Wrinkles to You!

I am a new Mary Kay consultant of roughly a month’s experience, and I just discovered your website today when seeking information on how to “warm chat” if you’re plagued with paralyzing shyness.

I’m glad I didn’t know about Pink Truth before today, because I may not have signed up with MK if I had seen all the negativity being splattered all over your site. It’s one thing to lay out “truths” (which are completely subjective) for unwitting newbees in an attempt to ward them off of the “evil corporation” that is Mary Kay, but to disallow people who have made a successful go of it to post all the good they do, or to simply defend themselves and the company is absolutely disgusting.

Yes, there happens to be a very large turnaround for Mary Kay independent Beauty Consultants, but it is also true that if a woman has a negative experience working with Mary Kay, it is her OWN fault!

When I signed up (I sought out my personal consultant and asked how to join because I needed another career option and some extra money), I was warned that to make a career out of my Mary Kay business, actual work was required. I believed that, and I’m taking it seriously, and I know that if I fail at this, the onus is mine. Starting out, I haven’t made much money yet… But I haven’t regretted taking this leap to better myself and my situation for one moment.

Wrinkles to you for slandering a company that has helped so many people, and continues to do so. You can keep your snark and your cynicism; I’ll take the money and the friends I’m making and all the opportunities in front of me, and I won’t give your sad little website a second thought.


  1. hatespink

    Awww…..a new clueless consultant who thinks she knows everything. Great job on picking upon the lingo so quick!

    Facts aren’t negativity.

    You’ll be back.

  2. Mountaineer95

    “It’s one thing to lay out “truths” (which are completely subjective)”

    Oh, bless your heart. Looks like you missed the many posts her that are filled with legit truthiness! Like the ones that present the numbers published in Applause (or maybe you’re too new to even know what Applause, aka “The Clap”, is). It’s a publication in which Mary Kay Corporate lists specific numbers about the performance of directors, etc in MK. And coming from MKorpse itself, are definitely “truths”. And by doing some simple math, one can derive significant info about actual income versus income claims.

    But that’s all way over your head for now, being so new and all, so I guess you just have the choice of believing your upline or believing PT. If I were you, I’d choose to believe whichever one has no monetary gain to achieve from telling you subjective “truths”.

  3. Mountaineer95

    Oh and those wrinkles you sent my way just boomeranged back in your direction my dear. (I got a super good deal on a full suite of Sunday Riley products for $99 from SkinStore, with an actual retail value of much more, and my wrinkles are improving every day. How much does a full anti-wrinkle product suite from MK cost again?)

    And how petty is it to say “wrinkles to you!” It’s like a second-grade attitude coming from a fifty-year-old mouth.

  4. Lazy Gardens

    Wrinkles said, “to disallow people who have made a successful go of it to post all the good they do, or to simply defend themselves and the company is absolutely disgusting.”

    Any time someone wants to refute the information on this site by presenting verifiable facts, such as the Schedule C of the “successful woman” they know that shows actual profits, Tracy would love to publish it.

    Most of the content of this site comes from Mary Kay corporate publications, training aids published by directors and NSDs, and the social media feeds of those women. Their actions, their words,

    1. Mountaineer95

      Right? For years we’ve been told about this “successful woman” doing MK, but we’ve yet to learn anything about this person. Dare I say that she might not exist? Oh, the blasphemy! Now if only she’d come forward to defend herself (and bring her schedule Cs with her)!

  5. Kristen

    “…how to “warm chat” if you’re plagued with paralyzing shyness.”

    There is a lot of rejection involved with warm chatting so I fear your condition could get worse, not better. I am not shy, but introverted, and in Mary Kay, trying to rewire my brain to be the required bubbly, outgoing consultant was futile. No job is for everyone. That’s why employers conduct screenings, interviews, and selection processes. If a company recruited anyone off the street through warm chatting to come on inside and work there, they would go belly up. Millions (billions?) of dollars go towards understanding the right way to find good talent for your business. Because Mary Kay does not screen for consultants, this means a consultant or business owner is a customer. Yes, people stand on the corner spinning signs to bring in as many customers (not employees) as possible because they want anyone as a customer.

