. All possibility of failure has been designed out, but only if you follow the system. “Only quitters fail, and only failures quit,” I believe is the slogan.

    No other industry talks like this, just MLM. As long as they pretend there’s a sure-fire path to success, they can blame every case of financial ruin on the victim not following directions.

    99% of participants lose money, and it’s not because 99 out of 100 are just crappy at sales. It’s because this “business” is a fraud.

  8. BestDecision

    I gave over a decade to Directorship and only now have insurance, PTO, paid holidays, and more in my career. I don’t worry about my car payment being subtracted or chargebacks lessening my pay. I don’t stay up late at month-end waiting for people to keep their word and order, nor do I hope I get my Star quarterly bonus. I now get handsome Christmas bonuses and birthday gifts, and I work with polished professionals that don’t make me cringe in what they wear or how they represent me.

    Yours is a business dependent upon MK Inc making the right choices of products to launch and when you’ll get your next raise. Still making 13% on personal teams after all these years, right? And 13% on unit production?? (Don’t be fooled by the added 10%. You were already getting that, but now MK has you convinced they’re so generous as to automatically give you that.)

    And now you’re competing with essential oils people and products. Make sure you can swim because you’re on a sinking ship!

  9. Heather

    I have to wonder if MK and its minions send folks like her to this site with their talking points, such as it’s our fault and we didn’t work things as we were SUPPOSED to. Because honestly, these folks sound like broken records. The half-truths and outright lies that come each week are almost verbatim. There is no valid argument from the MK bots.

    Now excuse me while I get back to my career that offers way more than directorship ever did – paid time off, work-free weekends, a 403(B), and more.


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