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Robbing People of an Opportunity

I want to thank you. I found your site searching for information on how to help one of my consultants. I have spent the past days reading it. I commend you for the professional look of the site. It seems that you are uncovering the “truths” that Mary Kay is trying to hide. If I were a new consultant, I would be swayed.

If your goal was to help women by creating a place where women can express their frustrations, I could see the value of that. Mary Kay is not perfect. There are real issues that you have tried to bring to light – but your site has become a place for women grow their disdain and hurt into something far more damaging to them and to those around them. Was that your intent?

Do doctors close wounds, creating a “community” inside for the wound to fester and support itself, or do they open it up (a painful and slow process) and allow healing to take place?

The “truth” is, Tracy, you are robbing people of the opportunity to do this business correctly because of your experience. It is both selfish and incredibly sad. It is not unbiased. It is not fair.

You are throwing the baby out with the bath water.

I am genuinely sorry that you had a bad experience with Mary Kay. And if you knew me, you would know that I really mean that. But think of this – Now, you are truly helping no one. Just like before, when you were almost an NSD and turned a blind eye, by your own admission, to your team members ordering $30,000 to $50,000 in product that she was not selling. You clearly carry guilt in your heart for that or you wouldn’t have shared it. Forgive yourself. Work with the company to create a culture where that kind of practice does not persist. Or, just move on.

Please don’t continue to damage other people by holding onto your pride and rallying around other women who agree with you so you can all attempt to feel better. That solves…nothing.

I appreciate that not everyone in Mary Kay is good, or moral. Your site has become a breeding ground of ex-consultants who would rather hold onto their hurt than make a better choice and move forward. It has strengthened me as a consultant committed to the ideals and morals that I choose to hold on to, and for that, I thank you. I can now confidently move forward building a business using those as my guide.


  1. Samantha

    Pink Truth is not a place for its members to grow their disdain. Pink Truth is a healing ground for those who have been hurt mentally, psychologically and financially by a predatory pyramid scheme disguised as a supposed opportunity for women. I’m so sorry that you have a problem with people being supportive. I’m sure you will be welcomed here with open arms once you have successfully removed the pink fog between your ears.

    1. Juliet

      Well, Parsons, when a person is busy keeping blinders in place and scales over their eyes to avoid the light of truth, they tend to have to embellish or, shall we say, create, “factoids” that will help them maintain their delusions. xoxoxoxoxo

  2. NayMKWay

    “The ‘truth’ is, Tracy, you are robbing people of the opportunity to do this business correctly because of your experience. It is both selfish and incredibly sad.”

    When, oh when, dear critic, has Tracy ever robbed anyone of the opportunity? In fact, she has given tips on how to “do this business correctly,” as you put it, offering wise counsel to avoid being coerced into buying inventory they do not need. Meanwhile, Mary Kay Corp still tells lies like “you can’t sell from an empty wagon” and refers to inventory front-loading as “success levels.” Recruits are encouraged to apply for a new credit card, and to hide their spending from their spouse. You call that doing right by anyone? I’d call the actions of Mark Kay both “selfish and incredibly sad.”

    “It is not unbiased. It is not fair.”

    Has this site ever claimed to be unbiased? Should it be? If you see people being exploited and abused, isn’t speaking out against it the right thing to do? And by the way, if Tracy were so one-sided, she would not have published your letter.

    You, on the other hand, are involved with an organization that routinely quashes all dissent by referring to it as “negative” and “dream stealing.” Where grown women are publicly shamed if they even admit they are struggling. “Why, that’s stinkin’ thinkin’. Don’t you know you’re supposed to fake it till you make it? Here, hold this stuffed skunk and sit in the corner for the rest of the meeting.”

    If you really want to help your consultants, teach them sound business principles, like proper bookkeeping and knowing when to cut their losses. If you’re not doing that, ask yourself why not? Are you afraid their eyes would be opened to the money they are losing, and that they would leave in droves? Talk about selfish…

  3. raisinberry

    Dear Robbing,
    If you think you can do Mary Kay without manipulating women, hiding the true motive you have, using sales tactics that are designed to trap a woman into a yes answer, excusing yourself from all your “little white lies”… good luck with that. Without it, you’d approach your warm booking target by saying, “Hi, I am walking around giving samples out to meet women who might like an introduction to the Mary Kay Cosmetic line. Can we exchange phone numbers and I’ll get your opinion later?” Think that will work for ya?

