Mary Kay Numbers Don’t Lie

Mary Kay sales directors tell their consultants to work the numbers. They say that people may disappoint you, but numbers never lie.

There is a method to the madness, and they know that if you pester enough people to come to a party, sign up to be a consultant, buy an inventory package….. eventually someone will say yes. You might think that’s the way all sales jobs work. Yes, sales jobs rely on working the numbers… but Mary Kay is not so much of a sales job as it is a snow job. Lie, deceive, withhold information…. because if you told women the truth about the company and the opportunity, they’d never sign up!

Here are some interesting numbers put out by one Mary Kay sales director. I have no idea how accurate they are, but they’re interesting nonetheless. If you are recruiting women into Mary Kay, you must remember that you are constantly treading water. (Or as Mary Kay herself put it… you are filling a bathtub with the drain open.) Numbers never lie… the truth is that Mary Kay sucks!

  1. 1/3 of your consultants will order an average of $400; 1/3 are thinking about it; 1/3 are on the way out.
  2. Your unit should recruit a minimum of 15% of its size (exclusive of personal recruits)
  3. Company statistics indicate a new recruit will place an initial order of $1,000
  4. 20% of your unit will generate 80% of your production.
  5. 1% of people are natural leaders: 2% are learned leaders: 97% are followers (it’s OK to be a follower, however, followers seldom become directors)
  6. 3% of your unit is leaders. Calculate 3% of your unit size. Unit of 30 has less than one leader, a unit of 50 has 1.5 leaders and a unit of 100 has 3 leaders.
  7. A consultant will recruit 1 out of 5. A director will recruit 1 out of 3. There is one prospective recruit at every class. Using these figures you can always tell a consultant how many classes she is away from her goal. For ex. Red Jacket she needs 15 classes. Car 60 Classes.
  8. With whom do you spend your time?
  • 45% of your time should be spent with your new people
  • 45% of your time should be spent with key people
  • 10% of your time should be spent with those on their way out

Multi-level marketing is a broken business model. It isn’t a business at all, for there is no real foundation for anyone in Mary Kay. It is simply a pyramid, in which women recruit women who will recruit women. There is no real business behind it, which is why 99% of people in multi-level marketing lose money.


  1. I think most jobs involving Commission Selling: Cars, Houses, Advertising Sales Agent, Insurance Sales Agent etc. actually have a chance of earning an actual salary. Sadly MK pretends that with enough calls, enough effort and enough belief many can succeed. The truth is with Call Block, PT, many other skin care brands etc. being in an mlm isn’t working anymore. The 70’s style Party just isn’t popular anymore. Too many people have been scammed by mlm’s etc. Now most are very leery of those draw boxes or any free or fake prizes. Now when there is some kind of on line virtual mlm gathering, I cringe knowing the consultant etc. are being set up t fall.

  2. Those brown suits! I remember those being the best we had had in years. And then we went purple. And mauve. And other hideousness.

  3. And they’ve HIDDEN the numbers now! The June Applause doesn’t have commissions or production listed in it.

    MK, if you’ve nothing to hide and things are “awesome”, why are you hiding the numbers? Did we catch on to something? You just made very point we’ve made on here about the failing business model and poor corporate behavior TRUE.

    Grab some popcorn, girls. The ship is taking on a lot of water.

    • No, those pages are just missing. You see it skips a bunch of pages. I think it’s was a boo boo by the person posting the magazine.

      • Still ironic that only those pages are missing. 9 pages, not just 1 or 2. Very convenient.

        • I saw her make that mistake once before. So I just went to the Spanish version and go the recognition pages from there. No such luck this time. So maybe it is intentional…

        • Okay, our other source for Applause just posted it the exact same way. So you’re right. There is something going on. They are intentionally not including recognition for a reaoson.

          • I am not familiar with the sections of Applause, but could the whole debacle with the wannabe NSD be a reason? Cannot recall her name…..Jamie Taylor? My limited knowledge on how MK works has led me to believe that it isn’t routine for an NSD to have a waiting period of months before being publicized, but again, LIMITED knowledge. Just thought maybe she has something to do with withholding recognition type matters.

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