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I Will Pray For You

ladies, as a Mary Kay beauty consultant let me just say that i will be praying for you. praying that you realize you’re wasting your time. who really has time to look at the money other women are making and talk smack? wow! go spend time with your famalies or something.

we are a group of positive women who don’t get put down by your bull. the start up cost is $100. seriously? even if it Was a scam, that would be minimal. especially considering the fact that you get $410 of product.

for a lot of women who join mk its about more than money, but about building relationships with other women and we love it. plus, the extra money is nice 🙂 if you didn’t do well you didn’t try hard enough or you (clearly) had a bad attitude.

my first two months in i made $1800! i heard about this site from a girl i wanted to recruit. she did the research, signed up, and just had an awesome debut!!! anyway! i hope you all realize that we love our lives as mk consultants and for you to have time to bash us is just sad.


  1. Samantha

    I love how she tells us to go spend time with our families, but then says that women join MK to build relationships. Does she not realize how much women in MK and other MLMs neglect their families in favor of their so-called sisterhood?

    Teacher, heal thyself.

  2. Kristen

    I will pray for you too. May God help you see that you are lying and scamming women out of money they often can’t afford to spend. May you see the light before you go too deeply into debt, damage your relationships and waste valuable time you could have used to add work experience to your resume. May God show you how to use the shift key to use a capital letter when beginning a sentence so you can be taken seriously. Sorry, I don’t want to be condescending but this is very basic. Readers automatically assume you don’t know anything if you can’t use mechanics taught in first grade. If you write in MS Word, it will automatically correct it for you.

  3. ihatemk

    Grammar? Where is it? Have you even READ about the ladies on this site? You may be a MK IBC, but how did you find this site? Most of the ladies on this site were directors, car drivers etc. If you feel this site is a waste of time, then why are you wasting your time on here? The ladies on this site are posting on what has been THEIR experience in MK and this is a place for them to express what happened to them, the lies, the deceit, the platitudes, the things that MK claims that aren’t true, like there is no quota for ordering (when there is, I think it is like 250 every quarter or you can’t get your discount, I have never been an IBC, so I don’t know). I have encountered MK Kaybots before and when I have gone to MK parties, I just thought to myself these people are sooooooooo weird. The IBC would talk about how a “miracle” would happen when it came time for whatever was needed, like an order would miraculously come through at midnight when it was needed. Really? Who orders make up at midnight? Oh, a Director or whatever who NEEDS some kind of production, but not a CONSUMER. I did a practice interview one time w/a director. Practice interview my butt. I only did it b/c the IBC who was trying to recruit me needed it for some prize or some bs. I KNEW when I heard the spiel that it was all bs. MK sells itself (if it did then WHY ON EARTH DOES MK NEED YOU TO SELL FOR THEM). MK works when you do (no, they just want YOU to buy the product and they do not care what happens to it after it gets to you). You own your own business (no you don’t, MK makes the rules and it is ALL in their favor. Stupid platitudes like “the speed of the leader is the speed of the gang”, you can’t sell from an empty wagon, you are target for whatever, find a way, make a way, you will sell it, you have to show up to go up (no, we need you to show up for brainwashing). By the way, the people on this site ARE SPENDING TIME w/their families, something that they were not ABLE TO DO when they were in MK b/c they had to go to meetings, seminar, etc. Whatever it was so that MK could keep them brainwashed. Most of the ladies on here are so relieve NOT to have to ON, trying to recruit the waitress or whoever was w/in 6 feet of the, warm chatting, etc. Now, they get to have a family vacation and ENJOY themselves and not have MK on their mind, how can I get a new recruit, my credit card bill is sooooo high, how am I gonna pay it, etc. Now they can RELAX b/c MK is NOT intruding in their lives anymore. I don’t really believe that you have extra $ from selling MK. Schedule “C” please!!! These women DID not have a bad attitude and were not lazy loosers (however you Kaybots spell it), if they did they would not have been former cadillac drivers. Keep reading this site, if you don’t consider it a waste of time. Oh and by the way this site ALWAYS gets MK people “praying” for them. I like how you blame the victim saying these ladies didn’t try hard enough or had a bad attitude. These ladies are giving what THEIR experience in MK has been and are trying to warn others away from this scam. If MK works so great for you, then keep on doing it, I am sure you can find a rah rah site to talk about how wonderful MK is, after all, I didn’t think “Negative Nellies” had a place in MK and this site is a “Negative Nellie” (the real truth about what goes on in MK, truth is truth whether it is negative or positive). Don’t waste your time reading or posting on this site b/c that is what you consider this site. I would like to say though, when you come to your senses and realize just what you have signed up for and all those doubts that you are experiencing these ladies will tell you how to send product back, what to do to get out of MK and what the real deal is. You need to read some of the older posts on here and see what MK is really about.

  4. Neverpink

    Can I pray that you learn some grammar? Obviously you know caps lock/shift to capitalize random words in your sentences. I thought MK ladies were supposed to be “professionals”?

  5. NayMKWay

    “my first two months in i made $1800!”

    That’s way less than minimum wage. Why does such a paltry sum excite you? More to the point, who told you to get excited about so little?

    “i heard about this site from a girl i wanted to recruit. she did the research, signed up, and just had an awesome debut!!!”

    An awesome debut is not a career. Pity-purchases by friends and family will only take one so far.

    “anyway! i hope you all realize that we love our lives as mk consultants and for you to have time to bash us is just sad.”