    Now add the recruiting ploy, the need for a “guest”, “model”, “opinion”, “Practice interview”…how’s that “holding on to your morals” working out for you?

    Then let’s talk about team building and reaching Unit qualifications…do you think the early business advice of replacing what you sold using the 60/40 split, will finish your car or Unit qualifications? Because THAT would be working within your ideals….right? Nothing else makes sense or is true according to “qualifying”.

    Every Mary Kay carrot dangled in front of an IBC is based in financial fraud and falsehood.
    Your welcome.

  4. EyesWideShutNoMore

    What kind of help is her consultant in need of? Why is this person looking for ways to help her? Is it so she can sell (order) more so this director will benefit? If she’s a director, she shouldn’t need to search for ways to help her down line, MK has such great training for directors, isn’t that what an NSD is there for? Haha.

  5. Char

    “It has strengthened me as a consultant committed to the ideals and morals that I choose to hold on to” –

    Lolol. You’re an MLMer, lady, and you know what that makes you? A liar, knowingly or not. Your first lie, and there are many, is when you call this a business (for you). Well, I suppose technically true…..since you’re in the business of conning others via an MLM scam.

    @Readers Want to know the best part about this email? We only need to “watch and wait”, for there are only two kinds of MLMers: a willing-victim who loses in the end, or a successful con artist who repeatedly and knowingly lies and has the loot off others to prove it. Both bad.

    It is so frustrating that some people cannot comprehend our helpful writings. They are so deep in the cult that they abandon all critical thought. It’s really quite fascinating. Her email is well-written, which only proves that educated people are susceptible to cult belief systems. She would be a good subject for study.

    The “Heaven’s Gate” followers ‘were’ a good example of some highly intelligent folks. One wonders if they’re enjoying their ride on that spaceship to heaven! Never underestimate the power of a “leader” with followers. Group-think without proof can be a dangerous game.

  6. AnonyMouse

    So does this mean you’re going to present potential consultants with a full and detailed disclosure containing all the details of what is required to achieve each rank in Mary Kay so that she can make a fully educated decision before committing and signing on the dotted line? Because until the entire MLM industry is required by federal regulation to provide such disclosures and stops presenting vague “business opportunity” plans with misleading statements, I will not rest. And I do not say this as a “bitter” ex-consultant. I say this as a business owner in the real world who has had to learn a heck of a lot about the laws and regulations that are in place to protect consumers, business owners, employees, and independent contractors. MLMs and their political attack dog, the Direct Selling Association, have worked very hard to be exempted from those regulations by the FTC. You have deep conviction in your morals, and I respect that, but please understand that you have no protection as a consumer, an independent contractor, and certainly not as a “business owner”. MLM companies are designed to take advantage of a willing and eager sales force while protecting themselves from legal action. That is the truth. I sincerely wish you good luck in your endeavor to achieve success in Mary Kay the “right” way. If that ends up not working out for you, we’ll be here. We won’t point fingers and say “I told you so”. Because you are not a bad person, nor are you a stupid person. You are a person just like the rest of us who believed the well crafted Mary Kay narrative.

  7. SavingThePinkBees

    Oh please… robbing people of an opportunity there’s hundreds of similar ‘opportunities’ to waste ones money and get drawn into a cult.

    I’m back here after being a Pink Truth Critic. The fact this director is here, probably because the consultant she wanted to ‘help’ had been here as well.
    I have to apologise to Pink Truth for being just like the writer of this ridiculous article, I was wrong, I was brain washed, I see what’s behind the veil now. My eyes have openen, the blinders are off. I now see how the manipulation works and Mary Kay is worse than any other MLM I have been involved with. Mary Kay is manipulating by kindness… the worst kind of manipulation!

    I have finally quit! I have sent my 90% buyback front loaded wagon return to Mary Kay UK – I have tracking proof they received it 5 February 2021 and I am still waiting for them to pay me back my money…
    I know someone who waited 2 months for Mary Kay UK to pay her back £800 / $1,120 worth of products and she had to get lawyers involved to get her money back. I’m ready for the fight!