    Okay, I hear you. MK doesn’t screen because they call the consultant a business owner and anyone can start a business. But my dad ran his business for thirty years and I guarantee he did not try to warm chat in Target to convince others to come in and try it too. That would be competition and just plain silly!

    I am pursuing my Master’s and working full time. I don’t come on Pink Truth because I have nothing better to do and I’m bitter because I failed. I think it’s important to speak up and so do the other women on this site. The site does allow critical comments on Fridays, but really there is enough pro MLM garbage out there (that’s where they put their millions of dollars instead of screening new consultants) so yes, it’s limited here.

    1. Mountaineer95

      So if I’m managing a retail store (which I’ve done), and I’m looking to fill ONE salesperson position, when considering the prospects I surely won’t select the applicant who has “paralyzing shyness”.

      It wouldn’t be a good fit (to put it mildly). But MK will take the money from that new IBC (who suffers paralyzing shyness) regardless of whether she might succeed. Because all that MKC cares about is getting the face to sign a contract and place an order.

      1. Kristen

        “So if I’m managing a retail store (which I’ve done), and I’m looking to fill ONE salesperson position, when considering the prospects I surely won’t select the applicant who has “paralyzing shyness”.

        Right????!!!! So obvious if you look at it that way.

    2. Mountaineer95

      “employers conduct screenings, interviews, and selection processes. If a company recruited anyone off the street through warm chatting to come on inside and work there, they would go belly up.”

      Yes! This! The (ugly) fact that MK will literally sign up ANYONE is a testament to the training not EVER being free. A company, not even of MKorpse caliber, cannot afford to spend money seeking, hiring, and training new employees in the quantities that MK will “hire” (except MK Corporate employees…check out their benefits). That’s why training in MK is never free. If there ever IS a free training event, it’s paid for by the director or NSD. NEVER by MK Corp. How could they? They’ll sign up anyone with a face (and probably a rock or sticks if needed to hit a goal). If MK Corp spent ANY money on training, they’d have to practice actual selection in the “hiring” process. And they don’t.

      Because it doesn’t fit the business model (cue Char to drop in and explain, once again, how the MLM business model makes money for the owners and NEVER for those in the downline trenches).

  6. BestDecision

    $900 car payments aren’t subjective. Neither are “friends” that disown you when you leave. Wrinkles still aren’t happening here because I’m now on way better skin care than anything MK ever launched.

    Enjoy that attrition when you start to build a team!

  7. Laura

    Ugh y’all behaviour is so disgusting. She posts her opinion and just filled with bitter ladies “you’ll be back” no Susan, you just quit on your business and didn’t treat it like a true business

      1. NayMKWay

        More like “Mary Kay gives you the business,” as in “takes advantage of your trust to empty your wallet.” Every bit of not-free advice Mary Kay offers—indeed, every move they make—is to the company’s benefit, not to the affiliates’. How else should one interpret their urging IBCs to buy lots of inventory they know very well is likely to be unsold? Or the constant product tweaks that make their now-obsolete inventory even harder to sell?

        Naw, but we’re all a bunch of haterz because we think blaming the victim is morally wrong.

    1. Mountaineer95

      If I may, the proper phrase is “all y’alls’” (plural possessive). At least I think it is. I had to read this sorry excuse of a comment a few times to even figure out which side she’s on.

  8. AnonyMouse

    Truth is not subjective. Truth is just truth. I did not leave Mary Kay because I failed. I left Mary Kay because I could not, in good conscience, present the “business opportunity” to women knowing that the presentation was incredibly vague and they would be hit by a tidal wave of reality once they signed up. The fact that being a consultant is presented as being a “business owner” but the consultant agreement states that you are an independent contractor and that Mary Kay Inc retains the right to terminate your agreement at any time is outright deceptive. That does not change as someone moves up the ranks. Mary Kay Inc retains the power. You have no legal protection. In a real job, or a typical independent contractor situation, you have rights. You have none of those rights in your agreement with Mary Kay Inc.

    And I ask you, why were you Googling how to warm chatter instead of asking your recruiter or your director? Is it because the advice they gave you was vague and unhelpful? Do you think that will improve as you rank up? It won’t.

