What I Don’t Miss About Directorship

Written by PinkPeace

Our friends. I have made/re-ignited real friendships in the real world, once I didn’t have to worry about hanging out only with “positive” people and trying to recruit every new person I met.

Make-up stashes. Mine consisted of the limited edition crap I couldn’t sell to my customers. Now I have I want without all the junk I couldn’t find in my conscience to throw away.

Customers. Almost all of my customers that I care about are so happy for me in my new life, and we make plans for lunches together, we e-mail each other, etc. On the other hand, I get to say SO LONG to the deadbeats and the ones who return seven shades of foundation before they decide that Mary Kay just isn’t for them.

Cars. Two words: car copays.

Unit, unit names, unit pins, flags/signs we used at career conference to find our unit members. Four words: pain in the a$$. I loved my women, but I hated trying to motivate them every week (here’s a free tip: you can’t motivate anyone to do anything). I hated trying to think of new ways to build “unit-y” when I just didn’t care that much myself anymore.

Director meetings. Two hours of comparing myself to other women, hiding my problems in order not to appear negative, feeling superior when I was recognized for a unit accomplishment and feeling like an insect when I had a bad month, listening to the latest flash in the pan gush on and on about how she was on-target for Cadillac (and wondering where she was six months later), hearing about yet ANOTHER sure-fire guest night/recruiting script/consistency club, etc. that wouldn’t work. Gee, why wouldn’t I miss that?

Endless phone calls, emails, etc. And endless family interruptions and consultants who think you are a therapist.

Production tracking. Months of staring at numbers that will never add up, no matter how hard you work.

Our meeting agendas, interviews, inventory talks, debuts. GAAAKKK!11 years of trying to make a unit meeting fresh, trying to convince a warm body that MK is just PERFECT for her, rationalizing why the only real option for a new consultant is a “full store,” taking a whole Sunday afternoon to do a debut for 4 people instead of watching a football game with my husband . . . now that I’m out, I can’t believe I did all that for so long.

Christmas gifts from the company. Directors, you know what I’m talking about.

Director suits. Remember the smurf suit?

Early ordering/support packages/etc. Whatever. The more the product line deteriorates, the less I have any desire to see it at all, much less early.

Yes, it’s all gone, and I’m not depressed, I’m elated! What directors really miss is a sense of being special and superior to others. But if they can ever see what it really costs them, they come to realize they have been played by the company, and the only ones coming out on top are the owners of Mary Kay Inc, Richard Rogers and other members of Mary Kay Ash’s family.


  1. Cindylu

    Congratulations on your decision to leave and stop encouraging others to believe in this mlm. Enjoy your family, real friends and being free. Now you’ll pay off your car, enjoy real vacations and purchase make up you actually want.

    1. BestDecision

      Director meetings were the worst. Never had lower confidence than after attending them. Grandstanding and egos. Evasive maneuvers so they could avoid telling us how they REALLY did whatever last month.

      Back to professional business meetings with my colleagues!

  2. Heather

    I made dozens of excuses (and a few legitimate reasons) not to go to director meetings. The SDs in this area were some of the most narcissistic, horrible, petty people I had ever met in my life, and because I didn’t debut as an SD here, I was an outsider. We were here not even a year before I said enough and stepped away entirely. I serviced a handful of customers, and most were given to other consultants NOT in my line.

  3. Reckless mermaid

    I stepped down from directorship 16 months ago.
    I now see the Mk structure as being a lot like Scientology…the more money you have to spend on the cult, the farther up the Thetan-chain you get, and the upper ranks are so exalted that once you get there you would never dream of giving up your Demi-god status even if it turns out to all be a lie. The feelings of being special are the only part of all the promises that materialized after you got there so it’s the only thing of any value you have.

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