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Fourth Time is the Charm!

Apparently the fourth time is the charm for this Mary Kay consultant, since she failed the first three times she tried MK. She just didn’t work hard enough!

Hi, I understand where everyone is coming from. I have read all of the comments. However, I know women who are very successful in Mary Kay. Any time you have a business, you are going to invest money and time to make it work. If you don’t work, you don’t make money.

Not all women understand how to balance career and family. It does have its ups and downs, yes, but it is sales.

Yes, you invest time, yes, you invest energy.And some money to get started. It’s a business. A job.
People look at this opprotunity as something they don’t have to work for and you get all these benefits. I have signed up to be a consultant 4 times in my life. It did not work the way I thought it would or should the first few times. However, I did not do what I needed to either. I thought it was some sort of magic business that when you sign up money just came to you without really having to do much. WRONG.

You do have get out there to meet people. I have talked to complete strangers about Mary Kay in the grocery store. But I really do care about women, I want them to feel good about themselves. I want them to be able to make money on their time and not someone else’s. It’s not all about me. It’s about helping everyone find that extra money they need for whatever life throws at them. They also need to know that there are other women that were once where they are, but now have to money to take that vacation, or help take care of their aging parents. Maybe not all women will be top sales directors. But they can at least pay their bills without having to break their backs doing so.

You do have to work. But you work at your own pace. You don’t have to climb the ladder of success and be at the top. You can have a solid customer base, have time for yourself , family, and make money. You can not let people pressure you to be a Team Leader, or Director if you don’t want to.

Do what is comfortable for YOU!

Work your business smart, not hard. You can do it. But do what is right for you ultimately.


  1. Samantha

    “Do what is right for you ultimately”.

    Don’t ✍? sign ✍? up ✍? for ✍? MLMs ✍?

    Tracy is the perfect example of doing what is right. I cannot even imagine how many people have been spared the debt, the humiliation, to say nothing of the hamster wheel of not just Mary Kay, but MLMs in general, because of PT.

  2. PinkBoo

    This poor woman will one day be of retirement age and will have nothing.

    Please leave me alone at the grocery store. I am there for a reason and it isn’t to be bothered by you and your assumption that I need your poor quality product or “life changing” opportunity (scam).

  3. Kristen

    Many women are fine with their careers and lives. If you really want to help women who are unhappy, selling them on a losing business model is not the way to do it. You’ll add to their problems exponentially. If you REALLY want to help women, convince them to GET OUT of MLM’s.

    I know the facts are a chunky pill to swallow. Mary Kay seems so exciting, a chance to sell makeup and get rich, all from the comforts of a pink home office. It seems fun and glamorous. But you’ll get discouraged a fourth time and blame yourself when it fails if you believe the Mary Kay brainwashing. Pink Truth didn’t exist in my day (2000), so I didn’t realize my failure was so typical that 99% of others who tried (this is proven) also failed, including the ones at the meetings who claimed they were making bank. You know, the Regina Georges, the ones you wanted to become (or at least hang out with). They were lying. I had no idea! The former directors testify here that it was far from the romantic lifestyle that is presented. Every consultant is taught to hide their failures, to lie if necessary about how their business is doing. Don’t believe me? Just try asking a question in a unit meeting like, “Why am I failing if I’m doing everything you’re advising me to do?” Take a look at the faces in the room. Nobody wants to discuss THAT pink elephant in the room. If you must find out for yourself just how impossible this is, for heavens sake girl, don’t buy inventory.

    Honestly, how are the women in the grocery store responding to you? Are your friends and family rolling their eyes when you repeat the garbage you heard from Mary Kay? Do you really believe there is an oceanic pool of women out there just waiting to become customers? That haven’t heard of Mary Kay? That are thrilled to be accosted in public with a sales pitch? If you failed three times already, it’s not your fault. Don’t blame yourself.

    1. Kristen Carlson

      There might be somebody out there making money by selling alone, but he/she could be Bigfoot. We’ve never met them or seen the proof. Saying, “I’ve made $blah blah blah” doesn’t count.

    2. TRACY

      No, actually, you can’t. If you sold $50k of products, all at full price, giving nothing away, you’d have gross profit of $25,000. Factor in the cost of supplies, gas, shipping, etc, and you have something less than that. Do you know how much effort it takes to sell $50k of products at full price? It’s a full time job, probably with overtime. Do the math. She’d make about $10 per hour if she was lucky.

  4. Char

    “I want them to be able to make money on their time and not someone else’s. It’s not all about me.” —

    Oh really?! Then why are you trying to get them to order product so YOU can make a commission?

    “Not all women understand how to balance career and family.” —

    AND, not all women understand that MLM is a huge scam, and they become perpetrators of that scam when they join it.

    They don’t understand that they are con artists, lying to other women while pretending to be business owners in disguise.

    Most notably, they don’t understand that they look RIDICULOUS an act like high-schoolers going to prom. These MLM women don’t understand that they are making other women look like dingbats.

  5. Not a Bot

    Why does she think that things will be different the 4th time around? Why does she think it will work this time and meet her expectations when it failed the first three times? What is she going to do the ensures a different outcome? Didn’t she realize on her second or third try that this was a losing proposition? Last week there was a post on how very little control over MK ‘businesses’ that consultants really have including the general lack of enthusiasm over the product and the over saturation of the product from other consultants and on ebay.

    Tracy made a good point about the amount of time and effort it would take to sell 50K worth of products for her to make 25K (before expenses). She would have to sell about $500 worth a week to make that in a year. That’s considering that people DO buy the product and hold parties which isn’t reality most of the time. A lot of the effort is spinning your wheels; talking to strangers, calling and trying to hunt down people (who are probably trying to avoid you) to book parties, etc., getting ready and driving to parties where few or no people come (or nobody buys anything).

    1. Char

      Totally agree, and it’s hard to phantom. $500 worth of product wholesale for her, but that’s also finding people to fork out $1000 a week out of their pocket with her markup. Without a commercial store, how do ladies expect to find enough people to spend $1000 each and every week on Mary Kay? And even if they could, that makes them less than $25k a year after expenses, and no benefits.

      (General comment) She was an MLMer her 1st time, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Even if she changed MLM companies, she’d still be an MLMer. It is the MLMing method that is flawed, period. You can only become a successful MLMer if you’re highly skilled at conning people. This is the piece she’s missing. To her credit, it sounds like she’s a lousy liar. Lol.

  6. Heather

    “Do what is comfortable for YOU!”

    What’s comfortable for me:

    – Taking my bra off at the end of the day (aka the second I walk in the door from work)
    – Drinking wine out of a mason jar or red solo cup.
    – Having a job that is giving everyone a 3% raise (and nurses are getting an additional 5% market adjustment – so yeah, 8% for me!).
    – Not being in an MLM that sucks you dry financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally.


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