    Another reason I left Mary Kay and MLMs in general behind us because it is not healthy to go through the world seeing others as business prospects first and people second. Every interaction, no matter how good willed you present it as, is an opportunity to either grow your business or make your business look good. It will suck your soul dry and make it difficult to form genuine friendships that are not based solely on Mary Kay.

    I hope you see the truth sooner rather than later and get out before you lose too much time and money. Because again, truth is not subjective. It is just truth.

  9. NayMKWay

    If everything is subjective, I’ll take the subjective opinion of someone with years of experience over someone with only a month. Come back in a few years with your schedule C tax forms as objective proof of how wrong we are, and it’ll be published. (This offer has been on the table for about 15 years, and no one has stepped up. Hmm, wonder why?)

    By the way, who is “disallowing” anyone from joining? Tracy has solid advice for those who want to join (like not going deeply into debt—ooh, how evil!); she never disallowed anyone from doing what they want.

    You’re the perfect Mary Kay sap, “Wrinkles,” because you’re already prepared to blame yourself for being scammed. I just hope you don’t lose too much money.

    1. Mountaineer95

      “By the way, who is “disallowing” anyone from joining?”

      …I mean, it’s not like anyone here is holding a gun to her head to disallow her from joining! /s

  10. Char

    It’s a “watch and wait” Friday. The author is predetermined, as an MLMer, to end up in one of these two categories:

    – A net-loser, aka 99% of participants in MLM.
    – A successful scammer in the 1%, lying and profiting off the 99% of net-losers.

    For someone looking to better themself, those are odd choices. I also feel sorry that she needs to buy her friends. She does realize that her new “friends” are attempting to make money off her, right?

    Let’s talk about wrinkles. I buy prescription strength Retin-A and Tazorac from ADC for about $8 a tube. Why monkey around with expensive Mickey Mouse formulations? The amount I save can be applied to Botox, filler, and micro-needling serums. Peptides and niacinamide are available from the Ordinary for about $7 a bottle. Copper peptides from Niod is a bit pricier, but potent. Professional strength peel formulations like TCA, glycolic, or lactic acid you can buy for MUAC, or even Amazon, costing a few dollars per strong peel. Wal-mart has a great deal right now on the micro-needling Dr. Pen M8, under $60. Don’t needle too deep! Yes, I take my wrinkles seriously, and I also don’t like wasting money. It is laughable that anyone using Mary Kay crap thinks they can hang with that. Mary Kay is expensive child’s play when it comes to wrinkles.

    1. Mountaineer95

      Char, I love your recommendations about skin care. I’ve looked up a few of your suggestions and can’t wait to start using them…and for so much less money…amazing how true retail prices work when a company doesn’t have fifteen layers of uplines to pay out!

      …I’m just going to go back to diving through the [my subscription box addiction dot com] site and dump my money into sub boxes that deliver random beauty and skin care goodies to my door each month rather than make a pity purchase from the Facebook friend who’s begging me (and, if it’s Jamie Taylor, CRYING while begging me) to buy some MK from them or else their dog/niece/grandmother will have to sleep in the carport, so can I please please help them by purchasing a mascara and maybe a lippie to boot to buy them one meal…

      …In my twenty years as a career sales professional, I never begged for a sale. I lived through some trying times (2008-2010, yikes) when I was desperate for sales, but I NEVER cried and begged for a sale.

      I always wanted a customer to buy from me IF I offered: the product, the service, and the price that they were comfortable with. If I couldn’t meet those three needs for them then I didn’t want their business, no matter how much I may have NEEDED their business.

      To see a near-NSD (a title which only carries weight in the Mary Kay world and NOT in the real world, BTW) crying in a YouTube video and sobbing about why SHE needs this “promotion” and why YOU should help her get there is sad.

      It’s sad, it’s pitiful, it’s everything a true female small business owner would NOT want to do.

      Why is this okay? Why does the MK world celebrate this?

  11. Destiny Angel

    Yes, there happens to be a very large turnaround for Mary Kay independent Beauty Consultants, but it is also true that if a woman has a negative experience working with Mary Kay, it is her OWN fault!

    I have a feeling these victim shaming words will smack some-one in the wrinkled face sooner or later.

