You Didn’t Have Common Sense

We didn’t have common sense and we gave in to peer pressure:

This site is scary, to say the least. Wow… these women are so bitter. Why don’t they just move on? Mary Kay is not the devil and not all of the women involved in MK are mindless robots.

I do not sale MK, but I do use the products and have friends that sale. They love it and have had wonderful experiences. I showed them this website and they seemed very shocked. None of these women could relate to the stories. The women I am referring to are not backwoods, gullible, followers who believe everything and anything they are told. Two of the three women have college degrees and one of them has a master’s degree.

I think the women who should be scolded and reprimanded are not the women involved with MK, but the idiots who didn’t have enough backbone and common sense to not be peer pressured into debt and buying things they didn’t want. Just because some of the women were, at best, fools don’t mean the other ladies are going to make the same obviously ridiculous choices.

Let ALL women on this site be able to speak their opinion without the repercussion of verbal abuse or re-title the site, “if you don’t share my miserable experience, you are an LOL. I crack myself up.


  1. Destiny Angel

    ” Wow… these women are so bitter”

    Women are allowed to be bitter, angry, frustrated, hurt; in fact any number of emotions when they’ve tried their hardest and failed because the system is stacked against them. Having emotions especially those perceived as negative ones isn’t a bad thing.

    “Let ALL women on this site be able to speak their opinion without the repercussion of verbal abuse ”

    Being told the truth isn’t verbal abuse. If (general) you want a full and frank debate ‘m sure there are plenty of people here who are willing to talk to you. But at the end of the day it’s Tracy’s site and she’s the one who sets the rules.

    “LOL. I crack myself up”

    At least you admit to being in the minority.

    I suppose we should be grateful that our current critic isn’t promising to join up and make millions just to spite us.

    1. Kristen


      Amen! We have a right to be bitter if we were scammed! However I’m not angry anymore. I just want to make sure others know what I didn’t know. This is a scam. You have a perfect right to speak up if you’re scammed out of money.

    1. Wasrings90

      I have been thinking about this… So you are telling me that none of your friends have heard nothing about the anti mlm instagrammers, YouTubers, they have no other friends in their lives that have told them its a scam… Nope sorry I don’t believe it.

  2. NayMKWay

    Dear Critic:

    Sorry, but you are in no position to lecture us about Mary Kay; you don’t even have any facts to offer. You’ve been told good things by your friends, and you like their products. You think that’s all you need to know? Here is a word of advice: Sit and listen before you stand and talk.

    If you’re going to dismiss facts simply because they don’t match your worldview, you will never learn anything. Try listening to the words of the women here who have been high up in Mary Kay, who were Directors, who drove Cadillacs, and who have seen the inner workings of the company. Try listening to scholars who know how to parse through the MLM economic model and show why it is unfair. Try visiting and studying what Robert L. FitzPatrick has to say.

    If you look at the research with an open mind, you’ll see the MLM model only works for the company founders and a very, very few near the top of the organization. The root of the problem is endless-chain recruitment, which loads the organization with far more sellers than the market can support. Mary Kay no longer releases income disclosures in the US (gee, I wonder why?), but Canada, bless them, requires income disclosure statements from MLMs. Here are the numbers, from Mary Kay Corp itself:

    83+% of Canadian reps earn exactly zero commissions. They make a pittance or two selling make-up, but that’s it (more on that in a moment).

    Of the commission-eligible (those 17% with down-lines who are meeting minimums), 90% earn an average of $206 per. year. A whopping $17 per month. So even those who have successfully recruited are earning almost nothing.

    But what about buying and selling? Mary Kay brags that you get to keep half of the money you collect from sales. Sell for $20 and keep $10…woo-hoo! Well, first of all, that never happens. Everyone who is not a close relative is going to be demanding a discount; you won’t get $20 for something you paid $10 for. Check prices on eBay—a lot of Mary Kay stuff goes for wholesale cost of lower. You’ll be lucky to get $15 for your $10-wholesale item. Once you pay expenses out of your margin, you will have likely lost money.

    Unless, of course, you can sell a lot of make-up. But no one is doing that, either; simple math tells us so. Divide the number of representatives into Mary Kay’s annual sales, and you get a figure of about $1,000 per year per rep. And that’s what Mary Kay sells, not what the reps clear.

    Personally, I’m an outsider looking in. It is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The disadvantage is that I’m unlikely to ever know the inner workings of Mary Kay as well as contributors like BestDecistion, Raisinberry, SuzyQ, and the like. On the other hand, no one can accuse me of being bitter and having a personal axe to grind. Heck, I’m a non-make-up-wearing guy. and I’ve never been in an MLM at all. But I can crunch numbers pretty well, and provide what insight I can.

    If you think you know how to create a successful business selling Mary Kay, then by all means do so. Sign up under one of your friends, build a clientele, recruit and work your way up. Then come back here and share your Schedule C tax form to show us all how wrong we are. That’ll shut us up a lot faster than name-calling and silly jokes.

    Oh, and I do hope you’ll come back and tell us what this means:

    “I think the women who should be scolded and reprimanded are not the women involved with MK, but the idiots who didn’t have enough backbone and common sense to not be peer pressured into debt and buying things they didn’t want.”

    So you think we should be scolding and reprimanding the women who gave into peer pressure and coercion? What about the ones applying the peer pressure and coercion? Are they supposed to be blameless in this? I’m sorry, but that’s just abhorrent. Be ashamed.


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