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Wasting Time on Pink Truth

A comment left for us by a Mary Kay consultant:

I have a feeling that whoever this woman is — writing in Pink Truth… probably putting down NSDs and making stuff up about Gloria Mayfield Banks — must’ve been pretty bad at time management and sales… with her negative attitude she probably repelled all of her clients and they PROBABLY bought Mary Kay cosmetics but from another consultant. All of the team members she attracted were probably all in it only for the money rather than for pouring into women who really needed someone to love them.

I’d bet on the fact that she attracted all of her failure and lack upon herself and Pint Truth is a waste of time and resources dedicated to bringing down the women who actually give it their all — not pretend to; women who give their all physically as well as emotionally and energetically. Pink Truth is dedicated to bringing down MKC because whoever designed Pink Truth failed and needs to blame someone else for her mistakes rather than owning them like a grown woman.

It’s kind of pathetic that an ENTIRE site is dedicated to bringing down one of the most successful companies in American history rather than the energy being spent on doing something positive and uplifting. Yack. *mic drop*

And my response:

Thanks so much for participating on Pink Truth. I’m curious about how successful you’ve been with Mary Kay? And how long have you been with the company? A couple of months? How much money have you made?

Thanks for your concern about my career and my success. I’ve been fortunate enough to build a very successful forensic accounting business. It’s a real business — unlike Mary Kay which pretends to be a business for the consultants. I don’t have to lie or deceive anyone in this business, unlike Mary Kay. Sorry that I don’t fit the failure narrative that you’ve come up with. In fact, I’ve done so well that I’ve been able to fund this site personally so that we can be a resource for women looking for information on Mary Kay.

I don’t consider this site a waste of time or money. It has helped lots and lots of women avoid the bogus opportunity being sold by Mary Kay. It has helped women who got sucked in get their money back. It has helped educate lots of women about the evils of Mary Kay. That has been worth every minute and every penny.

You’re mistaken about the mission of Pink Truth. We never set out to “bring down” Mary Kay. Our only mission for the last 15 years has been to inform women about the truth behind Mary Kay. Our purpose has always been to tell women the things their MK recruiter won’t tell them. Almost everyone fails in MLM because that’s the way the system is set up. When you experience that, we’ll be here as a resource for you. *mic drop*


  1. BestDecision

    So, you’re not in MK for the “executive income”? That means you’re in it for a hobby. You’re going to fit in nicely because there’s car drivers not clearing poverty level income after expenses.

    Good luck with that hobby!

  2. Neverpink

    “… with her negative attitude she probably repelled all of her clients and they PROBABLY bought Mary Kay cosmetics but from another consultant.”

    Press X to doubt.

    MK products are overpriced and mediocre in quality, if that. Plus, if you buy them from a consultant, prepare to be harassed.

    “All of the team members she attracted were probably all in it only for the money rather than for pouring into women who really needed someone to love them.”

    That’s what MK advertises! “Full-time income for part-time work!” Oh but we’re supposed to ignore that and say that consultants SHOULDN’T be focusing on the money they were promised, but “pouring into women”? By harassing them and selling overpriced, crappy products? Love-bombing? Lying? Shunning?

    How is any of that “pouring into women”?

  3. PeachyNotPink

    “All of the team members she attracted were probably all in it only for the money rather than for pouring into women who really needed someone to love them.”

    Anyone else creeped out by the last half of this sentence? When I first read it, I had a visceral reaction to it. It has such a stalker/abusive partner vibe to it – especially knowing that MK “love” is really emotional manipulation.

    1. NayMKWay

      That phrase jumped off the screen at me, too; I was taken aback by how cultish it sounded. I didn’t consider the stalker aspect of it until I read your comment, but you’re right: it smacks of someone taking advantage of the vulnerable. (*shiver*)

  4. Kristen

    Disclaimer: sarcasm follows which may offend some readers…

    We all know these criticisms are usually the same weak accusations. Tracy, can you just provide a template for critics so they don’t have to take time away from social media spamming to attack this site? I mean, it would be more efficient. Here’s a suggestion:

    Dear Pink Truth owner,

    I think you are/were (check one)
    -a lazy looser
    – unable to manage a business
    -secretly profiting from Pink Truth
    -all of the above

    Because (check one):
    -you didn’t WORK hard enough!!!!
    -you just had a BAD EXPERIENCE!!
    -you have nothing better to do with your time than try to maliciously try to TAKE DOWN the benevolent Mary Kay organization!!!!!
    -all of the above

    I recommend that you (check one):
    -be quiet and take your lumps like a (wo)man
    -stick your head in the sand and allow us to continue to prey on women unencumbered
    -stop thinking so much! It’s bad for your complexion
    -stop killing the fantasy I live in!

