You Are the Problem

This one might hurt your eyes. Sorry!

its funny to me how everyone is on her wineing about marykay and what it didnt do for u but can i ask what did u do in mary kay did u follow the scripts set did u do ur best were ur books full did u even try or did u sit on the box and cry it doesnt work i have been a consulant for 2 years by choice and i love it i love going out and putting the make up on the faces and watching a womans world change even if its for that one night i dont push sales i dont push recriuts it does happen but to sit on her and down mk because u have an bad exsperince and then put us all in one is not only childess rude and disrespectful but so wrong yes we do have a few that go out for themselves but we are not all the same.. u had a bad exspercinse with a consulant so dont see her u dont like the product send it back theres 100 % buy back on any product that YOU CHOOSE to buy inventory call the company they work it our with u simply enough the only promblem with all the situaions i seen on here is Y_O_U stop putting urself in ur own way


  1. Kristen

    This makes me so sad. Mary Kay is probably the only hope this woman has to earn a decent living, given her obvious lack of fundamental skills. Hopefully English is not her first language and that’s the reason for some of the misspelling but I believe punctuation is universal, isn’t it? Anyway, tragic that she believes Mary Kay can be a path to success if she works hard enough. What an example of taking advantage of the naive.

  2. BestDecision

    And that grammar affirms I didn’t belong with people like that. Glad to be out and around professionals again!

    Teachers, please don’t quit your day jobs for MK. We desperately need you.

  3. PurpleH

    The punctuation is not her fault. Dacia and Chelsea have simply used up the world’s supply of exclamation marks, and Kbots are not permitted to use a period. Please send thoughts and pink prayers.

  4. Cat Ballou

    “everyone is on her wineing about marykay”: yes, it’s quite remarkable that I signed up 6 months ago and had the same experiences as someone who signed up 6 or 16 years ago. Nothing changes.

    “did u follow the scripts set”: that’s the problem. Everything is scripted and the scripts never change. There’s no room for innovation.

    “were ur books full”: nope. Nobody wants to host or attend those parties. In my experience, twice as many cancelled as actually held.

    “i dont push sales i dont push recriuts”: then exactly what are you doing in MK?

    “to sit on her and down mk because u have an bad exsperince”: we’re here because we all had the same bad experiences with MK, because recruiters and directors all follow the same bad scripts.

    “we are not all the same”: yeah, you are. See above.

    “YOU CHOOSE to buy inventory”: I was pressured by both my recruiter and her director to buy inventory, and to take out a credit card to do so, after I stated quite clearly that I would not carry inventory. But hey, they were just following the script. According to you, that’s a good thing.

  5. Heather

    Oh lordy…. this one probably takes the cake. This is what happens when text message language hits mainstream communication. No use of punctuation, no spellcheck (and I’m pretty sure autocorrect is a drunken gnome who lives in my phone), and no coherent thought process. I am by no means making fun of this. I am merely pointing out the consistent problems I have seen with those who believe text message language and format belong in everyday communication.

    On that note, I’m not even going to bother arguing with her on her points. Why waste the brain cells on a battle of wits with an unarmed person?

  6. Cindylu

    I guess my getting sick was my fault too. Was my director’s dishonesty everyone else’s fault? My SD sabotaged 2 DIQ’s while I was in. Once they failed she took their recruits to keep going. Her only Director refused to join her for meetings (Unless forced to). She refused because my SD had also sabotaged her on her first DIQ try. My SD 25 years later has lost units and cars. She’s barely an SD. I didn’t whine when I got quite ill. I tried to book, sell etc. Problem was facials and classes cancelled. I made the odd pity sale for lipstick or eye shadow. While I was going to the hospital, my products were becoming obsolete. My SD never once called to offer empathy or help. My husband and children worried about me. I tried to change units but couldn’t. In the end I had no choice but to return product and focus on my health. I went on to a real second career with real pay and even a 2nd pension. I was well treated and given a paid leave of absence when I needed surgery. I was given a pay raise too. After MK I travelled, paid off a home and spent lots of time with my children. No mlm is worth being away from family most evenings and weekends.

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