Become a Sales Director in 9.5 Hours a Week

Check out this scheme for becoming a sales director in Mary Kay. And amazingly enough, it takes almost no time at all! Only 9.5 hours per week for six months (or less!!!). And at the bottom they tell you becoming a sales director is GUARANTEED! The impossible part of this plan is meeting new people who will hold classes and become your recruits. The plan suggests you can spend 30 minutes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday meeting 3 to 5 new people. Good luck with finding people that quickly who will want to have facials or hold skin care classes.


  1. Ruby Slippers

    Lies . You will spend all your time warm stalking or social media trying to get leads at least an hour a day. 7 days a week to keep momentum. Then one hour booking calls/texts … travel time, party time, interview, scheduling interviews, trying to reschedule cancels.
    If you don’t have an assistant to do all prep, order, reminder texts, pack for parties , add 10-15 min .
    I work a full time JOB and work less mentally and physically than MK . In MK you are ON 24/7 365 always trolling for the hot new recruit or “face” to do a makeover on to try to recruit .
    My days off are DAYS OFF in my real job. I’m making way more than I did as a Director.
    My 1099 in MK showed an inflated figure for my FREE car which wasn’t so free considering the $95 insurance payment. Or maybe a bad month a Copay!!!

  2. Kristen

    Delegate housework, laundry, bill paying and banking? I’m sure the family appreciates this so the consultant/ director can “play business owner” with no discernible income. I remember hearing a director say, “I’m not going to scrub toilets. I can pay someone else to do that for $20 an hour. I’ll go out and make $200 during that hour.” More recommendations to spend money with the false hope of eventual income.

  3. pinkpeace

    There’s so much wrong with this “sure-fire plan,” but what stuck out to me was the half-hour allocated to meet 3-5 new people and make 3-5 phone calls. Possibly I could call 3-5 people in a half hour, assuming they all answer on the first ring and we dispense with normal phone call chit-chat.

    But when I think of the hours and hours I spent warm chattering to end up with *maybe* one viable lead, I just have to roll my eyes. I would have used up that half hour just driving to wherever it was that I thought I could find some “sugar-sharp” women to strike up a conversation with.

    The mandate from my NSD to find 5-10 new leads every single day was excruciating – and impossible. And certainly not possible in 30 minutes!

  4. Cindylu

    It’s sad how MK herself encouraged marital deceit. Throw an onion on the stove so your spouse thinks a great meal is on its way. So much for faith and family. My husband gladly cared for our young children and maintained our household. (Especially when I became ill). MK though didn’t care one iota. The reality is: finding recruits or booking classes mostly fails. No one shows up to booked facials or Open Houses. Recruits quit when they realize what a scam MK actually is. Add in phone calls, emails, web sites, driving to appointments, ordering and stocking products, cleaning dirty trays and face cloths etc. This 9.5 hours is a blatant cruel lie. Anyone who has recently signed up, please realize that we care about you. We care enough to help you avoid believing in a faulty plan. We are simply giving you the benefit of our experience.

  5. Pinkiu

    What is not included is the drive time and prep time. You might spend an hour or more driving to a class or to a MK training or weekly meeting. What about prep before the class? Goodness, you need at least 30 minutes if not more to haul everything in, set it up, prep the hostess, etc. And honestly, do they ever start and end on time? If the wine and food are flowing prior to the class even when you’ve told the hostess not to serve anything until after, guests just help themselves. Add 30 minutes just for the preclass chitchat and munching.

    I agree with everyone else about the complete fairytale of warm stalking and calling in 30 minutes. You will NOT EVER meet 3-5 people and get them to say yes in giving you their correct info in 30 minutes PLUS make 3-5 phone calls.

    1. Data Junkie

      “You will NOT EVER meet 3-5 people and get them to say yes in giving you their correct info in 30 minutes PLUS make 3-5 phone calls.”

      Not only this, Pinkiu, but only your first round with closest F+F might yield such results. Once you’ve used up these “warm” leads, you are on to more distant F+F and then total strangers. Let’s be generous and say one in twenty will say “yes” from a cold call. This means you need to contact 60-100 people in that 30 minutes in hopes of getting 3-5 people to say “yes”.

