The Lie of the Golden Rule

Mary Kay Cosmetics was founded on our belief in the Golden Rule. We strive to provide opportunities for women to achieve their maximum potential. And we tell all our consultants and directors that God and their families come before our company – and that whenever they experience a conflict, the company should be put in third place. (Mary Kay: You Can Have It All 1997 Calendar)

Unfortunately, Mary Kay consultants, directors, and corporate employees do not believe in the golden rule. Rather, they believe in (and use, teach, and promote) dishonesty on a regular basis. It begins with the recruiting talk, in which you will be provided select information. You will be told lies of omission, you will hear false earnings claims, and you will be told many other lies to convince you to sign up.

The lies continue with the inventory talk. New consultants will be told they “need” inventory because you “can’t sell from an empty wagon.” They will be given false figures for the sales they can expect, and they will be given false statistics like “women purchase an average of $___ more when the consultant has inventory on hand.”

Continuous lies are the Mary Kay way, which certainly is not in line with the Golden Rule. The lies you hear are related to your upline’s desire for you to order more (even when they know you won’t be able to sell it), recruit more (even when they know you are uncomfortable with the tactics used to recruit and you feel bad for luring women into an opportunity in which you are losing money while you tell the recruits they will make money), and try to move up the career ladder (even when they know you are almost guaranteed to fail and lose more and more money as you try to move up).

This is what makes Mary Kay so insidious and makes it a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The company has established itself as one that helps and empowers women. They use quotes and phrases that are uplifting and motivating. It sounds like they are doing the best for women. At the same time, they are out deceiving women about their chances of making money, lying to get them to sign up as consultants, and coercing them to buy inventory they’ll almost surely never sell. That is pure evil.


  1. Char

    I heard Bernie Madoff also ‘said’ his company was founded on the Golden Rule. I ‘say’ I’m a Transylvanian Princess with a huge dowry that I want to share with others. I’ll just need your bank account and SS number.

    Point is, who cares what Mary Kay says they are? Founded on the Golden Rule my @$$. As Tracy explains, you need to be a liar to climb the ladder. The 1% lies to the other 99%, and the best liars win.

    Mary Kay and all MLM companies create this same illusion filled with actors and their clever sayings to trick you into spending/investing money. That’s it.

    Mary Kay’s own “empowering women” is:

    “Let me see how many women I can convince to participate in my MLM scam. Some will be complicit and some will be victims. I can’t wait to see who is the most successful liar. NTL, I will make them all feel special as part of my grand plan. Compliments, brainwashing, and teaser gifts and sashes I’ve found are all very effective tools to deceive and purposely cause confusion. (Fast forward) And just look at what I’ve achieved. I’ve built a billion dollar debt-free company. My family will want for nothing, and I am a master scammer in disguise, ha. I knew that “Golden Rule” and God stuff would work well on women with good hearts. But, I also knew that some women were lesser versions of me – money hungry “sharp” women who will stop at nothing. And I mean, stop at nothing.”

    Worshipping the “leaders” is bassackwards. They are the biggest crooks and should be condemned:

    “………..Hallelujah, where’s the Tylenol?”

  2. BestDecision

    My Director’s lack of “Golden Rule” just cost her a $500 bonus. She didn’t have 5 unit Star Consultants, so she didn’t get the bonus.

    After the years of lies upon lies, backstabbing, pettiness, and horrible leadership, she’s reaping what she sowed. Sometimes it comes immediately, but the fall always comes. Always. What goes around, comes around!

  3. Cindylu

    My SD once revealed all her cards by writing on a white Board: “Career, Family, Faith”. It was then that all the BS of MK was clearly marked out. It wasn’t some kind of Spiritual, Women’s Friendship Club. It wasn’t based on Faith or Kindness. MK herself spelled out just how truly ruthless she could be. She did it by pitting Directors against each other. She did it with false awards and fake contests. Those stupid prize boxes consultants stick on a real business owners counter. Encouraging us to warm stalk women at a local store. Eventually real business owners place no soliciting signs to get rid of the deceptive MK mlm parasites. My SD relished the idea of being asked to leave. To her it was a joke and simply meant she needed to continue the scam at another mall. I cannot fathom that this SD has deceived even herself for three decades. After all her lying, manipulating and delusional pretending, she’s still just an SD. Sadly though this number game with many Directors and NSD’s has ruined thousands of families globally. This MK delusional narcissism and abuse needs to end now.

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