    If you love your life in Mary Kay, you must be doing very well financially. Well enough to look back at your first two months and see that $900 per month is as nothing. The fact that you bragged about it instead of lamented about such a pittance says things haven’t gotten much better. In fact, I will hazard to say those first two months were your high point and that your income has gone down since. But you’ve been told you just have to work your business harder, right? Because cream rises to the top, and Mary Kay works when you do, and no one can follow a parked car, right? But hey, if I’m wrong, please feel free to prove it by sending in the Schedule C profit/loss statement from your most recent income tax return. If you do, you will be the first ever, and this site has been issuing that invitation for nearly 15 years. A decade and a half of people writing in to brag about how well they are doing in Mary Kay, and not one willing (or able) to back it up with proof. What does that tell you?

    Finally, we are not bashing you, nor are we talking smack. Believe it or not, we’re on your side. Our issue is with the victimizers, not the victims, and though you may not see it yet, you are a victim. You’re being taken advantage of by a heartless corporation that will suck you dry if you let it. They use cult-like brainwashing techniques to convince you success is right around the corner, if you just stick with it. Please get out before you lose more money and get brainwashed further.


    1. Char

      I’m with you Nay. I’m angrier at the billion dollar company and its upline henchwomen for preying on someone from her demographic. Unfortunately, she presents as easy pickings for them, as her entire message shows she is willing to gulp Kool-Aid.

      I really feel sorry that she can’t spell very well, that she thinks she’s getting $410 for $100, and that $900 a month is a lot of money. Now that I think about it, maybe she is developmentally disabled? If that’s the case, her upline needs to be reported!

      1. NayMKWay

        And I, Char, am with you. I sincerely hope this letter writer hears my heart that I really am on her side and want her to break away from this heartless company. Just because she doesn’t know she’s being abused doesn’t mean she isn’t.

        I’ve never been in Mary Kay or any other MLM, and I’m pretty sure you haven’t either, right? There’s no bitterness or desire for revenge here, just moral outrage.

        $410-worth of goodies for $100? I looked at what they get, and I don’t think it’s even worth $100.

  6. AnonyMouse

    “the start up cost is $100. seriously? even if it Was a scam, that would be minimal.”

    The “start up cost” is not the true start up cost. $100 gets you the starter kit and a signed consultant agreement, but in order to unlock ALL the magical realms of Mary Kay a new consultant must then place a $250 wholesale order in order to become “Active”. So the start up cost is technically $350. And if a new consultant wants to be “Qualified” she must place a $600 wholesale order, which makes the total cost $700. None of that is including the business aids (business cards, disposable applicators, sales slips, etc) she will need to purchase for her “business”. And those don’t count towards wholesale. In order for MLMs to remain in compliance with the FTC’s Direct Selling Rule their sign-up fees must be below $500. MLMs get around this by presenting a low initial fee to sign the contract, and then revealing a laundry list of other costs to get your “business” up and running. The actual totals can run into the thousands. This is deceptive. It is a lie. It is a trap.

    *Mary Kay and other MLMs also directly violate the FTC’s Direct Selling Rule by not tracking their representatives’ actual retail profit, just basing it on their wholesale orders and printing their estimate in their publications. But that’s a post for another time.

    This was the main reason I never recruited anyone into Mary Kay while I was active in it. This concealment of fees is unethical and as someone who believes in complete honesty, I cannot in good conscience offer this to other women the way Mary Kay wants us to.

    And before you come for me with the old “you don’t understand what it takes to run a business”, I do own a business, and if we concealed extra costs when signing a contract with a new employee or partner or supplier or retailer, we would get sued. Maybe charged with fraud. So. There’s that. ?

  7. Pinkiu

    So, she made (sold) $1800 in her first 2 months. My guess is that she sold $1800, meaning her profit was $900 or $450 per month. That’s not terrible for a side gig. But, we all know that those first couple of months family and friends’ pity purchases dry up rather quickly. The real test is 6 months from now. How easy is it selling that much then?

  8. BestDecision

    I pray that people like you not using capital letters are able to feed yourselves in the future. How do you expect anyone to take you seriously? No employer would hire or promote someone like that.

    And just admitting MK might be a shame when brushing off the minimum $100 is disgusting. Any amount of money not recovered and the start of more expenses is a hole they’re about to fall in to.

    Please use your $1,800 gross profit, subtract the $900 in expenses, subtract the 25% in income tax, and then buy yourself a writing and grammar class. Pathetic!

  9. raisinberry

    You know, I am kind of stunned that the enthusiastic MK Consultant who visits here, fails to realize that we are ADMITTING that we were PART of the indoctrination to manipulate women into higher wholesale start up orders, monthly consistency club orders, stay active orders, keep your recruits orders, “we have a goal” orders , “all we need is one more” orders and followed like blind sheep whatever our “upline” persuaded us to say, [word for word I might add= scripts were KING].

    Don’t you get it? Seriously! Don’t you GET IT, that we KNOW more than you??

    1. NayMKWay

      “I’m not young enough to know everything.”

      —Ernest, a young aristocrat character in the J. M. Barrie play The Admirable Crichton

      The young think they have it all figured out; that we’re all a bunch of bitter old geezers who failed where they will succeed.

      [Fun fact: the above quote is often attributed to Oscar Wilde’s play The Importance of Being Ernest. Barrie likely named his character after Wilde’s, out of respect. The plays are quite different, though.]

  10. Mountaineer95

    “my first two months in i made $1800”

    I know I’m reiterating what’s already been said here, but…

    Honey, if you can “make” $1800 every two months with MK as your side hustle, then do it.
    But you didn’t, and you don’t.

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