    I’ve come here today after reading links directed to here from anti-MLM groups and I have been living in anti-MLM groups for the last month or so, simply to keep myself sane and not get sucked in again. That’s how toxic the business is, my director is still trying to love bomb me… and so are her BeeLievers, her Diamond Debutantes. Honestly, I was told and all consultants are actively told NOT to visit Pink Truth, because everyone knows new consultants will run a mile if they find this site and the truths within.

    Tracy, I apologise for previous comments on this group whilst I was still under the influence of the MK Cult…

    1. Kristen

      I wonder if telling them not to visit Pink Truth has the opposite effect. I would be curious as he$@ if they told me not to visit here. That’s the first thing I would do. I imagine they tell them it will ruin their business success if they do, or something along those lines.

  8. Kristen

    “Now you are truly helping no one” she says? Helping others is the whole purpose for this site! This site helps me heal, finally, after 20 years of silence and shame. And yes, I screwed up. I want to warn others because it was unintentional!!!! If I’d known, I wouldn’t have.

  9. enorth

    “I can now confidently move forward building a business”

    What business?! YOU, the consultant, are MK’s real customer. YOU continuously buy tons of products from MK, with little likelihood of re-selling them at the suggested retail price.

    You work furiously — for no hourly pay — to not only advertise and promote MK, but to convert current, or potential, MK product users into EVEN MORE real customers for MK and, therefore, into more competitors for yourself.

    It’s a genius system…for Mary Kay.

  10. Cindylu

    I guess we’re raining on her parade by not advocating for MK. We’re not a cheering squad and we’re bursting their bubble. When I was in that bubble I attended most meetings, conferences and Seminar. Eventually I woke up because my SD and NSD were not trustworthy. My SD recruited a woman on Social Assistance. That poor woman used her grocery money to buy that horrid pink MK Kit. When she finally leaves because of debt, disappointment or fear, then PT might be her saving grace. All I can say is you have dozens of NSD’s and the MK Corp website to encourage your mlm dream. You have the I stories, Seminar and all those MK books to keep your recruits convinced that this will work. Just show them your MK love checks and your recent highest earned Commission check. That will prove us wrong. Show your paid off credit card bill. Also you shouldn’t have any unsold inventory if MK honestly truly works.

  11. DonewithMK666

    I could say I’M SORRY every day for years and years and years and it would never make up for all of the hurt that I caused other women!
    That is the thing with MLM’s they are so good at hiding the truth and making you believe that they are doing something for someone else. I was in Mary Kay for over 20 years and I will be the first to tell you that when I was a consultant things were great. When I moved up to directorship that’s when you really start to see that things are not what they seem in MARY KAY. I remember getting my very first commission check and calling my Senior Director and saying to her “that’s it I worked that hard for this little amount of money?“ Her response to me was it will get better. It never did as I was doing Mary Kay as a sales director I realized that I was on a hamster wheel. Now for those of you that read this and don’t believe me let me just put this one scenario to you and if you’ve had this scenario then it might cause things to click for you.
    Have you ever had a month where you just killed it in production meaning you weren’t well above the required amount that your unit needed to do. So the next month you have to start all over again and do that required amount again but hey you killed it the previous month right so shouldn’t that give you some sort of reprieve? But it does it every single month no matter what you have to meet that production and THAT is when things started to cook for me. I started wondering why did I have to keep doing the same amount over and over and over again even though some months I did twice as much or three times as much production. If you have had that scenario as a sales director and you were reading this that alone should light up lightbulbs for you if you’ve been having doubts about this business now imagine continuing that hamster wheel even after you you make NSD.., I thought to myself am I going to have to do this for the rest of my life? I don’t want to do that for the rest of my life and that is when I saw the light!!! So if you’re reading this they always say and Mary Kay God puts you in a place for a reason… well then why are you on this site? Think about it and make the strong choice!!

  12. Lazy Gardens

    “Do doctors close wounds, creating a “community” inside for the wound to fester and support itself, or do they open it up (a painful and slow process) and allow healing to take place?”

    Tracy has been lancing the pustules of Mary Kay for over a decade.

  13. MultiLevelMoneyLosing

    For the millionth time: MLMs, including Mary Kay, are scams. There is no way to do them “correctly.”
    In fact, Mary Kay is designed so that the consultant is the customer. When consultants are in thousands of dollars of debt from unsold inventory, the business is working exactly as ALWAYS intended, even when St. Mary Kay Ash (patron of the cakey foundation) was alive.

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