Good Things About Mary Kay

Written by Raisinberry

It has been mentioned here that this site is 100% positive. We’re 100% positive that the Mary Kay opportunity is a pyramid scheme. The tippy top get all the dough while the lower levels churn it out. Okay. We get that.

But SOME good stuff came of it…right?

You probably became a better public speaker. Getting up and saying your name doesn’t freak you out anymore.

You learned some self discipline. You had to get on the phone when you didn’t feel like it. You made yourself do it.

You use a To Do list to better manage yourself concerning time. You probably do it before you go to bed, and sleep untroubled by what’s on the plate. Now you don’t worry about the “To do list”…only the credit card statements.

You made some friends. You did some crazy stuff and laughed a lot. If you are getting out- you will also be losing them…but while you remain “fogged” you’ll have them. Only the ones who also de-fogged will be your friends when you leave MK, but since they don’t want anything from you and make no commission off you, the relationships become amazingly authentic.

You met customers. Some probably did become friends. Wait till you see how much more your customers like you once you leave MK! They actually pick up the phone, now!

You’re smarter now. You won’t fall for this again! While initially painful, this abuse will produce greater strength in you! And your keen spidy-senses will smell a MLM a mile away.

You probably have at least one good prize, or at least one cute one… however nothing will be as cute as the Director’s Holiday Asparagus.

You learned how to do your make-up better. So you probably look cuter. And once those stress lines go away from being in debt up to your nose hairs, you’ll be even cuter.

You probably make friends easier and talk to strangers effortlessly too. Now that warm stalking isn’t for an ulterior motive, you get to offer genuine compliments and go about your day. Wanting nothing from them, the receivers are truly complimented. So are you.

You appreciate your family more. Leaving at night when everyone is settling in, or not being able to make dinner or eat dinner with each other for a few nights a week sets up a greater appreciation, now that you can. You can thank MK for learning to appreciate them more.

You learned to take your finances seriously and what a business is not! It’s not a recognition and approval mechanism to gain the attention of a perceived DIVA, or to make sure you look good to colleagues, at your own expense.

You learned that even other women take advantage of women…so you best get your head out of the sand and grow a backbone. If you let someone new trick you again, you obviously learn the super hard way. Be ready. Be Savvy. Ask to see their Schedule C !

You learned that buying more of what you already have too much of, is a stupid, stupid decision, especially when you are doing it to get a pink blender. Now you know you can BUY a better blender and save money too.

You have learned that affirmations may make you feel good but they don’t change or control the world. Affirmations are only necessary when deep in ones heart they doubt the validity of what they are doing and what they are becoming. Their primary purpose is to dull the senses from real life questioning and decision making. But since you had to write one, chances are you are a better rhymer now.

You learned a productive path doesn’t need a quarterly pep rally to create a sense of short lived motivation. When you are doing “YOUR” thing, what you have been gifted for, you move in it effortlessly. Artificial “pump ups” can be discarded when heart, mind and soul have no conflicting information…no cross purposes.

You now are aware that the tool of the manipulator is to make you feel unsatisfied with the life you are living, taking advantage of dreams and wishes. You have learned that any changes you want to make in your life are within your grasp and only require action steps and faith…not a multi-level marketing scam.

You have learned that false prophets sell false profits, and the scammer always seeks legitimacy by getting a testimonial by a trusted third party. Never fall for the corroboration of someone who gains from the scammers business. Never again fall for the “I-story”

You have learned that you can be lied to, manipulated, shamed, praised, spiritually abused, made significant and made a putz by those around you and it doesn’t change one bit of who you are but instead, says volumes about them.

You have learned that beaded gowns and tiaras do not a queen make, and that ethics, honesty, leadership and courage are the traits a real Queen possesses. A true “woman of excellence” would never be a financial opportunist, and her heart would break if she thought she harmed you.

See how much you got out of your Mary Kay business? Look how you have grown! It very well might be true what they tell us… that GOD is using this Mary Kay Business! Only what a shock it will be to all those who think God is find out that maybe…just maybe, The One who spins the planets is using Mary Kay Cosmetics to reveal just how weak and corrupt the human heart is.

So to recap…you really did get a lot out of your Mary Kay business. And as soon as you really GET OUT of it, you can restart your dreams!


  1. Cindylu

    The good does not out way the bad. How man marriages were destroyed? How much debt was accumulated by hundreds of families? How much time was wasted on this pyramid scheme? How many thousands of lies have been told so a few Greedy NSD’s and heirs can profit? Too many.

    1. NayMKWay

      I’m sure Raisinberry would agree with you, Cindylu. Finding “SOME good” in an otherwise sucky experience is a far cry from endorsing it. Looking for that silver lining hidden in the dark gray cloud can actually serve as a coping mechanism, easing the pain a bit (in retrospect, anyway).

      But yeah, there are way less harmful ways to pick up those life skills than to let an MLM-leech suck away your finances and indeed your very soul. There are plenty of community colleges that offer classes in public speaking, bookkeeping, etc. You may even make new friends there—real ones, with no strings attached.

    2. raisinberry

      CindyLu, NayMK, has it right. If you find yourself having made stupid choices, it can be really stablizing to remind yourself that all was not lost, and course corrections are being made, and oh yeah, this learning experience is rich because it was real.

      People can give you lots of advice…but nothing is learned as well, as what happens from real live experience.
      And PS…the “good” in my piece is largely sarcastic. (How many Pink Blenders did YOU qualify for??)

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