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Friends for Life in Mary Kay

Women in Mary Kay are often heard talking about the lifelong friends that they make. You hear them talking about “doing life together.” It’s such a sisterhood! You make the best girlfriends in MK.

Until you leave.

Then you are shunned. Women in Mary Kay will avoid you like the plague because they are afraid your “negativity” will rub off on others. Really, what they fear is that you will share the truth about the scam with others.

Former top sales director Kelly Brock found out the hard way. She quit Mary Kay a little over a year ago. And following her departure, she told us about how MK almost ruined her marriage and how MK basically sucks the life out of you. She was making an average of $8,000 per month in commissions, but left to become a life coach.

A couple of days ago Kelly was asked on Instagram whether she lost friends when she left Mary Kay. The answer, of course, was yes. She lost “a ton of people” who she thought were friends. She’s now thankful they dropped her, and I don’t disagree. With friends  like that….

It gets worse. (But we at Pink Truth already knew this.) People in MK were told to NOT work with Kelly. So Kelly now mentions GROUPTHINK, which is everything that Mary Kay is founded upon. She also says “It was actually crazy to be rejected bc I changed.”

I’m curious…. Did Kelly really NOT know that women who leave Mary Kay get shunned? Did she never do the same thing? Were there women who left … and Kelly never spoke to them again because they were no longer part of the club?


  1. PurpleH

    Call me a cynic, but I can’t help but think that these “follower’s’ questions” are too convenient. The same as Jamie Taylor’s Q&A posts, it seems that the questions are contrived for the purpose of giving the essay answers. I’m sure Kelly’s answer is mostly true, but it also serves to bolster her current followers’ need to keep following her path/system/whatever concept she’s selling. If you “loose” friends along the way, they were never true friends, can’t handle your growth etc. While true in a lot of cases, that idea gets manipulated at all levels of MLM and by post-MLMers who have something new to sell.

  2. Kristen

    “Call me a cynic, but I can’t help but think that these “follower’s’ questions” are too convenient”

    PurpleH, brilliant. But if so, she still hasn’t learned how to spell “lose”. There’s American English spelling. There’s British. Then…there’s Mary Kay spelling.

    “I’m curious…. Did Kelly really NOT know that women who leave Mary Kay get shunned? Did she never do the same thing?”

    Kelly’s ?: Sure, I shunned negative quitters. But my situation is different! These women were my friends!!!”

    Hasn’t quite realized yet. The relationships were fake. Kind of like realizing the man you met online who says he’s in love with you is really just a joe schmoe who wants your money. It sucks. Because the truth hurts A LOT. Especially with how strong those bonds appear to be.

  3. Wasrings90

    The red flag for me is this line “I still love and believe in network marketing”

    Obviously she still doesn’t understand that network marketing is a horribly toxic environment for many who are in it and that it’s not helping them to better their lives at all.

      1. Date Junkie

        Spot on Tracy. I know a woman who was high up in Pampered Chef who did the side-step into coaching. You can rest assured her very first target customer base was that network of MLM reps. How do I know? We are friends on social media, and I saw all the comments and “likes” for the announcement of her first big coaching “seminar”…all former reps of hers. She actually expected folks to pay $50 to hear her speak…at a seminar that is just one giant sales pitch for her new coaching business.

        The MLM economy is a curious one. Besides, who better to target for coaching than all those MLM reps who are failing to break even in their MLM “business”?

      2. NayMKWay

        I think you’re right, Tracy. I mean, if I were Kelly, I’d be thinking:

        I was in MLM for years. Now I’m out, and trying to make it as a life coach. Prolly shouldn’t confess to having been taken in by a scam for so many years, if I’m going to succeed in passing myself off as a wise counselor. Better to try to appeal to the MLM believers by pretending they all have a chance to make it big.

        If they follow my lead, that is. Except for the getting out part; don’t follow that bit. Just give me money to keep shouting at you that you have to believe in yourself, etc.

  4. Pinkiu

    She could not be at her level without dropping dead reds or shunning an SD who sent product back.

    Come on, Kelly, I don’t believe that you didn’t do the same thing! I think you made excuses that made sense to you at the time about why you dropped a person from your life. But the reality is the same. You stopped being a friend. Hey, I get it. When I left a previous job with colleagues I cared about, we kept in touch on FB, but soon drifted apart. When I was in the job, they were my friendly colleagues. But, I didn’t count them as best buds like the culture of MK encourages. I kept a work/life balance. Mary Kay does NOT encourage that balance. But, the other thing is that my $$ didn’t depend on their wholesale spending and recruiting.

    1. TRACY

      Oh, make no mistake, she did all the things directors do to get to that top level: activating people, paying for kits, signing up friends/family who don’t want to be in, coercing peopel into large inventory orders, dialing for dollars, encouraging women to order when she KNEW they weren’t selling, and on and on and on.

  5. Kristen

    Tracy, I’m curious. How many members does PT have? I hope it continues to grow. Knowledge is kryptonite to MLMs. They’ll never survive if enough truth is spread. ? I mean, I know scammers still make money in this day and age, but I, for one, didn’t have info like Pink Truth in 2000. Things would’ve been very, very different for me. I just sat around wondering, “is Mary Kay a cult?” After I left. I thought I was alone.

    1. TRACY

      We don’t really have a member count. We have thousands of members on the discussion board, but many of them are from long ago and haven’t visited in years.

      I can tell you we get thousands of visitors each day, though. 🙂


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