      Think about that. You’d need to call, warm-chat and sell (and potentially sign up) one person every 18-30 seconds to sign up 3-5 recruits in 30 minutes.

      Math does not lie. Mary Kay reps, on the other hand…

  6. Char

    Even it it were true that you could achieve “Director” in 9.5 hours a week in six months, what did you DO to get there in such a short amount of time? Answer:

    – You recruited women into a product-based pyramid scheme.
    – Your goal was to be in the 1% ripping off the 99% of sister participants below you.
    – You needed to lie to get them to join, unwittingly or not. Still a lie.

    We must point out all the lies they clearly spew, but also who and what they are trying to become with those lies. “Successful” MLMers are successful, lying scammers. A dolled-up, friendly, church-going scammer is……still a scammer.

    Also, trying to resell overpriced, mediocre products to friends and family for a profit is gross. I always try to direct my family and friends to the best value and quality I can find for them, AND I don’t try to profit off of that. Now that I fully understand the MLM system, it disgusts me.

    1. Mountaineer95

      “…we’d run out of people to recruit.”

      There you go again, Tracy (or should I say “Debbie Downer”), bringing math into the discussion. Just a bitter lazy looser!!!


      (I’m not the best person to imitate a PT critic, because I can’t bring myself to use horrible grammar, caps every other letter, and a thousand exclamation points. Heck, just misspelling loser was hard for me.)

      1. NayMKWay

        I feel your pain, Mountaineer95, I feel your pain. If you’re anything like me, and I know I am, it’s wretchedly difficult to do something wrong on purpose. Especially when you know there’s an audience out there with people who don’t know you know better.

        Oh, I get it, I get it…

  7. NayMKWay

    Even to someone (like me) with zero experience trying to sell Mary Kay, this 9.5-hour “plan” looks ridiculous. How can anyone think 30 minutes is enough time to meet or call 3-5 people? Who wants to be called on a Sunday night? “Interview on the way home”? What, while you’re driving? You know, you’re supposed to make eye contact, touch her arm, make sure your head is below hers, furrow your brow– all that manipulative bullcrap. Good luck doing all that while driving in traffic.

    I want to ask the writer of this fantasy what color the sky is in this little world they’ve created.

    Here’s another gaping logic hole: if you only need 9.5 hours per week, why the need for delegation? If delegation is a must, 9.5 hours is clearly a lie. You can’t have it both ways.

    And even if this scheme did work (spoiler alert: it doesn’t), all you’re doing is succeeding in collecting victims to leech off of. Congratulations, you’ve become a career scammer.

  8. Pink Jihad

    Actually, she CAN make 3-5 phone calls in that time because who is actually going to answer and want to be the recipient of a sales pitch? Everyone has caller ID on their cell phones. If I don’t recognize a number I don’t answer it, period. If it’s someone I recognize but don’t want to talk to I ignore it or hit “decline.” I would imagine most people receiving a call from her would be like, ugh, HER again! No thanks.

    1. Coffee Canuck

      Same with the caller ID. Actually my doctor when making appointments for telehealth, has to tell people that her number comes up as “unknown” or “Private” so that we know to answer it during our appointed time.

      And Sundays are sacred here. After the business of activities on the weekend. Sunday evenings are the time we spend as a family. Not working.

  9. BestDecision

    Here’s what no one has said yet: You can throw all kinds of hours into MK, but it isn’t a guarantee of outcome. Anyone who’s driven to a skin care class or pedicure party has felt the promise of all the sales and bookings that could come from it but then results in low sales and bookings. Hours spent, but what’s the return on that investment?

    Just because you spend X hours does not result in the same outcome from person to person OR even for the same person over and over. I’ve sold hundreds at an appointment, but then had flops with the same activity, same methods, and same energy and devotion. I’ve done everything I was taught at Career Conference or Leadership Conference and still had no new bookings or couldn’t close an interview.

    It’s not repeatable. It’s not replicable. It’s a constant hamster wheel of chasing a new month, a new airier, a new year, a new promo, a new idea, and a new mindset. I’ve never encountered more weakness in my mind than as a Director.

    If you’re still “in it to win it”, get out of that hamster cage. Way less pressure and self-doubt outside of MK!

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