No One Believes Your Hype

An email from a Kaybot, letting me know that the stories on Pink Truth aren’t “the actual experience” in Mary Kay. I feel it is my duty to inform all of you who have shared your stories here that they are false. You did not experience that and it was not real. So there!


no one believes your hype anymore. it is so over the top, so NOT what the actual experience that consultants and directors have. ‘praying on insecurities’ hahaha…’returing inventory and recovery’ hahahaha all your terms are so dramatic, so intense, is there a 12 Step recovery you’d advise too? go ahead and continue to liken a home-based business failure to a major life crisis. keep it up. maybe you can trivialize real addictions or devastating illnesses a little more. maybe you can insult women’s free will and intelligence a little more. ex-consultants…they were all so stupid, right? they were so easily manipulated, right? you have no respect for the women you are ‘helping’ and it’s transparent, it’s clear that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned–you!

but you did try at one point–couldn’t make in the biz, right? your real calling in this life is to manage a blog (manage a blog!!!) for bitter people. makes it all seem so real for you i guess. well at least you found your true calling.

we don’t want you back

we are now laughing at you

and guess what

i know you and you know me

and I know what you’re doing. if you’d lose some weight, you would have another focus and not be so angry in your dark, rotten little core

your cheeks are burning now

Sounds to me like someone is a little bitter and Pink Truth is having an impact on her business. I sure hope so. I hope that every single day, potential Mary Kay recruits are coming here and are turning down their consultant. It’s a beautiful thing.


  1. Juliet

    If someone finds another person’s actions truly laughable, then laugh they do. What they don’t do usually is write a letter saying WE LAUGH AT YOU! lololol.

    Got under some skin there, Tracy! This sounds JUST LIKE the trash my sister would spew when we were kids and she is a sociopath. “We laugh at you!”, “No one believes you!”, “I know you and you know me”. Veiled threats of doom!! Run for the hills lololol.

    Thanks for attemtping to write a letter, kbot – you affirm everyone’s highest hopes for the impact of Pink Truth. I say attempting because either you are barely literate – great lack of skill for a BUSINESS OWNER – or you are so enraged at your con being laid bare and too much is being laid at your doorstep because of it, you aren’t even able to write correctly and just barely coherently. I am pretty positive it’s the rage lol.

  2. Kristen

    Have we done away with using a capital letter to start a sentence? Why wasn’t I notified about this? Anyway, clearly she is making assumptions with no understanding of the facts. If she’d read anything here, she’d know Tracy has a real business and does not just run a revenge blog.

    This is a quote from a 12-step recovery group, since she mentioned that:

    “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance. This principle is contempt prior to examination.” -Herbert Spencer

  3. BestDecision

    My BMI is actually fine, but your grammar likens you to a bratty 4th grader. I was in MK for over a DECADE. Have you done anything in your life for that long? Clearly, you have no career experience (not a job, but a CAREER). Otherwise, you’d be too busy to be that angry as to insult people.

    You think it’s cool to use no capitalization at the start of your sentences, don’t you? You know what is cool? Family. Savings. Mental health. God. Ethics. Life experience past the age of 30. Tempering anger with positive change. Peace. Femininity. Politeness.

    My mother would’ve washed my mouth out with soap if I acted the way you did. Come back when you’re a Director with offspring, bar pins, and Cadillacs. Then, we’ll compare our experiences from that equal playing field.

  4. Char

    “ex-consultants…they were all so stupid, right? they were so easily manipulated, right?” —

    Well, they certainly didn’t do their due diligence.

    MLM participation isn’t necessarily related to intelligence; it seems to have more to do with susceptibility to cults. Sure, some are ignorant, naive, submissive to family members, or can have their preexisting ego tapped, but just calling them stupid oversimplifies it. You underestimate how MLM companies have perfected their lures, and have trained their participants to target many types of willing-victims.

    One thing is for sure, EX-consultants aren’t stupid any longer – if they ever were at all! They wised up and had the strength to quit their life of scamming. They are now trying to help others do the same, and warn others not to ever join.

    In MLM, it’s scam or be scammed. Which one are you?

  5. Cat Ballou

    “[G]o ahead and continue to liken a home-based business failure to a major life crisis”: so MK is just a home-based business, and not the opportunity to change women’s lives that the LW and her ilk hype it to be? I don’t know, I think tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt and maybe even bankruptcy could be considered a major life crisis.

  6. AnonyMouse

    “go ahead and continue to liken a home based business failure to a major life crisis.”

    First of all. It’s not a “home based business”. You are not in any way a business owner. You are, as clearly stated in the consultant agreement, an independent contractor. By the letter of the law you actually have fewer rights than, say, an independent contractor who does IT support.

