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Tips For Our Critics

Written by SuzyQ

Many years ago, I was advised to send the third letter. Not the first or second one I wrote, but the third one I wrote, I could send. I have expanded that wisdom to include the third email. Pink Truth Critics, send us the third email.

There is sound rationale behind this practice. By the time you write and rewrite and rewrite yet again, you have calmed down and are able to articulate your message in a more thoughtful manner. It may have more of an impact if we can actually understand what you are trying to say.

A few more hints for your hate-filled missive, dear lover of Mary Kay:

  1. We have already been told that we didn’t have a gun held to our heads when we signed our agreements or ordered inventory. We’ve heard that no one forced us to do anything, we should have said no, it’s not mandatory it’s a choice.
  2. We have been called lazy loosers and also lazy losers. This site has been referred to as “pink porn.” We have been called terrorists, too, so come up with a new bad name to call us. We are bored.
  3. We have been repeatedly reminded that we didn’t work our businesses enough, or didn’t work them correctly. We wanted to get rich quick without putting in the work.
  4. We don’t consider ourselves to be negative.
  5. We also don’t believe that truth is negative. We believe that truth is truth. Neither negative nor positive. Let’s repeat that, truth is truth.
  6. We talk about our truths. Our experiences in MK. We are not entirely sure how you can argue with that, and we are tired of hearing that our experiences don’t matter.
  7. We’ve heard you say that we just had one bad apple leading us. That your recruiter/director isn’t anything like that. That everyone in your area is focused on selling and lots of women make money. We know better.
  8. If you want to talk money, then scan and attach your tax return to your email. Show us some proof for what you claim. We will block out the names.
  9. Just a little FYI, some of the icky people were women you saw at seminar, wanted to emulate, were on the path to NSD, drove a number of company cars, and were in Unit Clubs, and Courts, and went on Top Director trips. (Just a little reminder that you are not messing with consultants who signed their agreements last week.)
  10. We can out-script you to death and have probably done more recruiting interviews than you have.
  11. If you weren’t questioning MK, you wouldn’t be on Pink Truth in the first place. It’s incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to click on a link on Google or another search engine accidentally.

Thank you for your input, thoughtful Pink Truth Critic. But you’re going to have to get some new material, because we’ve heard it all before. And 15 years after it began, Pink Truth is still going strong. Guess corporate’s plan of waiting for us to go away didn’t really work out so well, did it?


  1. pinkpeace

    SuzyQ – You hit it out of the park with this one!!

    I especially love your reminding posters that so many of us were in MK for years and years, were directors and car drivers, and were the hotshots in our areas.

    Love you, sis!

    1. raisinberry

      I agree! Its kind of hard to jump on PT and “chastise” the very teachers you had at career Conference and Seminar! ( Unless you are ignorant or blindly absorbed in the cult)

  2. cindylu

    I guess if you repeat it often enough, it just has to be true. Sadly all the cliches, Bible quotes or slogans cannot make up for the ruined women and families. Attacking PT or falsely claiming everyone who left MK didn’t work is silly. MK seems to want to blame the victim rather than change a flawed mlm system.

  3. Neverpink

    Thank you for mentioning “loosers” versus “losers”. I wish the PT critics would understand that they look silly when they misspell “losers”.

    1. NayMKWay

      With (dis)honorable mentions for “a part” spelled as one word (“I’m proud to be apart of Mary Kay!”) and use of the possessive instead of “you’re” (“Your all just bitter haters!”)

      “Haters,” (or “haterz”) is getting pretty tiresome in itself. Name-calling is weak sauce anyway, but the best you can come up with is “haterz”? C’mon, at least pretend you have an original thought.

  4. Char

    12. Mary Kay teaches the same scripts that all MLM companies use. You aren’t special. You’re just another MLMer, endless-chain recruiting for an MLM scam company. The product is irrelevant to your opportunity selling.

    1. Mountaineer95

      In my legit sales job (territory rep for a major mattress manufacturer), the product was HIGHLY relevant, and my job was to sell this product. I NEVER, and I do mean never, was told by my superiors (upline, I suppose, if looking for an adequate substitute) to sign up random people around me to sell for us as well, with NO interviews, NO panel interview at corporate, not even a driver’s license check…IF SHE HAS A FACE, SIGN HER UP. The concept of actually vetting our sign-ups? That would have been laughed out of the park. “Go-Give” equals “No Money”. Why do we have to keep driving this fact into the ground?

  5. Mountaineer95

    Well put, SuzyQ!

    If I could send out something that I wish every one of our critics would consider as they’re penning their hate letters to us, it would be this list:

    Offer PROOF for every claim you’re about to make. Such as:

    You know MANY ladies in MK who are “paying their bills” with their MK earnings…proof or it didn’t happen;

    You know directors who are earning good money WITHOUT ever having lied about their actual earnings…proof or it didn’t happen;

    You’re only an IBC, never bought inventory, and ONLY sell product you have to order, and your faithful buyers ALWAYS wait, and you’re STILL making money; proof or it didn’t happen;

    You’ve been in DIQ and FAILED, yet you’re back for another round because YOU were the reason you failed, not that the structure of the business itself is flawed…so, proof as to HOW the structure is any different this time around (I’m sure we’ll hear stories of how it was ALL your own fault);

    You don’t believe the whole “market saturation” argument…the market is NEVER saturated because we can sell aaalllllll over the earrrrrrth from our computers; give us proof that you indeed do sell all over the earth, and also tell us the population of your town (we don’t need to know where you live, just the size of your town and if it’s in the US or Canada or other…) population is all we need to determine if your area is indeed NOT over-saturated. Here’s a hint: it is.