    I have read nothing on this site and I don’t know anything about facts because they are negative! If you just ignore the ugly truth, you can float along in denial. Really! Try it and you’ll be so much happier!


    MK “business owner”

  5. NayMKWay

    To those who think Tracy stormed off from Mary Kay and immediately started this site, that is incorrect. After 18 months in Mary Kay, she realized she was being taken for a ride and left. It wasn’t until several years later (about 5, if memory serves) she started this blog (then called “Mary Kay Sucks”) to warn others about the scam that is Mary Kay.

    And when a successful forensic accountant tells you the numbers don’t add up, you would do well to listen.

  6. AnonyMouse

    A *mic drop* indicates leaving the audience in shock and awe and we’re all just sitting here like, was that supposed to hurt our feelings? Let me check. Hey feelings, were you hurt? No? Okay cool. Onward!

  7. Cat Ballou

    Just yesterday Pink Truth helped my friend, who has been working as the assistant for my recruiter/director M. Lately M has been pressuring my friend to sign up for the $30 eStart, with the expectation that she would not actually sell MK and with the promise that M would reimburse her for the startup fee. I warned her that just ordering the kit wouldn’t be the end of it, because she would have to place a $225 order to become active to “count” in M’s unit. Needless to say, my friend was appalled because M certainly hadn’t mentioned that. Thank you, Tracy, and everyone else at Pink Truth for telling the truth about MK.

  8. Char

    (I’m keeping with my “things in life are relative” theme from last week, because….she deserves it.)

    This author, once again, accuses former and never-consultants as failures, AS IF being a MK consultant is the be all end all. Her bar must be pretty low. Can you see and hear it?

    You’re a failure because:

    – You don’t drive a Chevy Cruze like me. (Beep, beep)
    – You didn’t win a pin with chips of diamonds in it. (Worth $50)
    – I’m a commission make-up lady ordering mediocre stuff, sharing hotel rooms, and you’re not!!! *Mic-drop*

    What this really shows is, how the brainwashed consultants are just willing to repeat the cult script. She props herself up, as though she is better than others, because of cult-like delusional thinking. She has little regard for reality, science and math, and doesn’t even consider to whom she is comparing herself. So, let’s compare:

    A Mary Kay, dime a dozen, commission only, makeup sales lady; or a forensic accountant running her own practice? The latter being a real business owner, self-funding a website to warn others of scams, and classy enough not to mention how much she makes from her successful business.

    The author talks like a zombie……like all the other MK cult believers. As Kristin pointed out, it’s the same stuff every week.

  9. Cindylu

    Why exactly is she on this site if MK is an actual profit making business? Those who left MK came to realize what a waste of time and money it all was. I went on to other better careers. Now I can relax and really enjoy family. Best of all no MK products cluttering my home because a lot wouldn’t sell before the product line changes over and over again. I also have no debt. One day you’ll realize that this site helps women who were indoctrinated into a scam that is an mlm.

  10. Shay

    You don’t have to lie or deceive anyone and say you are passing on a dream or gift LOL.
    You all are funny saying this website is a waste of time. I never fell for Mary Kay (not a dig to anyone who has) however, this website has been very instrumental in stopping a few people in my life from joining Mary Kay. I will continue to “waste my time” and come to the Pink Truth. ❤️

  11. Mountaineer95

    I’m a little behind in reading the front page posts.

    “Pint Truth”
    …is this an abbreviated version?

    And an accusation of just being in it for the money used in the same paragraph as the name Gloria Mayfield I-need-1600-dollars Banks is cute.

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