A Truthful Recruiting Speech

If a Mary Kay recruiter was being truthful about the “opportunity,” this is what it might sound like.

Hi Perfect Stranger!

I have just bought into a huge Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scheme and I would like to get in your space for a few moments to put some skin care and make up on you so that I can ultimately try to snare you into joining me in this ridiculous pursuit!

Really? You’d love to try some skin care? I’M SO EXCITED! Now, I can work on pushing all of your hot buttons!

Are you a Christian? Then I will push the company’s God first slogan!

Are you starved for attention? GREAT! I will push the company’s wonderful sisterhood of up and coming millionaires and flash you some cheap jewelry!

Do you want to stay at home with your children? I’M SO EXCITED! I can show you how this company will allow you to be on the phone, at a skin care class, at a weekly meeting, using social media, or any other really special activities that will draw you away from your children (please don’t bring them to any meetings, although we say that family is before career – children have no place in a professional beauty consultant’s world.)

Or, maybe you would like to earn a little extra money to help the family out with some bills? Oh boy! I will show you how to invest, invest, invest in your Mary Kay business… don’t worry about all the money it will pull from your family cause it will give commission to MINE!

Oh and if you are a little hesitant about investing in your very own business (which we will strongly advise you on how to run your business and how to dress for your business) we also offer our 90% buy-back guarantee!! That’s right – the company will re-purchase any inventory at 90% from you if you decide that this awesome opportunity is not for you, uhmm, by the way you will take the hit for the 10% and the company will brand you as a failure and a quitter. And you’ll never get back all the money you spent on supplies, meeting, postage, and other expenses.

Still with me, target prospect?

How about a great career involving a little known art called “warm chatter?” This aspect of our company will make you view each woman you come in contact with as either a prospective customer, hostess, or a recruit!! And the more recruits the higher I go… uhmm, I mean the higher you go!

So just plop down $100 plus tax and I’ll get you started and then we can talk about all the inventory you need to start stock-piling so that I can make more and more commissions and begin to drive “free” and move up on the little beehive known as Mary Kay, Inc.!


  1. Mountaineer95

    Hey Tracy, this is OT, I am wondering what has become of Cynthia Ruccia? Still an SD? Demoted herself to IBC? Or maybe “retired” (lol, with what). I reread a few of her PT-are-evil rants on her blog and it made me wonder. Here’s one of her gems:

    “I was also particularly upset that Sole-Smith was doing a victory dance on her blog that she had gotten her “big deal” written and published and done of all days on the day of the biggest Mary Kay event of the year. Forgive me for going a little overboard, but that is akin to the Palestinians attacking the Israelis on Yom Kippur in 1973. Or watching that video of the women in the Arab world dancing in the streets when the WTC went down on 9/11.”

  2. Cat Ballou

    Here are a few based on my own brief experience as a consultant:

    Let me tell you about this amazing opportunity to earn executive income working only a few hours a week. Of course, there are a lot of smart people out there who are earning *actual* executive incomes working many more hours. If the Mary Kay income claims were actually true, these smart people would flock to the opportunity and I wouldn’t be pitching it to you and every other woman I can get to listen to me.

    And speaking of executive income, let me tell you about the $14K commission check my senior director got one month. Now of course that was close to two decades ago and she hasn’t made anything close to that amount since.

    You’ll be the owner of your own business…except you won’t actually get to make decisions about that business for yourself. In fact, you don’t actually get to make many decisions at all. Just follow the scripts, and there’s a lot of them, LOL.

    And speaking of scripts, that’s what you’ll get for training. Scripts, and more scripts. Sometimes, you even get to pay for the opportunity to listen to the scripts. Like at our unit’s fall retreat. It’s actually at my senior director’s house – isn’t that fun? And bring a sleeping bag, because you’ll be sleeping on the floor, LOL!

    I’ll be here for you every step of the way. As long as you’re ordering products. Unless I’m busy, of course. Or you have a problem that you need real help with, like a customer doesn’t receive her order. Then you’ll just get an “aw, shoot, I hope it didn’t get snatched” because it’s your problem, not mine.

    1. Kristen

      I would actually respect (as much as you can respect a con artist I guess) a Kaybot more if she said, “Look, I would like to start actually making money at this. If you join and buy some products, I’ll benefit and you’ll be doing me a solid. Your family and friends will probably buy from you so you will make a little money back. But, you’ll want to recruit others in if you want to make anything. It’s not easy, but there have been some that have done it. They don’t make a killing, but they do eventually…”

      And…I’m out. I just can’t make a decent recruiting spiel that is honest. Nobody would join if they heard the truth. You will have to do whatever it takes, usually lying, scamming and whatever else is called for that is within legal limits, to be like those women who have “made it big”. I don’t think MK would be around anymore.

  3. Char

    – Hi, I’d like to tell you about an opportunity to acquire a product reselling business.
    – No, I’m not trying to resell products to you even though that’s the business I just told you about.

    How many people actually considered this blatant contradiction before joining?

  4. Cindylu

    MK and the what if Scenarios. What if that perfect stranger falls into your lap, buys a ton of products and stays to buy more. What if you phone 500 people and 10 of them book a class. Then what if 9 of those cancel and one group buys a couple of over priced lipsticks. What if you hold one more Open house and absolutely no one comes or cares about your pretend business? What if you recruit a few friends and your director steals them from you? What if products fly off your shelves (they don’t /they soon begin to yellow). What if MK is indeed faith based. Mk is not spiritual. Those words are not real. Instead MK is indifferent, cruel and spiteful. A true recruiting speech would include just how nasty MK truly is. MK exaggerates, lies, is a fantasy, exploits others and is arrogant. In the end I don’t believe Directors and NSD’s know their true selves. They have been so twisted within this that being dishonest is the norm. They cannot ever be wrong. Unless they personally benefit, than everyone else is to be used without remorse or personal consequence for the Directors. It is a step by step process of keeping the new recruit isolated, indoctrinated with constant meetings, pathetic fake accolades and with social pressure.

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