    You are confounded by the point we keep stressing here that you as a “business owner” aren’t permitted by MK to advertise when, where, and how you see fit…your argument is that McDonalds owners are also bound by corporate as to advertising and pricing. Yet you completely miss the FACT that McDonalds owners are GUARANTEED a physical area (meaning corporate won’t open another McD within so many miles) and also that potential McD franchise owners are HEAVILY vetted and must meet serious financial requirements, while you are told to sign up “anyone with a face”, and then told to sign up her neighbor, her friend, her coworkers, all the while signing up your own potential customers NOT because it will make you money, but because you MUST go-give (MK is telling you to partake in a practice that will literally rip money out of your hands, and you didn’t question it?)

    Returning from my detour (thanks for sticking with me), let’s again focus on what none of you critics EVER provide (and I do mean ever):

    PROOF that you are “making money” with your MK business;

    PROOF that directors you know are “successful and paying their mortgage/utilities/whatever”;

    PROOF that every single one of the MK income claims we’ve proven wrong were actually legitimate (good luck with that, it’s dozens if not hundreds, but YOU can start by proving that just ONE little bitty one was true, such as the one you’re bragging about on your Insta);

    PROOF that not only you, but others you know, plus your director, are ALL making at least minimum wage per hour with your “MK Business”. Such as, how many hours you actually work MK per week, and how much money you ACTUALLY bring home and put in your NON MK bank account. (Obvious side note…do you even know what you’re spending on your “MK business” and how much said business is bringing in? If anything?

    We’re not a greedy bunch, we Pink Truthers. We’re also not vengeful. We just want PROOF. When did asking for proof become “negative”? Seriously, WHY is requesting proof such a horrible thing? I promise you, Pink Truth critic, that if you offer proof to Tracy that backs up any of your claims, she will absolutely honor your anonymity and will only post what you share in a manner that will not threaten you. You have nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain by PROVING those Pink Truthers wrong with actual evidence. So what are you waiting for?

    …oh yeah..the evidence. It’s not easy waiting for something that doesn’t exist. I hope you brought a nail file and a magazine…you’ll be here awhile.

    So often, Tracy uses real-world figures FROM APPLAUSE to strategically determine actual income, and she shares exactly how she got to those numbers. She has done this HUNDREDS of times since the inception of this site.

    Yet EVERY “gripe” email or post we see, the poster claims our numbers are wrong, yet has the audacity to decline to provide ANY mathematical proof as to why they might be right. Not one iota of evidence, but just a cascade of “I’ll pray for you; God put it in my heart to set you straight; I bee-live that Im right; your a lazy loooser; the business werks when you do” etc.
    (all the sics, I couldn’t share this without them!)

    1. Mountaineer95

      Just to add, thanks for sitting through my soapbox. I babbled. But these “oh I’m a consultant of two months and YOU DON’T KNOW the things I do and I can PROMISE you that MK is legit” posters just make my blood boil, as I’m sure they do for others here.

      1. Char

        Welcome to my world Mountaineer. Glad to see your passion too. It’s been my volunteer project to help stop the billions scammed every year through MLM.

        Glad you brought up McDonalds. Picture it: McD Corporate sells a franchise; wants all franchise owners to recruit every customer walking in, to also buy a franchise; AND have everyone buy their burgers directly from Corp., not the restaurant. Corporate wants a McD shop on every street corner, literally, paying corporate fees and ordering burgers directly.

        If this sounds suspicious about Corporate, then consultants should realize, this is you “doing Mary Kay”! Sometimes it’s hard to see through things with all the disguises.

        Also, if McD franchise owners are asked for income proof, I’d like to see proof from selling burgers at their restaurant, not a kickback from Corporate for their recruiting efforts. Otherwise, pyramid scheme!

  6. Diana Murphy

    Hi Tracy, I came across your blog while I was looking for some clarification about MK. It was not by happenstance I found you and I’m so glad I did. What does “MLM” stand for? One of my siblings has been apart of the MK cult for years and I’ve witnessed how it has changed her into a terrible person.

    1. NayMKWay

      Welcome, Diana! If you ask your sibling about Mary Kay being multi-level marketing, be prepared to hear this response: “Mary Kay isn’t MLM; it’s ‘Dual Marketing,’ silly!”

      “Dual marketing” is a made-up phrase MK’s marketing department came up with because MLM has a bad, bad reputation. Make no mistake, Mary Kay is an MLM company, no matter what they call themselves. Here is a recent article Tracy wrote on the subject:


        1. TRACY

          Awww…. sorry Diana. I was being very literal in my response. I just thought you wanted to know what the letters MLM stood for. I would have explained more if I had realized you wanted that. 🙂

  7. Heather

    I love this line from the Darrell Overcash letter to NSDs, “I believe blogging sites will remain on the Internet for quite a while, but I’m confident that with time, these sites targeting Mary Kay will be rendered meaningless, while our principles and culture will remain strong as ever.”

    Rendered meaningless? Surely you jest!

    Listen here, Scooter — the more we see the shady practices of MLMs (and MK directors), the more sites like Pink Truth are going to flourish.

    1. raisinberry

      Scooter Overcash. LOLOLO…sorry. Probably not nice…yet clearly HE IS not nice. Okay CLEARLY Scooter Overcash is an Action Figure, buried in cosmetic intrigue. Hey Scoot…thinking about bailling?

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