    Secondly. If someone is operating a business – that they actually own, not an MLM – that is their main source of income and that business fails for whatever reason, that would indeed be a major life crisis. So why wouldn’t failure in Mary Kay be something to have compassion for? Instead, blame and shame are heaped upon the women. If you have read any of Brene Brown’s work on the effect of shame on society you can see how damaging this is to the psyche of a person.

    You, letter writer, have been gaslighted to the point that you are now trying to gaslight others. I hope you emerge from this toxicity eventually and begin to embrace a healthier approach to life.

    1. Mountaineer95

      Why can’t they comment on your fabulous hair? (It is, y’all)
      Just calling you fat is NEGATIVE. Why s it okay for them to decry PT as negative when they’re horribly negative towards PT? The hypocrisy vein runs deep with these folks.

  7. EyesWideShutNoMore

    There’s someone I follow on linked in and he’s been very vocal and brutally honest about the sh&t show that is the cannabis industry here in Canada. He isn’t a bitter ex employee, he ran some pretty big companies so he knows what he’s talking about when the financials come out. Well, some of these pot CEOs or hard-core believers really get nasty on linked in, resorting to juvenile name calling just like our Friday “Friends” on here. He really hits a nerve with them, and they’ll come back with a personal slam like “if you’re so great, why don’t you get a job.” It’s clearly started he’s retired. I’m actually surprised someone would be that childish on a site like linked in! This guy has had to say he welcomes thoughtful debate, and calling someone a “doody-head” will get them blocked. Like the MLM industry, the pot industry isn’t taken seriously either and these ones on linked in calling someone a name because they don’t like the truth isn’t helping the industry’s reputation.

  8. NayMKWay

    “ex-consultants…they were all so stupid, right?”

    I’m pretty sure I’ve read every page in this blog over the past few years, and I don’t remember Tracy ever referring to victims of Mary Kay as being stupid. Deceived and manipulated, yes, but not stupid.

    It doesn’t take a degree in psychiatry to read Tracy’s motivations: she’s trying to warn people away from being scammed. The same is true of every former MK consultant who regularly contributes here: they may bemoan their own past mistakes, but they don’t taunt other victims.

    “you have no respect for the women you are ‘helping’ and it’s transparent, it’s clear that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned–you!”

    I see only one disrespectful, furious voice on this page, and it’s that of this letter-writer. Project much?

  9. Cindylu

    It really is sad that someone would call our actual life stories hype. When I got quite ill and was hospitalized, my SD never once called me. It’s disrespectful to make fun of my poor health. Why would they promote: Faith and Family when they aren’t helpful when you’re down and out? I had bills to pay and inventory that was soon going to be passed its shelf life or obsolete. My SD had convinced me to buy Christmas promotional items and mens products. They were not sellable. I also bought products which the company almost immediately changed. This writer is mean spirited and unkind. MK has no retirement program, no health insurance, no real time off etc. There were dreams, silly prizes (A small pin or paper certificate for a ride in a pink car). These items don’t pay the bills. Most women dislike the silly facials, fake classes, open house sales venues and recruiting meetings. Women have been inundated with these pointless sales pitch activities for decades.

  10. RiaJaize

    I’d enjoy a dramatic reading of this, because by the time we get to the part where Tracy needs to lose weight so she’ll have a new focus (citation needed), we are at peak mouth-frothing rage.

  11. BestDecision

    Dacia Wiegandt does it again! Misspelled “principal” when posting about a new Consultant working in education. Let’s not forget that she also majored in Education and can’t spell it correctly. It’s also disturbing how many selfies she takes or has someone take for her. Heavily promoting other products, and she’s also using notes to describe skin care products instead of knowing them by heart.

    She’s another major reason I left MK. It’s not fair that someone like her (and many others) gets all the attention only to chase secondary income as an NSD when that IS NOT what MK Ash created. The egos are disgusting.

    No, naysayers, I’m not at all jealous. A lifestyle of chasing fame and fortune, having to always be “on” (and if you’ve driven a Director car you know what that means), working nights, weekends, and anytime a customer or prospect sends a whiff of interest your way—not one bit attractive to me.

    Source: Instagram

  12. Juliet

    Very interesting situations here about how MK preaches “no negativity”, and the kbots that write Tracy seem never to fail in shouting “negative site” as the ultimate slur that entirely nullifies the truth of ANYTHING written on PinkTruth. And yet – who is spewing negativity AT PEOPLE more than the lovely letter writers?

    Negative situations are described here, yes, but the ultimate messages are of hope and renewal after extricating yourself from a mind altering “business model”. Every letter writer seems to focus on bitter, failed saleswomen who seethe inside at being outside of the mkult . That is NOT the tenor of this site at all. Compassion, understanding, empathy – those are the positions I see most offered to others on this blog. I guess that just falls short of the mk pinnacle of plastic positivity till the cows come home. Emotions in response to healing relate to negative experiences, so INVALID!

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