  12. Mountaineer95

    Oh my, please don’t hate me guys, but Mountaineer has had a bit of wine, which makes me talky. Hopefully it will be meaningful talk! On to my point(s):

    “I needed another career option and some extra money”

    While a noble endeavour, this is one of the ways that allows you be drawn into the MK trap. Please, PLEASE read the posts here about how much you can actually expect to “make’ as an Independent contractor with Mary Kay.

    Please read about how you will likely (as in 99th percentile) LOSE money in your earnest attempt at making money in MK. And do NOT fall for the belief that YOU are somehow different and will be the one (actually, less than one) out of 100 who will somehow MAKE money in MK.

    You won’t. I’m not saying that to be rude or to disparage your name or your work ethic. You just won’t, no matter how hard you try. And the “trying” is what we hope to save you from. Because the “trying” will only cost you money, and TIME.

    You sound like a woman who does not have time to waste, nor time to spend, on a losing proposition. But that’s exactly what you’re in for. You say it’s only been a few months that you’ve “owned your Mary Kay business”…so hopefully you haven’t spent too much money yet.

    Do not fall for the “sunk cost fallacy” (seriously, google it if you’re unfamiliar with the phrase; doing so might SAVE you money) and don’t stay in MK one minute nor dollar longer. Cut your losses, return what you can, and find another venue through which to make extra income.

    You suggest that you are incredibly, paralyzingly shy; I’d guess that your MK recruiter used that as a reason why you MUST do Mary Kay; how else will you get over this shyness? I don’t think your recruiter was wrong in suggesting that you get far outside of your comfort zone; I DO think she was wrong in suggesting that an MLM is the best means to do so.

    I really think you could explore, and challenge, your potential to push through your shyness, by taking a retail sales position with an actual “brick-and-mortar” company. Think: TJ Maxx, American Eagle, Target, Books-A-Million.

    Yes, you will be subject to circumstances that your MK friends decry: you will be earning an hourly wage (you won’t get that with MK); you will be subject to a schedule not of your making (but you can leave your work “at work” and will never be called at home on the last day of the month or the entire last week of June with requests to “make more production, pretty please, for OUR unit goals”); you will not feel “empowered” to say you own your own business (but you don’t own a Mary Kay business, not ever…even if you do it for YEARS, and I mean like 20+ years, you NEVER “own” anything in MK except your inventory); and you won’t “decide” how many hours, and when, you actually work.

    BUT: You WILL be paid for your time (and depending on where and with whom you work, possibly well); you’ll only be expected to tend to work WHILE you are AT work and not a minute beyond it; you’ll experience real, legitimate, FREE training (which will help you overcome your shyness in a professional and proper way); you’ll be properly rewarded for excelling via raises, legit bonuses, and other means that aren’t cheap little bobbles; and you’ll possibly earn (based on your hours) partial or full benefits including health insurance, 401k, profit sharing, etc.

    You’ll receive NONE of that with Mary Kay. Not a single bit of it. The hours you spend doing Mary Kay work guarantees you NOTHING. NO income, NO benefits, nothing. And doing it as a second job/additional income will NOT make you any money. Not even a penny. You will spend money, and keep spending money, in an effort to MAKE money, and you won’t even be able to do that.

    I know it sounds like a cop out, or at the least much less impressive or less exotic, to take a wage-paying part-time job rather than “doing” Mary Kay. But I promise you, to do so is much more noble, much more respectable, and ultimately much more beneficial to you and your family.

    I know I reacted to your initial comments much more harshly, and while I stand behind my comments then, I do hope we have the off chance of really getting through to you and helping you to use your time wisely to really have a positive financial impact on your family. If, after reading this, you still want to put your fingers in your ears and wish wrinkles my way…well, that would tell me all I need to know about you and your character.

  13. Sandra

    You can own your own business, be a “boss babe” (ewww), have your own website and make more money selling homemade items on Etsy than you can hawking Mary Kay. And simple math will show that to clear 6 figures a year in MK, you would personally need to sell at least $200,000 of MK product that you paid $100,000 for or you would have to recruit people under you to buy even more than $100,000 several times over so that you can skim a small percentage off of their “wholesale” purchases from the company. If this cripplingly shy woman needs additional income, she would be better off investing her family’s money in mutual funds than in obsolete and poorly regarded MK products that she will unlikely be able to resell.

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